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Jam Packed 7 Weeks!

So in the last month or so we have had Easter, General Conference, Claire’s 2nd birthday, Bailey’s 4th birthday, their combined party, my Mom in town, Sophie’s baby blessing, Adam’s birthday, and Bailey finished her preschool year!  It was a wonderfully jammed packed time!

It was so wonderful having my mom in town and for her to get some grand baby time. My girls were sooooo happy to see her! Thank goodness for FaceTime, so they knew exactly who she was 🙂

The girl’s pretty much had a week long birthday celebration haha Bailey is still hooked on thinking there is a birthday everyday…oh and of course Daddy is 21 apparently haha. We were lucky to be surrounded by family and friends for their combined party at the park, as well as for Sophie’s baby blessing. We blessed her in our home so that all of our family would be able to attend, and it was special. Special words were spoken, and she was wearing the same dress that her older sisters were blessed in as well. A truly blessed day.

Speaking of the girls, they are crazy in love with Sophie. Bailey is still learning to be gentle haha but they both love her so much. She is the perfect book end to our little family of 5. I couldnt be happier. Sophie is smiling up a storm and just loves being along for the ride.

There is so much I could try and talk about, but I feel sooooo much has happened and words don’t give it justice. So I will just include the gazillion pictures to capture the joy and love and adventures we have had the last 7 weeks. 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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Summer Lovin, Having a Blast

This is more of a photo dump of fun things we have been doing this summer so far! Zoo! Pools! Family time! (And my Aunt Leslie and her family stopped by to see us on the way home to Florida! That was a fun little visit!) Lots and lots of reading! Bailey finished the reading program at the library! She read 50 books! Each little goal she got something (a sticker, free Chipotle kids meal, free book, magnet, and lastly a medal). She is very proud of that medal 😉 We also started a new program where we have a personal challenge to read 1001 books before Kindergarten. It comes with 10 worksheets with 100 stars per sheet to fill in per book, and we decided to get ice cream after each 100! We had one so far, and she is working her way to the second one! I am so happy she loves it 🙂 It’s been so fun getting to know her interests and see her sense of humor. I have really been enjoying it so much.

It’s definitely hot!!!! Whew!! We are trying to keep cool and are just enjoying time as a family! Yay!

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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So it has been a week since we have taken the tv away and put it in our closet. It has actually been a wonderful experience!

Now let me preface this by saying a couple things:
1. This is something that OUR family has decided to do for US. There is absolutely zero judgment on anyone else for not doing what we are doing. I promise.
2. We are not “grounded” from the tv. If we go to someones house, I don’t care if the girls or all of us watch movie and shows etc. In fact, we still (attempt) to go to the theatre with the girls…for the hugest tv ever. Haha.

This was for me.
It was easy for me to turn the tv on and zone out on the couch with my phone and next thing I know, HOURS have passed. I was tired of feeling guilty laying in bed at night and realizing that when Adam asked how our day was and what we did…what he should have been asking is what did we watch….because I could basically tell him how many times we watched Finding Dory, or describe the entire last season on Octonauts.

It wasnt always this way, but in the last 6 months or so I noticed some things:
I found myself not wanting to go and do fun things because it took more effort. I rationalized that it was simply too hot in Texas anyway, or I was tired etc.
I noticed that Bailey was starting to not want to do things because she wanted to stay
home and watch tv instead.
I noticed that Claire would just kind of do her own thing because she would get bored of watching tv.
I noticed that Bailey would throw a huge fit if I turned the tv off even if she wasn’t watching it.
I noticed that we didnt sit down and have meals at the table anymore, because it was easier to just eat in the living room so I wouldn’t have to fight turning the tv off with my 3 year old.
I noticed that I used it as a way to feel less guilty being on my phone. (Which it didnt btw).
I noticed that we never read books together, and bedtime routines were rushed, and when Adam and I actually had time to be a couple together…we just watched tv.

So something needed to change. I needed a RESET. Since I am an all or nothing type of person, I needed drastic measures haha. I tried just turning it off, but the fits were too much and I found myself feeling like  I “earned” tv time after an hour of play or so. Simply put, with it being in the room, I couldn’t ignore it.

I never actually planned on putting the tv away. I remember just complaining that I needed to watch it less because it was getting ridiculous. Days and weeks and months I feel like I said that. Then I talked to a friend of mine (who has 4 kiddos), and she mentioned she got rid of the tv for the summer and they were happy and actually play together more. I remember thinking wow! I envy you! I wish I could do that! But that is too hard, I cant. It’s not for me. I made every excuse in the book as to why that wouldn’t work for me. But I admired her for doing it.

Not even a few days later, I am laying in bed with Adam around 11:30pm, downloading the day, and AGAIN feeling guilty and frustrated…when he says kind of nonchalantly “Man I wish we could just take the tv out of the living room or something.” I sat there for a minute, and I had this overwhelming feeling to do it now! Right now! So I told Adam lets do it! Before the morning comes and we talk ourselves out of it!  So we hopped out of bed at almost midnight and took the tv down, put it in our closet, vacuumed and rearranged the furniture how we always wanted to, but never could because of where the tv would be. We had so much more space! We went to bed…nervous but excited.

Well the next morning Bailey had a meltdown. I am pretty sure she went through the 5 stages of grief in about 30 minutes lol. When she finally calmed down enough we explained that the tv needed rest and it was sleeping. For whatever reason, that clicked in her brain, and it really hasn’t been an issue since. She still mentions that she wants to watch a movie or Octonauts, particularly when something reminds her of it, or it’s that lull time of the day. But then I remind her that the tv is resting and she’s like oh yeah. And does other things haha.

Overall it has been a really positive experience. Here is what I have noticed in just a week:

  1. I am on my phone less. It is still a work in progress. I am still on it and catch myself…but it is definitely less than before! And sometimes Bailey and I will watch some shark youtube videos…because she is reazaaaaaly into sharks right now haha. And 20 minutes of shark videos are the best thing ever.
  2. The girls play more! They play pretend food and peek a boo and chase each other around. They build cool towers with blocks and fun beds out of the couch cushions and blankets from beds.
  3. I read more to them! That has become the replacement for the times I just want to vedge. I will get all cozy in the fun couch bed that Bailey makes and will read book after book to them. It has been something I have been wanting to do for a while, but just never could find motivation to do. Bailey hadnt been interested in books because she preferred the tv…now she loves having cuddle time with me while I read. And I get cuddles! Which used to be few and far between haha.
  4. I do more things. When the tv is gone I noticed I gained a lot more time to fill in the day. Sometimes those minutes are looooong haha. But I’ve been better at filling it with fun stuff. We will play in the backyard in bathing suits (or sometimes just strip down in panties and diapers since we have a gated yard) and they play with the hose and little pool. They eat sticky popsicles to their hearts content and just enjoy the sun. Or we go to the library! They have a summer reading program where you can log books you’ve read and get points to cash for little prizes! Bailey has already earned a sticker that we need to go get. So fun. Ive also started to engage more with them. Having dance parties in the living room. (Today we had one and I loved watching Claire watch Bailey dance and try to do it herself haha. She ran around in circles like Bailey and totally got dizzy and fell and just gave up and laid on the ground for a while.) Playing pretend with them. Hide and seek. Cooking together. Bailey is actually interested in what I do now while making cookies because she isn’t zombified all the time with the tv. We go to parks! We explore more park options and are usually out and about early before it gets too insanely hot. A good solid 45min-hour and the girls are pooped and loving it haha.
  5. More time with Adam! Instead of just watching tv or movies, we talk about each others days, or play games and just hang out. I didnt realize how much I missed that. Granted some days we are still on our computers when we need to do things haha like I am right now….but still! More time together! And we have been doing Family History by Indexing, which has been really neat.
  6. Less rushed. I feel like I gained time. So bedtime we can have a nice quiet wind down with bath time and reading scriptures and singing songs and saying prayers…and the girls go to bed content! The change in that has been pretty cool. I think overall I just noticed their “love bucket” being more full at the end of the day, since I am paying more attention to them personally. I can pick up on things more and engage with them better. In fact today Bailey said the cutest thing. I was giving her a kiss on the cheek while we were in the bathroom going potty, and she goes “I love your kisses…but no more for right now.” Haha it was the sweetest thing! She is so funny. I love that I can see their happiness increase. I look in their eyes more when I talk to them and I notice little things in each of their personalities that I love so much.

So all in all. It’s been a win. I am not perfect. I still get frustrated and tired and snap at the girls at times and have moments on my phone ignoring them…but I am making improvements little by little. This was by far the best decision we have made in a while.

So again. No judgement to anyone. I could care less if you watch a million hours of tv all day long. Or even if the girls are at your house and watch 3 movies. Fine by me. Haha. I just needed a reset in OUR home. And I definiltey got it. I was the last person I thought would do something like this, but I would recommend it if anyone is on the fence about it. Hands down.

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Cassie Bertoch.


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Concerts and Family Fun

So Adam and I went to a Mayday Parade concert downtown in Houston a couple weeks ago. It was a fun experience. Ive seen Mayday Parade in concert 3 times now, and they have never disappointed. They are just as good, if not better, than on their album. Seriously. They are amazing. And this tour in particular was awesome because it was their 10th anniversary of their first album. Which was the album that I fell in love with. So it was definitely a high school throw back for me….and I could tell…because Adam and I were pretty much one of the oldest in the room haha. Luckily we got a spot upstairs (one of the perks of being over 21 and old I guess haha) and had pretty much a front row spot of the stage. Our ear drums barely lived to tell the tale. (Adam was deaf for 2 days haha) But then we were able to miss all the mosh pitting and crowd surfing. I was getting so annoyed at the shenanigans haha that’s when I knew I had crossed some kind of adult/parent threshold lol. 10 years ago I would have been in the throng of all that…now I am like “where are your parents?!” yeah….I am sure Bailey and Claire won’t be bringing me to any concerts….haha. But all in all….MAYDAY PARADE ROCKS! If you’re ever able to see them…go! Just ignore the crowd haha.

I am loving this Spring weather (both the place and the season…see what I did there…heh) and all it has to offer.
Although in the spring we have tons of storms! We slept over at my in law’s place this last weekend because of the threat of tornados! Luckily they missed us, but whew. Scary. I am blessed that I have family close by that I can hunker down with. Bailey and Claire loved seeing all her cousins and did great 🙂 We played Pokemon Monopoly…which is amazing..and my sister in law Ally dominated….twice. Good times haha.

Bailey and Claire keep growing like weeds before my eyes. It is both exciting and heart wrenching at the same time. I love all the new stages for both of them. Bailey is such a  character with the best sense of humor. She is so tender hearted and always has to make sure that Claire is okay. Hell hath no fury like when Bailey doesnt give Claire and a hug and kiss goodnight haha. Bailey has the memory of an elephant though, I tell ya. She keeps me on my toes with my promises and briberies that’s for sure! And Claire is now a walking machine! Both girls were walking before their first birthday. Crazy! But I know Bailey is so happy to have Claire more mobile haha. Claire also has 6 teeth now! 4 up top and 2 on bottom! I can tell every tooth when I am nursing…..haha. She only nurses for sleep…so teaching her to sleep without that will be an adventure. lol.
Adam is still working hard at his jobs and doing such a good job of taking care of us. He is busy…so we are very jealous of his time off haha. His girls definitely love him!!!

All in all. Just enjoying life. 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch.

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Life, Love, and Lamborghini

This past month has been pretty busy for the Bertoch household. We have had a different range of sicknesses passing through all of us for the last few weeks; the most recent being a nasty sounding cough from Bailey along with lovely nose congestion for both girls. I feel like our family is usually never sick…so this must be everything catching up at once! I hope it is not an omen of 2017!

On top of that, I was asked to be the new Primary President in our ward. For those who are unfamiliar, in our church the members volunteer their time to do various jobs (we call them ‘callings’) like teaching, scouts, piano playing, event planning, preparing talks, teaching, teaching and more teaching etc.(There are many many ways to serve in the church) The Lord will inspire the Bishop or other leaders to ask for certain people in callings, and they have a choice to accept or decline. Primary includes all of the children 11 and under. It can be a pretty time consuming calling, and I was very nervous/overwhelmed when asked. I felt under-qualified and young and inexperienced…but as I accepted, I was given strength needed. I was blessed with amazing counselors and a secretary to help me in the endeavor. I am busy, but with such a great purpose. In the few short weeks, I have already seen the blessings in my own home from being given opportunities to serve and love the Lord’s little children. I am so thankful for this calling and can not wait to continue to grow and learn more about it week after week. Adam has been so supportive and helped with the girls while I have meetings and various activities to attend. I am so lucky 🙂

Bailey and Claire are growing so much. I love listening to Bailey play pretend with her stuffed animals (Minnie is her favorite right now), make her hands talk like puppets, sing to me in her cute sing-song voice, and paint me beautiful pictures.  She is going on the potty like a big girl and is a big helper. She will clean up her toys, bring me diapers and wipes to change Claire, get the scriptures at night to read as a family, and wipes up her messes at the table (most of the time at least haha). She can count to ten and knows all her colors and looooooooves building things with her blocks. Music is her life. She loves songs and dancing and she has a sharp mind to remember them very quickly. (In fact, it definitely affects my radio choice when I zone in and realize what song she is hearing and now singing haha) Bailey loves her little sister so much. She shares with her and watches out for her and will let Mommy know if she is getting into something she shouldn’t.

Claire loves to be included in everything. She watches her older sister in awe and wants to be right with her in everything she is doing. She crawls so fast that I can barely keep up with her, and she can stand now most of the time unassisted, but is too nervous to start taking steps yet. (She has ridiculously cute and tiny feet haha). She has 2 bottom teeth and loves to eat. Anything and everything so far. Cheese sticks are her favorite, and she can feed herself like a pro. She is so easy to please and is good about going with the flow. There are many times I will have to run to the potty with her sister and she will quietly play with her toys and books 🙂 She also loves to dance and bounce to music. She has said ‘thank you’ and now will never say it again haha but she loves trying to communicate with us and be a part of the family 🙂

It’s never a dull moment 🙂 In fact, Adam was able to do something super fun yesterday. For an early birthday present, I found an event where Adam could drive a super car. I sneakily was about to find out which car would be his dream one to drive and booked it for him. Anyone who knows Adam, knows he is a car guy. And also knows that he doesnt spend money on himself. So as his wife…I made the decisions for him haha. So he was able to drive the Lamborghini Huracan 3 laps around the track, while his girls cheered him from the sidelines. We drove down near Galveston and made the day of it. It was a day to remember!!!!! I had sooo much fun watching Adam drive and seeing his face shining with happiness and adrenaline. The girls did awesome, specially with it being cold and windy. They were great and everyone loved them. It was one of those days that we will talk about for a long time. I love those moments. 🙂 I love my family so much.

I have been doing my best to pull back on the phone usage as mentioned from my last post. It has been 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of a process. But every day is a new day 🙂 I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I am so happy. And I have my best friend and my amazing kiddos for eternity. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Because I Have Been Given Much

Thanksgiving this year my Dad flew us up to Utah! It was much needed. I am so grateful he made it possible for us to come. Only my Mom had met Claire, so I hadn’t seen anyone else in my family since last Christmas! Plus, with everyone getting older and doing their own things…who knows how much long we will be able to all be under one roof?
The girls and I flew in a week before Adam did; it was my first time flying with both girls by myself…but it wasn’t too bad! I mean, I cant complain with it being a straight flight for only 3 hours. But logistics of diapers changing and the fact that about half way in, both girls decided they were done and wanted to get off the plane…it made things interesting haha. Luckily I was blessed with a nice couple behind me who stepped in and offered to hold Claire during a Bailey melt down, and when I needed to change Bailey’s diaper in the plane bathroom (which is the size of a closet…and had no changing table. Fun times.) Claire then preceded to have stranger danger and have her melt down, but again, the people around me were understanding. What a blessing. My brothers met me at the airport and I didnt even recognize them! They have both become such handsome young men.
We had such a blast the ten days I was there. My dad got the PS4 and the Just Dance game, so we busted it out and had a very entertaining and very exhausting dancing session! I also learned that my brother Danny has the best rhythm over all of us…who knew?
We had a bit of snow for one of the days we were there, which Bailey went nuts over. She loves the snow! It wasn’t enough for her to really do anything with, and it melted after a couple hours haha but at least she was able to see it. (And see how cold it was…it only took one time touching it for her to not fight me wearing gloves lol)
With work schedules and school, Celine and Aj would pop in and out whenever they could, but I am so thankful that we were all able to be together and be under the same roof doing fun things like old times.
Bailey and Claire had them all wrapped around their little fingers. Nothing is more adorable than seeing your brother get on his hands and knees and crawl around the room with your kid. Or lift her up to dunk a basketball (or teach her how to pull his finger for some interesting sounds…oh uncles…lol) Or see your sister hold your toddler for a half mile around a track because she wanted some cuddles. Kudos to those muscles 😉
Bailey and Claire loved their Pop Pop and Nana sooo much. I was nervous there would be some shyness, but it didnt last long for them to warm right up.
Adam flew up in time for Thanksgiving, and we ate like kings! The Legges never disappoint a Thanksgiving meal haha. My dad fries 2 turkeys and we usually have about 20 pounds of potatoes, and 8 pies. Oh yeah. Heaven. And we had an early Christmas for the girls while we were there, so the girls were even more spoiled than usual 😉
I was able to see Nile and her little boy Wesley who is almost a year old! He looks just like Nile; beautiful big blue eyes and all 🙂 I hadn’t seen her since Bailey was super little, so it was so fun catching up with her and sharing parenting stories and being with each other. I was so happy she made the trip to come see me.
My bestie Merinda and her little family just moved to Brigham City! Which is just down the ways from my folks house!  Lalalala!!!!! Merinda has an older daughter Tayler (who is sooo sweet with all the kiddos) and a little boy William who is only a couple months younger than Bailey, and her newest little boy Bennet who is only a few months younger than Claire haha we must be on the same baby plan. But I love it. We figure that between her boys and my girls…one set of them is bound to fall in love and get married and then we can legally be stuck together forever. It’s happening. 😉
Austin and Rhuvana also came up to see us the night before we left. We had such a fun night of hot tubbing, smores, camp fire stories, and card games.
Plus, Adam, Danny, and I definitely got our Pokemon on. My dad drove us to Salt Lake and we hit the mother load of Pokestop heaven.
Nothing beats hanging out with family 🙂 (Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are all together again!)
We are now home safe and sound and missing loved ones even more. I am soooo glad I had Adam with me on the flight home because I ended up getting stopped in the TSA line and brought to a private room and patted thoroughly because I had an alert come up. Umm I accidentally left a pocket knife in my diaper bag from months ago! Thank goodness they didnt catch it in Houston because I would have been by myself with the girls. After about 20 min I was able to go and meet Adam and the girls, who were super upset I wasn’t with them and had no idea what was going on. Whew. Check that one off on the bucket list lol. I am grateful for those who make sure to keep our airports safe though 🙂
It is good to be home and back into the routines of life. The girls both had a cough and chest colds the minute we landed in Utah. So that’s been tough, but they are both doing better since being home. Must just be different air and allergies.  I have to say though….I do love Texas for the humidity and the heat. (Feel free to flog me come next July for saying that lol)

I am excited for the Christmas season coming up and being able to make new traditions with our little family. Having kids brings a whole new level of magic and love this time of year 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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Fall Family Fun

We have been in our house for about a week and are all moved in! I hate living out of boxes, so the girls were troopers with me while I unpacked like crazy.
Some new adjustments for the girls included a bed change for the both of them. Claire now has her own room and is sleeping in Bailey’s crib, and Bailey is sleeping in a big bed! It is a twin bed and she absolutely loves it. She has yet to get out of bed or wander during the night. She will scream for us when she wants us haha but she doesn’t get up. She loves it and it is so cute watching her get all cuddled up in her blankets. Her and Claire’s room are right next to each other, and I was worried that with Claire still waking up every couple hours, that it would keep Bailey awake, but she sleeps right on through it. And when they both go down for bed and are still awake, I can hear Bailey calling out to Claire when she is crying that “it’s okay.” It is so adorable.
This has been a pretty smooth transition for us and I am grateful for it 🙂 Adam looooooves his new job at New Dimensions, and I am so proud of him. He comes home exhausted, but happy and full of love to give…which his girls eagerly receive. Bailey is my little helper in the kitchen. She helps me cook dinner every night and is right there when I am baking some yummy treats. She knows I will share my spoils and let her lick the bowl 😉
Claire is full on crawling at this point. She will be on her hands and knees for 5-6 crawls, and then army crawl if she gets tired. So she is my little explorer. And she adores Bailey. She wants to be right up in there with Bailey while she is doing things. I love seeing them get along and love each other. Bailey is still having a hard time realizing that Claire is a bit more fragile than she is…but it’s a work in progress lol. Claire and Bailey already seem to have their own little language. In the car when we were coming home tonight, Claire was crying because she was getting hungry, and Bailey was comforting her. Next thing I know they are both cracking up laughing. Like gut busting laughing. Claire would make a funny noise, which made Bailey laugh, and then Bailey would make a noise that had Claire laughing. Over and over again. I loved it. Adam and I were cracking up in the front seat haha. Claire is now sitting up unassisted! That girl wants to be so much like her big sister 🙂 And we have started real foods now that she is 6 months! She likes carrots more than peas haha but she loves to go to town feeding herself. I plop a big spoonful on her highchair and let her do her thing. It works out nice because then we can all eat a hot meal at the same time; which can be rare. 😉

I loooove this time of year because it starts all the best holiday events and traditions etc. We set up a craft table in the living room and it is sure getting broken in! We carved a pumpkin the other day of a cute little ghost, Bailey colored bats, and made a pumpkin out of popsicle sticks. Thank you pinterest for your lovely craft ideas haha. Bailey is at the age where she is more deliberate in her coloring, so it is fascinating to watch her. Plus she doesn’t like having any paint on her hands, so that has been pretty funny…and busy, since I have to keep cleaning her little fingers. 😉

This year for Halloween we dressed the girls in matching Minnie Mouse costumes. And oh my goodness they are as cute as can be! I could just bite them! And since neither of them would wear the little ears that went with it…Momma got to be Minnie as well 🙂 We went with Stacey, Ally, and the boys to Old Mcdonald Farm in Humble, TX. (We were trying to go to the zoo…but there had to be a million people there…and no parking…and just…too many crowds for me to enjoy without going into cattle herding mode with the girls lol) But we had a good time at the farm! Bailey fed goats out of her hand (even though she had to be held for 10 minutes after freaking out from touching a lady bug…but goats are cool right?) and we got to ride the little train around the farm. Bailey loves trains. And then we went and picked out a pumpkin 🙂 It was a fun day 🙂
Saturdays are Adam’s earliest night of the week, so when he came home we got all dressed up again and went to a trick or treat trail. This was Bailey’s first time doing trick or treat, and she had a blast! She was sooo cute. She would go up and hold out her little Minnie bucket and say “trick or treat please” and then would say thank you after getting the candy. My heart melted every time. Claire was in the stroller just observing the entire thing, trying to make up her mind if she even liked what was going on haha both my girls have quite the mean mugs when they want to…I cant imagine where they get that from… 😉

I love my little family so much. I go to sleep with a smile on my face every night knowing that the love of my life is sleeping soundly next to me, and that my whole world sleeps down the hall in both the bedrooms. This is what life is all about.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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Blessings Blessings Blessings

It’s amazing what can happen in a month!

Adam got a new job! It is full time and will provide the hours he needs to get back on track to get his full licensure in about 2 years. It is called New Dimensions and it is a day treatment facility, where Adam will be working with adolescents struggling with chemical dependency. He will continue to be working with Spring Grove Counseling a couple days a week to continue his groups. So his only full day off will be Sunday, but by doing so, we will be able to have just enough to pay all the bills 🙂 So he will be a busy bee! I am so grateful for his willingness to work so hard to provide for us.

With this new job, we have been able to sign a lease on a rental house! We have been looking at various houses for a while and figuring out our budget and what would be most cost effective, as well as have efficient utilities. We finally found the perfect fit. It’s a little community of cute little homes and just about 10 min from Adam’s family. It is closer to both of his jobs, and in a safe area with good schools. It’s funny because Adam has been showing me this house for a while, but I kept brushing it aside because it didnt really have a yard, and it looked smaller in the photos. But I kept getting the feeling to give it a try and check it out. Once the realtor opened the door; Adam and I looked at each other and we both knew. This was it. It was perfect size for us, had a garage for both cars, and a neighborhood park and splash pad. Adam said it reminded him of the Truman Show, which is one of his favorite movies, so I am sure I will be hearing “In case I don’t see ya…good afternoon, good evening, and good night.” lol. We were lucky to have Adam’s dad help us with a deposit while we waited for the first pay check. We move in next weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited. Bailey even picked out her room, and every time we go over there she gets so excited and shows everyone which one is hers. Once we move in, we will be transitioning her to a toddler bed. And Claire to a crib in her own room as well. So lots of changes coming up! (We will tackle potty training once we get back from visiting my family in Utah for Thanksgiving…that will be fun haha).

The girls are growing growing growing! In fact, Claire is scooting all over the floor and grabbing everything in sight haha. She is just one pinch away from crawling. And we will be starting Claire on some real food next week! As it is, we can barely eat without doing some gymnastic moves to keep it out of reach of her eager mouth. It has become quite busy with her and Bailey haha. Bailey has also noticed a bit more of the attention on Claire and has become a tad more clingy. Plus, I think she is aware that things are changing and with us moving out of grandma’s house and everything, she is acting out more and on the verge of tantrums at any moment. Between that and Claire waking up every two hours at night still…this Momma’s patience is being tested! But Bailey is such a sweetie and actually starting to play with Claire and include her in her games. She is still learning how to be soft and that she cant wrestle with her like she does with her cousins haha but Claire loves to be included. I love those sweet girls. There is nothing sweeter then holding Claire, who is smiling at Bailey, who is singing “I Love to See the Temple.” My heart is full.

So some good changes coming up for the Bertoch’s! Things are definitely on the upswing and I am so thankful for all the prayers on our behalf 🙂
We are a happy little family 🙂