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There Will Always Be More Good

So a ton has happened since my last post in March. As you’ll be able to tell from the plethora of pictures at the end of this post. The most important thing to me on this entire planet is my family. When I think of what my purpose is in life and what I want to spend my time doing, it is with them. I am just sitting here, and as I was going through and collecting the batch of pictures to attach to this post, it reminded me of so many fun memories, just in the last couple months! One thing I am very thankful for is the fact that both Adam and I love to create experiences and memories for our children and family together. We like to do experience based gifts and celebrations. It is my favorite. Not everyday is a grand event that we knock out of the park of course. But I am so thankful to be able to have those days where my kids go to bed with a smile from a day full of fun; even if that is simply from playing in the backyard with our little pool.
There is so much hate and confusion in this world. It feels unavoidable at times, and I wish I could shield my girls from it forever. But with the hate and confusion, there is also so much good to be found, and good people to meet and befriend. Bailey asked me a few weeks ago if there would be mean people at school when she goes back this fall. And I thought for a minute, deciding how I wanted to go about the answer, and finally I told her that yes, there would be mean people here and there at school. But to remember that there will always be more kids that will be kind. And it was a good reminder for me too. That while the media can at times make it feel that the world is more bad than it is good, I know that there is so much more good that we dont realize. Right around us. In the hundreds of times we have taken the girls to a park or where other kids are playing, we have only encountered maybe 2-3 kids who weren’t kind, compared to the hundreds who were loving and friendly and wanting to play. This gives me hope. And with how the world has been in the last 18 months, I could use some hope.

I have had hard times and really sad moments in the last few months. But when I look at it as a whole, there is so much more fun and happiness and joy. So while I have always felt it is important to show a balance of real life, I really want to highlight and focus only on the good in the last few months. I need the hope, joy, and goodness to become the bigger focus for my mind.

So in no particular order, I want to just mention some really amazing moments we have experienced since March.

-Sophie turned 3 and we celebrated by going to the beach in Galveston with family.
-Claire turned 5 and we celebrated by going down south to a wonderful place with a fun dolphin splash pad called Clear Lake Park.
-Bailey turned 7 and we celebrated by going to Moody Gardens and her favorite restaurant Rain Forest Cafe.
-The girls had a big combined birthday party where we rented out the whole trampoline park. It was the best ever.
-Claire finished her preschool program at the high school and it was so wonderful seeing her grow and learn and I have such gratitude knowing she will be ready for kindergarten this fall.
-Houston Zoo visits and carousel rides and train rides.
-We found a new park we love in Katy with a fun train theme.
-Bike riding and picnics.
-We have continued to have our Fun Friday tradition even though we are no longer homeschooling and it is summer time. We have created and/or decorated: cupcakes, cake, muffins, lemonade, cookies in fun shapes, popsicles, cookie dough balls, homemade ice cream and more to come!
-We washed the car outside in the sunshine, and also played in the rain together.
-We have started going to matinee movies and enjoying the AC during the heat of the summer with a fun big screen.
-We finished our reading rainbow and reaped the rewards! Including camping in the huge tent in the living room, bike ride, going to their favorite parks far away, new books, and ice cream!
-We started Sophie’s 1001 books before kindergarten tradition that we completed with both Bailey and Claire. As of right now we are almost to the 500 books milestone.
-Starting new experiences: Bailey did a basketball clinic, and her and Claire are doing a gymnastics summer class. Both of them are loving it and it has been teaching them good lessons of overcoming fears and building confidence.
-My sister Celine and my brother AJ visited a few weeks a part from eachother and helped lift my spirits, they showed love to my children, gave us all love and time, laughs, and much needed memories.
-We visited temple grounds again and it felt so wonderful to be closer to the Lord and feel extra spiritual upliftment.
-I love seeing the girls different creativity shine through their coloring pictures, block building, Minecraft world building, stardew valley farming, fort building, pretend play, and their games outside.
-My mom completed her heavy chemo regime, successfully removed her awful cancer through surgery, and she is almost through with her radiation treatment, so close to recovery!
-My brother Danny is in Chile now for his mission. He made it safely and is spreading the good word to those who he is able to reach while the country is still in covid lockdown, and is doing it with a smile. An example to me. His weekly calls to the family brings happiness, specially seeing everyone come together virtually for it. Helps me forget we are all thousands of miles apart.
-Many many fun pool days spent at Stacey’s enjoying sunshine and cousin time and fun flips and jumps into the pool and good food together. The girl’s love spending time with their cousins and we are so blessed to live close enough for them to build a good relationship with them.
-Fun play dates with our wonderful neighbors who live a stone’s throw away from our front door. We could have never gotten through the last year of quarantine without having our own pocket of normalcy together at home.
-Austin and Rhuvana both visited, Austin and Adam went to a fun car show (much needed bros date for Adam, who is surrounded by girls haha) and I enjoyed quality time with Rhuvana and our many deep meaningful conversations.
-Library’s have opened back up and the joy of bringing home a huge stack of new books to read makes us all so happy.
-Triumphant moments of mastering: putting on clothes, shoes, brushing teeth, buckling in car seats, unbuckling in car seats, working through hard emotions successfully, and conquering difficult speech sounds.
-Tea parties and toothless grins and flower picking and dandelion wishes and bug collecting and spa days and nail painting and Bailey/Claire/Sophie cuddles.

It has been a great couple of months. And we have many more wonderful things to look forward to in the last half of the year. I know that good will persevere over evil. Through Jesus Christ and His strength. The goodness in the world may not be as loud as the awful things that do happen, but it brings me comfort knowing that I can go out into the world around me and encounter real goodness and good people and good experiences.

I am very blessed and thankful for my life and my family. I don’t deserve any of this, but I will gladly enjoy it.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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Finding the Good

There is a lot of anxiety and fear and uncertainty in the world right now. Everyone is trying to find out what their new normal is with the Covid19 virus and trying to deal with the limitations it brings. 

We have had our fair share of disappointment/sadness/fear with my mom having to leave early from visiting, postponing the girls birthday party, my brother cancelling his flight to come see us, distancing from loved ones, businesses being out of stock of supplies, and the inability to gather for worship in our churches and temples.

But we are very lucky. There are many many people who are in far off worse situations than we are. And for that I count my many blessings. And that is why I am writing today. I want to acknowledge the blessings around me and find the good in all of this fear and anxiety:

We are healthy. Granted, while we have been monitoring some coughs and low grade fevers that we feel are probably unrelated or allergy related….we have been in good health and good spirits.

We are spending quality time together. Schools have been closed until April 10th at the moment, and various businesses and activities have been cancelled. Which has allowed for us to spend great quality time together as a family. We have had many dance parties, read lots of books, good conversations at the dinner table, created imaginary worlds, played new games, and enjoyed being in close proximity with each other. I feel like I have been able to connect with my children on a deeper level because I am more present with them and more intentional with my time. It has strengthened our relationship and bond as a family. Sophie turned 2 in the midst of this and we were able to enjoy her special day and help her feel loved and oblivious to the stress outside our home. 🙂
Plus, to add, we were able to have an amazing 3 days with my mom while she was here. While we wished we could have had more time, I know that the Lord magnified the time she was able to spend here, and I am so thankful that she was able to make it back to Utah before things were shut down. Tender mercies.

Adam has been able to continue work. Because he has his own practice that is one on one, he doesn’t have to worry about shutting down due to crowds or too many people. He has been taking the precautions given by the CDC and has been able to continue helping people through this crisis, as well as continue to provide financially for us. 

We have what we need. In the time leading up to the craziness, we were able to collect food and supplies along the way and have been blessed with enough of a stockpile that we do not have to be worried for the next while. Thank goodness we were able to grab toilet paper! haha. Not to mention so many people have helped us and provided us with support. We were even sent some boredom buster games through Amazon from family members! Those seemingly small acts mean so much to me. 

Technology can connect us. Even though this can be a very isolating time, technology allows people to connect from afar. I have been able to Facetime/text my family, friends, and church members and see how they are doing and keep up with information. Ironically I had gotten rid of my Facebook a couple weeks ago, so I have been unplugged in that sense….which has also been a blessing for me because then I am able to be slightly removed from the panic of the world. I can choose what information I search out, and find truth amongst the rumors and chaos. And that has been personally helpful for me and my anxiety. Emails and text notifications allow me to stay up to date on all of the important local information regarding school closures, rules/regulations, and information from the church about new procedures. Blessings.

Any kind of normal behaviors. I needed to feel like a normal person and see the outside world, so we drove by the temple grounds thinking they would be locked up tight. But the gate was open! And we were the only ones on the grounds, so we were able to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and earth around us and have some fresh air and feel the grounding peace that being near the temple brings. Then we did a drive through donut run to support local small business and found the kindest family who went above and beyond to spoil my girls and help them feel a little more normal too. It made all the difference today.

I could go on and on, but I wanted to shed light on the fact that you can always find the silver lining. You can always find the good that is happening around you. 

I am so grateful for my ability to pray to my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that if I put my trust in them, then I have no need for fear. I have felt so much divine peace and guidance in the midst of the panic, and that has been the greatest blessing of all. I am thankful to know that they know the big picture, and that they personally love me and my family and all of us–His children. Crazy/sad things happen in a mortal world with natural disasters and the agency of others… but we always have a loving Father in Heaven and Savior who can help us through anything. I know that our Prophet Russel M Nelson is guided by the Lord and will guide us through this storm. We need to band together and pray together and look for the silver linings and the tender mercies. I have faith that we can all make it through this and potentially come out even stronger on the other side.

I know that whatever happens, I am going to do my best to follow God and protect my family. If you are seeking peace and comfort and guidance, I recommend this site: www.churchofjesuschrist.org

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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Families are Forever

Im thankful for the knowledge that I have that families are forever and that there is life after death. June 18 my Nana passed away. Nana was my squeeze. She was my cheerleader. She lifted me up in a way others couldn’t. I am thankful that I have so many wonderful memories with her laughing and talking and hugging and being kind and just having fun. People gathered towards her because she gave genuine love so freely. I am a better person for knowing her and being loved by her.

I was very blessed that I was able to fly down to Florida to meet my Mom and be there for her grave vigil. It was a beautiful service. Short and sweet and loving just like Nana would have loved. And then the after party at Papa’s house celebrating her life with laughs and tears and good company lasted into the morning. Again….just as Nana would have loved. Sometimes I forget that she is gone, and I get sad again. But truthfully I am so grateful that she is no longer in pain and she is with her family and will be there waiting for me when it is my turn to pass. I wish she could have been able to meet Sophie. We are going to Florida next month, and it would have been her first time seeing her. But it’s okay, because I know she is able to get to know and watch my family more than ever on the other side. Although, the last time I saw my Nana, I was actually pregnant with Sophie. So at least she was close!

I am also glad I was able to have some extra time with just my Mom to myself. The girls stayed with Adam in Texas (which was actually really hard for me because it’s the first time I’ve ever been away from my babies overnight like that!! I missed them soooooo much!!) but I was able to have the quality time I needed with family in Florida.

Growing up as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have faith and a hope and knowledge that brings me peace and comfort during times of sadness. Families are forever. I know without a doubt I will see my Nana again. And she will be healthy and in all her glory. I know she is in the center of laughter up there. Until we meet again Nana. I love you!

If you would like to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, here is the best website ever: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/

We have some fun exciting times coming up for our family. We are going to San Antonio next week for a fun weekend with all of Adam’s family, which will be so fun!! Then we have our 8 year anniversary! And then in August we will be meeting my family in Florida for another week long trip of family fun! I am so blessed with my village and my family. Their love and support is felt and appreciated. As well as the ultimate love and support I receive daily from my Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him I am nothing and would be lost. My testimony and love for Him increases exponentially as I get to know Him on a personal level, and I am continually blown away by the power of His love in my life. I am undeserving, but so very grateful.

P.S. Enjoy the random order pictures I have from the last couple months, and stay tuned at the end of the summer for a blog full of fun vacation pics  🙂