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Texas Freeze and Memories

2021 has proven to be quite an adventure already. In February Texas hit a major cold snap that resulted in power losses, icy snowy roads, water shut off and pipes bursting and cold cold temperatures. We were very blessed that we weren’t one of the many who had to deal with broken pipes and water damage. We did lose power in our house at 2:20am and we brought all the girls into bed with us to get cozy and warm. When we woke up after very little sleep, we packed up and camped out for the next four days with Adam’s parents where they had a generator and running water. Ally/John and their family were also there. It was a such a blessing because when we went back to check on our house, it registered at 48 degrees inside! The girls were so excited to have a cousin family sleepover and to play out in the freezing few inches of snow haha luckily they didnt really feel the gravity of the situation. But we were able to enjoy Minecraft parties and adult evening fun; I am thankful for the quality family time 🙂 I am thankful for neighbors who were safe and keeping an eye on our house and letting us know when the water and power was back on. Although my heart goes out to the many people who were not so lucky as us. Praying that everyone can have their homes repaired as soon as possible! 

While 2021 has been a bit crazy, we have still been blessed with fun family times. We surprised the girls with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge the beginning of Feb and it was so amazing! A much needed family vacation with each other full of fun swimming and magic. It has become a new tradition 🙂 We had planned it a year ago and have been saving, and we were worried it wouldn’t happen. Which is partially why we kept it tight lipped, but it was thankfully open and it was the best watching the girls’ eyes get wide with excitement when we packed up and left. No matter what is happening in the world, having quality time as a family will always remind me of the good. I have loved watching my kids grow closer in their relationships and bonds with each other and I am going to miss them when they go back to school this fall! 

As we start our birthday season this month with Sophie turning 3, I am hopeful and prayerful that the rest of the year will improve as the vaccines continue to become more readily available and as life slowly starts to open up and become hopefully more “normal.” 

However, regardless of what the new normal becomes for the world, I know that as long as our little family of 5 is together, I have everything I need. 

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Cassie Bertoch


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Halloween and Thanksgiving 2017

So growing a third human while chasing two toddlers has exponentially increased my symptoms of Mommy brain….I can only imagine once Sophie is here! Which is coming soon! I woke up one morning and realized I was 6 months pregnant…when did that happen?!?

Also Halloween and Thanksgiving have already happened and now Christmas is around the corner….seriously, did someone give the Earth an extra spin or two??

On Halloween it was pouring rain, but we made the best of it! Bailey was a little shark, Claire was a little pumpkin, and we went trick or treating in Stacey’s neighborhood with Ally and the boys 🙂 Claire preferred to jump in the puddles in the gutters…but Bailey was finally at the age where she looooved trick or treating. It was so fun. Rain and all 🙂

The Astros won the World Series! I swear the celebration in Houston lasted a week! I loved seeing everyone wearing their Astros gear and being kind and friendly one with another. It was a moment to remember 🙂 Houston really needed the win after Hurricane Harvey.

For Thanksgiving Adam and I decided to make a quick trip to Florida to see my family, and my brother AJ! He is doing the last leg of his tech school at Eglin AFB near my grandparents. It was so good seeing him. He is doing so well and I am so proud of him 🙂  It was a whirlwind of a few days full of seeing so much family and I am so grateful we were able to go 🙂 Traveling back the Sunday after Thanksgiving was crazy though! An 8 hour trip took about 13 hours. The girls were a champ! I think I was more annoyed about it than they were! Haha.

Christmas is coming fast! We put our tree up before Thanksgiving and Bailey has been so excited everyday for Christmas to come. Although she keeps telling me that it has to snow for Santa to come….I have to remind her that Texas is a bit too warm for that, but Santa will still come visit us 😉 Although today it ended up being a Christmas miracle! Houston had a snow day! The girls woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground and they were in heaven! It was nice that they wake up so early, because they had the fresh blanket of snow all to themselves. So I guess I had to eat my own words haha.

This last weekend we went to the Polar Express in Palestine Texas and it was a blast!!!!! Bailey was losing her mind over seeing and meeting Santa and getting a little bell. She loves the movie, and really took her ticket seriously. She kept holding it firm in both hands and repeatedly saying she cant lose it haha. Claire was along for the ride and enjoyed trying to hang out the window…we had to have an iron grip on that free spirited child haha.
Poor Claire has been so cranky the last couple weeks from teething and what not. Im crossing fingers she is finally getting back to her happy little self!

Bailey started preschool in November and she looooooves it! She is thriving and learning so much 🙂 I am so proud of her 🙂

All in all things are going well and we are continuing to enjoy life as a family and try and keep up with all the changes in our future 🙂

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Cassie Bertoch

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Summer Lovin, Having a Blast

This is more of a photo dump of fun things we have been doing this summer so far! Zoo! Pools! Family time! (And my Aunt Leslie and her family stopped by to see us on the way home to Florida! That was a fun little visit!) Lots and lots of reading! Bailey finished the reading program at the library! She read 50 books! Each little goal she got something (a sticker, free Chipotle kids meal, free book, magnet, and lastly a medal). She is very proud of that medal 😉 We also started a new program where we have a personal challenge to read 1001 books before Kindergarten. It comes with 10 worksheets with 100 stars per sheet to fill in per book, and we decided to get ice cream after each 100! We had one so far, and she is working her way to the second one! I am so happy she loves it 🙂 It’s been so fun getting to know her interests and see her sense of humor. I have really been enjoying it so much.

It’s definitely hot!!!! Whew!! We are trying to keep cool and are just enjoying time as a family! Yay!

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Cassie Bertoch

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Concerts and Family Fun

So Adam and I went to a Mayday Parade concert downtown in Houston a couple weeks ago. It was a fun experience. Ive seen Mayday Parade in concert 3 times now, and they have never disappointed. They are just as good, if not better, than on their album. Seriously. They are amazing. And this tour in particular was awesome because it was their 10th anniversary of their first album. Which was the album that I fell in love with. So it was definitely a high school throw back for me….and I could tell…because Adam and I were pretty much one of the oldest in the room haha. Luckily we got a spot upstairs (one of the perks of being over 21 and old I guess haha) and had pretty much a front row spot of the stage. Our ear drums barely lived to tell the tale. (Adam was deaf for 2 days haha) But then we were able to miss all the mosh pitting and crowd surfing. I was getting so annoyed at the shenanigans haha that’s when I knew I had crossed some kind of adult/parent threshold lol. 10 years ago I would have been in the throng of all that…now I am like “where are your parents?!” yeah….I am sure Bailey and Claire won’t be bringing me to any concerts….haha. But all in all….MAYDAY PARADE ROCKS! If you’re ever able to see them…go! Just ignore the crowd haha.

I am loving this Spring weather (both the place and the season…see what I did there…heh) and all it has to offer.
Although in the spring we have tons of storms! We slept over at my in law’s place this last weekend because of the threat of tornados! Luckily they missed us, but whew. Scary. I am blessed that I have family close by that I can hunker down with. Bailey and Claire loved seeing all her cousins and did great 🙂 We played Pokemon Monopoly…which is amazing..and my sister in law Ally dominated….twice. Good times haha.

Bailey and Claire keep growing like weeds before my eyes. It is both exciting and heart wrenching at the same time. I love all the new stages for both of them. Bailey is such a  character with the best sense of humor. She is so tender hearted and always has to make sure that Claire is okay. Hell hath no fury like when Bailey doesnt give Claire and a hug and kiss goodnight haha. Bailey has the memory of an elephant though, I tell ya. She keeps me on my toes with my promises and briberies that’s for sure! And Claire is now a walking machine! Both girls were walking before their first birthday. Crazy! But I know Bailey is so happy to have Claire more mobile haha. Claire also has 6 teeth now! 4 up top and 2 on bottom! I can tell every tooth when I am nursing…..haha. She only nurses for sleep…so teaching her to sleep without that will be an adventure. lol.
Adam is still working hard at his jobs and doing such a good job of taking care of us. He is busy…so we are very jealous of his time off haha. His girls definitely love him!!!

All in all. Just enjoying life. 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch.

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Our Adventure to Texas!

Well, it’s been a week since we have officially started our adventure to Texas!!!! Lubbock Texas to be exact. We ended up leaving 2 days early because the moving company delivering our stuff switched up delivery times on us, and someone has to be there to supervise the move in. So at the last second Adam was able to change his flight to the evening of our anniversary and we drove out the next morning. (Shout out to Adam’s Dad for finangling our trip last minute.) We went the Denver route (Adam drove down the New Mexico route the week before) and we did a 2 day car trip with our Bailey Bug. 20 hours in the car in 2 days. She was such a trooper. We decided to kind of let her run the pace. We ended up stopping about every 2 hours to change her diaper, feed her, and give her some time to stretch her legs. By doing this, she didn’t fight the car seat as much and slept most of the way. Haha I think I complained more then she did…I am used to sleeping the whole way through road trips lol. When we stopped in Denver for the night after the hour of crawling traffic, we showered, ate, and pretty much went to bed around 6pm or so haha. All of us! Bailey and I woke up a few times that night, but she did really well. After finally getting into Lubbock and getting my key and everything, we pretty much just baked a pizza and had some family time before the movers were to come the next morning. They moved us in pretty quick since we didn’t have a whole lot of stuff to begin with. Then came the unpacking. I am kind of a maniac about living in boxes…I can’t stand it. So we pretty much took shifts with Bailey and knocked it out in about 3.5 days. Whew it was tiring! And I could tell Bailey was a bit more fussy just from the lack of usual attention from her mama 😦 But now we are all moved in! Other than a dining table we are expecting to have set up in about a week because we are waiting on hardware, and getting some family pictures framed and hung we are set 🙂

The first night in our apartment Adam and I slept in Bailey’s room with her crib that Adam had built while he there a week prior. We had to ease into her sleeping in her own room and bed pretty much for the first time, so we moved her mattress on the floor and we slept on either side of her. We did that for 2 nights, and then 1 night with the mattress actually in the crib, and waa-laa…she is sleeping in her room! The first time Adam and I slept in our own room we still were whispering all night without realizing we didn’t need to haha. Bailey has recently begun to wake up for a midnight snack, but I think she is just growing growing growing!! So my new normal is less sleep now haha. We have a routine where we give her a nice warm bath between 8-9pm, lotion her up, and put her in some warm feet pajamas. Then I give her one last feeding (or top her off), turn on her little lullaby mobile, and then she pretty much just lays down and sleeps 🙂 She then will wake up between 1:30-2:30 to eat again and then sleeps until about 5am or so, and then I bring her in for some morning cuddles until she eats around 7. At that point I take advantage of her little morning sleep and I get in a shower and some breakfast and start my day 🙂 I gotta say….I didn’t understand before when my mom always talked about feeling guilty if she would read a book or indulge during free time without doing something productive cuz I totally get it now haha. I pretty much only get “free time” during her nap time…and instead of reading, it’s dishes/laundry/cleaning/etc. Haha. She is so much fun though and has so much personality! She has started laughing, and the most random things will make her giggle, I love it. We also got her a little walker so she can be more mobile (and so mommy can gulp down something to eat now and then haha) and she is so cute in it! It plays music and sometimes she realizes she can move in it and it cracks me up haha.
Things are slowly starting to get to a new normal around here with us being moved in. Our apartment feels like home and we are our own little unit. It has also been nice for Adam and I to have bed time cuddles again again and to cultivate our relationship as well now that she has her own room and space 🙂 Bailey hit a huge growth spurt this last week where she was pretty fussy and eating around the clock, but I think she is leveling out….even though she is still eating a ton! This momma is a bit exhausted! Haha. I actually pumped a couple times to see if she would take a bottle okay. At first she wasn’t sure what to think about it, but once she realized it was milk, she went to town! And she still breastfeeds just fine, which I was nervous about because I love breastfeeding her and the mommy/Bailey time I have 🙂 But I know Adam loved being able to feed her, so I try to pump enough so he can get in one feeding a day with her 🙂
We have been exploring the area and we just love Lubbock. Campus is huge and beautiful and I know Adam loves being back in Texas. We found some really cute parks that we took Bailey to and ear marked for when she is a bit older to enjoy. The southern hospitality is so refreshing; people just say hi and have conversations with you, it’s really nice. Bailey has caught some eyes for sure too haha I change her in the bathroom and I have everyone talking to me about how adorable she is. I love it….she is pretty stinkin adorable 😉
We are heading down to Houston this weekend to visit with Adam’s family for a while before he gets in the grind of school at the end of the month. It will be so nice to see everyone and meet my two newest nephews! All the cousins will finally be together 🙂 I can’t wait. Life is good 🙂
P.S. Adam got me the sweetest anniversary present that I’ve had my eye on; a necklace with A-B-C on it…for Adam, Bailey, and Cassie 😉 I love it.
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Texas Life :)

So the week in between the winter and spring semester at BYU-Idaho, Adam and I had the opportunity to fly down to Texas and spend time with his family and soak up the sun! It has been a blast! We leave tomorrow back for Rexburg to start school on Tuesday, but since we have been here we have had some fun adventures. 🙂

We went to the Blue Bell ice cream factory and took a tour, which was super fun and it is definitely the best ice cream in America for sure! We also went to the beach (even though it ended up being super windy…and doesnt compare to Florida beaches haha) but it was still super fun, just hanging out and getting lost and such lol.

We did really good about going to the gym about every day, and man, the thicker weather sure makes running and catching your breath alot harder than I thought haha.

It has been so nice spending time with family and friends here and visiting Adam’s home. We had Easter egg time with my cute little nephew Marcus, had some pool and tanning time, and we even got to test drive some cars with Austin and see some good movies. The options for food here is amazing, and I think I need to open up a Smoothie King in Idaho for sure! Adam even spoiled me with some super yummy dates including Rudy’s BBQ, and my first ever hibachi grill experience! It was seriously so cool.

It has definitely been a fun break, and now to get ready for the next semester of more fun and school!!!

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Cassie Bertoch

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Christmas, New Years, and the Fun in Between

So this Christmas break has been such an amazing one! We went to Texas and spent some good quality time with Adam and his family. They are so awesome. We were able to have everyone home for this Christmas. All the kids and their wives and children (and the ones along the way….Ally and Hill’s babies!) were all able to be there. We had many laughs and memories. We went to John’s house in Cameron on the farm and shot some pretty awesome guns, we put on our serious game faces and played many tournaments of Black Ops (yes…..I am now a Black Ops player….you can thank Adam and Austin….so much for life! hahah jk). We indulged in some amazing holiday goodies by Stacey and helped spread her holiday cheer with others with yummy deliveries 🙂 The girls all had a girls morning and we went and got a pedicure 🙂 Afterwards, I went to my first firing range and we all shot the new .22 pistols that the boys got for Christmas. Adam of course shot bulls eyes pretty much every shot, but I didnt do to bad either! I had a few that hit the bulls eye once I got my groove 🙂 The new Kinect game for the XBOX was something we were happy to partake in because it is so flippin fun! We played bowling and beach volleyball and tennis….right in the living room…and let me tell you…we were breaking a sweat! It was so wonderful to be around his family and spend some time with them. We love them so much. 🙂

Then we headed to my house in Utah for New Years! We had a blast! We have a tradition of Raclette and Fondue every year. Raclette is a European holiday meal where you gather with friends and family and leisurely eat some amazing cheese, bread, potatoes and prosciutto. In the middle of the table you have your raclette machine, which has a hot plate on the top to toast bread and such, and underneath is almost like a little oven type warming device where you put your plate of cheese underneath to melt and pour onto your potatoes. Raclette cheese is used because it melts and slides right off the tray and has the perfect blend of taste with your potatoes and prosciutto. It is such a fun tradition, and I cannot wait until we have our own raclette set up 🙂
Then we had fondue! We have two pots going, one with Swiss Fondue Cheese, and the other with melted Chocolate. We have a spread of bread, apples, and sometimes bananas. It is impossible to have just one bite…I promise…I’m living proof…(Half a loaf of bread later…haha jk) It is such a fun tradition as well, and we enjoy trying to not drop our bread or apples in the bottom of the pot.

Then we ended the night and started the new year in our hot tub with sparkling apple juice and family. Adam and I were able to kiss at midnight on new years for the first time and we talked about the upcoming year and all we hope to accomplish. I am so thankful for my friends and family and their love and support for us. This past year has been so amazing, and I cannot wait to start this new adventure in 2012 with the love of my life.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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