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Bertoch Family Adventures From May-September 2022

I wish I wouldn’t take so long in between posts, because there’s so many wonderful things that I want to remember and share that gets hazy in memory if I wait too long! But I am still figuring out the best process to convert all my pics from my phone to the computer to the blog….and my laziness wins sometimes haha.


These last few months have been so memorable. It would be impossible to give justice to everything we have done and experienced, but I will try my best to give some good blurbs and then let the plethora of pictures (unfortunately they always upload out of order, so good luck following chronologically lol) do the talking.


I already mentioned Bailey’s special day with her baptism. (It was one of my favorite days ever) But she also had a dance recital that same day! Bailey is in a hip hop class and I have been so proud of her as she navigates learning something new and facing her fears and performing on stage with her group. I have loved so much watching her confidence grow and blossom as she tries hard, new, and sometimes scary things and then puts in the work to feel accomplished. It’s one of my favorite things to witness 🙂 Her class took a break over the summer and she started back up in August and she’s been loving it. And I love supporting her in it 🙂


Young Women Beach Camp. The young women in our church were having a beach camp and they needed more members from the ward to go, and Adam was approached since he was in the bishropic, and they invited the whole family! So my girls and I were able to tag along to this wonderfully fun and spiritual beach camp where we swam, had testimony bonfires with smores, made friendship bracelets, sang karaoke, popcorn movie nights, beach house restaurant dress up dinner, laughs, jelly fish stings, witnessing a small shark being caught, and everything in between. I am so thankful we were able to go and we definitely made some life long friends, and it was a wonderful experience in learning about our Savior Jesus Christ and His infinite love for us.

We enjoyed going to the Rob Flemming Aquatic Center. It’s been a favorite over the years as a fun family water park and my girls freaking LOVE it! We have to do it at least once or twice a summer 🙂

Tea parties. My mom got the girls a LEGIT tea party set that has the cast from Beauty and the Beast! We will set up a whole party full of finger foods and fancy dinnerware and yummy “tea” options (diff flavored lemonades haha) and the girls enjoy practicing their pinkies out stance haha.


UTAH! We left for Utah on July 1st to start our 3 day journey up to my parents house, and we drove back home into town on the 26th. We had the BEST time while up north! Adam was able to work some virtual days so we could stay for a nice length of time. I can’t even describe how fun and amazing it was! We lived it up every second we could.
One of the big reasons why we were visiting was because my brother Danny was coming home from his mission!!! He got his mission call to the Santiago Chile mission right in the thick of covid, so he has had quite an interesting mission experience. He did virtual MTC, and then was reassigned to serve in San Antonio for a while, and then when he finally got to Chile, the country went into lockdown again and he had to quarantine for 5 months. But luckily we were able to FaceTime him on his P days, and I have loved watching these last two years grow him in many ways. I couldn’t be prouder. I am 12 years older than him, so I remember his whole life clearly, so it was emotional for me watching him come home in the airport as a man, rather than the boy dropped off two years ago.
My brother AJ has found an amazing woman, Ashton! They are getting married this December, and I am so thankful for the time this summer that we were able to get to bond and get to know her better. I love seeing Aj so in love and planning a bright future. She will fit right into the family. My girls already love their Aunt Ashton so much! I am excited to see where their lives take them….always hoping for Texas of course 😉
My sister is killing it as a child life specialist, and she rotates between two hospitals. She now has a permanent position, and I am so proud of her! She helps so many families in some of their scariest moments. I haven’t seen anyone work harder than her. My girls adore Aunt Bean and I am sure they wear her out haha but she plays so fun and so hard with them. It makes my heart so happy.
On our way up to Utah we stopped in Midland to see Adam’s brother Austin, and his wife Rhuvana. They had their first baby son Milo while we were in Utah, so we were so happy to be able to stop and see them for a bit right before little Milo made his debut! We love them so much and wish they lived closer so we could hang all the time!
While in Utah we visited the Children’s Treehouse Museum in Ogden that had so many different areas to play and learn and craft and dress up and engineer and discover and pretend and everything in between! I got some walking miles in following them all over the museum as they found a new cool thing to do. It’s been the best children’s museum we have been to. So amazing.
We spent 4th of July watching the city’s firework show. It was huge and magical!!! My dad saved the day by dropping us off and picking us up so we wouldn’t have to walk in the massive crowd at night with my worn out girlies. 10/10.
We brought our tent from home and camped in the backyard at my parents house. It was a bit of a learning curve, realizing only me and the girls fit inside, managing sprinklers, and tilted air mattresses that dont quite fit….haha but we are always learning! So I am sure as we do it in the future we will get the hang of things (oh and trying to remember it’s FREEZING at night and HOOOOT in the mid morning haha) but it was something Claire was heavily anticipating, so I am glad we were able to give that experience to her 🙂
We went to Roy Aquatic a couple times while we were there, which is similar to the Rob Flemming back home, so that was fun being able to do the with my mom and make fun memories. We always love a kid friendly water park! Even if we almost blister our feet walking on the cement…I didnt anticipate how much hotter the sun feels when we are closer to it than at sea level back home haha.
We visited Snow Basin up north in Utah and rode the cool gondola up part of the mountain to where the ski and hiking area is. It was breathtaking. I am not much of a hiker…but we had a blast. Bailey and Claire LOVED hiking, Claire most of all haha she was consistently the leader that we had to reign in back to us haha. Sophie’s poor little legs were doing their very best haha. But the views were incredible, and being surrounded by nature made us all feel so much closer to our Heavenly Parents, it was a great experience.
While Adam worked some of the time, me and the girls took the opportunity to visit my long time bestie Merinda and her family. Merinda and I were roommates from our first semester in college like 14 years ago haha. Well, 7 kids later (she has a wonderful bonus daughter and 3 little boys) and we are still besties who wheeze laugh 95% of the time we are together. It’s the best. I love visiting with her and reminiscing. I remember us staying up late at night when we were 18, wondering what our lives were going to be like and if we would be happy…safe to say we exceeded our 18 year old expectations 🙂 I love it. And I love her and her family so much.
In between all of these fun times we played in the pool in the backyard, colored with side walk chalk, walked Zoey daily together, had a water balloon fight, played Just Dance, watched sunsets, enjoyed the scorchingly hot hot tub, played board games, cut/colored my hair, took professional family pics, watched Danny’s homecoming talk at church, explored in the rain and found snails, and was rescued in said rain by my mom on her cool golf cart thing. My mom named the cart “M’shugga”, and we had a blast with that! We would drive all around and the girls LOVED it. In fact, Bailey was even allowed to drive it, Adam taught her and she caught on real quick! It was really cool to see her cruising around on it. 🙂
All in all, it is safe to say that Utah was amazing and is sorely missed in this house. On the drive home we did a stay in Lubbock and saw our old stomping grounds where we used to live, the parks we used to play with Bailey as a baby, and where Claire was born, so that was neat! Bailey was born in Utah, and Sophie is born where we live now, so this summer we hit all 3 of the places we had our babies haha. The girls love that kind of thing 🙂
Also in July Adam and I hit our 11 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated while in Utah and drove the M’shugga down to the bird refuge by my parents house, walked along the preserve and watched the sunset….all while doing some pokemon Go together. My perfect date 🙂


The girls started school! They are getting back into the routine of things, even though we wish it cold be summer forever. Routines are still good.
I went and visited Austin and Rhuvana after they had adorable Milo and it was the best! I loved being there and having basically a 4 day sleepover full of laughs and baby cuddles. I felt so happy that I could go up there and help them in the parenthood transition a little and just enjoy their company. I sure miss them!
I turned 32 in August and was spoiled! My family loves me and I am so grateful for their love and patience with me 🙂 I wouldn’t want to grow old with anybody else!!


Adam had a work conference in San Antonio, and it was at the Hyatt Hill County, so we decided to piggy back and play hooky with school and join him! It was such a fun and needed getaway. I wish Adam could have had as much fun as we did….but we definitely enjoyed the resort and pool while he was in his sessions haha. Luckily we had most of our meals and evenings with him 🙂 We had a blast. And because it was during school, it was hardly busy, so we had most the resort pools to ourselves! And on the weekend nights they played a movie down in the lobby with smores, super fun!
Claire started gymnastics! We were keeping our eyes peeled for a place since she has mentioned wanting to do so, and we found one we have really liked so far! She started last week and is already moving up a class! I love seeing her grow in confidence and beam with happiness while doing something she loves 🙂 She is also still doing amazing in her speech class at school, so she is just doing great!
Bailey as well is doing great in her dance class and she is flying through books. She loves to read, particularly the Calvin and Hobbes books, which are my favorite haha so it’s been fun reliving that and I forgot how funny they were!
Sophie is starting preschool next week and cannot wait! Her orientation to meet her teachers was today and she walked right on in like she owned the place haha. I know she will learn and grow and make lots of friends, and I am so happy for her.

Whew! Quite the update! And I am sure I am missing things! But we are just living and loving life 🙂 Not to say we dont still have hard days….days with crankiness from both parents and kids….days where everything goes wrong…days where we never get out of our jammies and eat junk all day….days where it’s allll day tablet or tv or switch ….guilt over allll day tablet or tv or switch days…haha. We still have those times of course. They both exist. In fact, even tonight it seems I couldn’t make a dinner everyone enjoys lol. But even with those hard days sprinkled in there…life is pretty dang great 🙂

Enjoy the summer pics 🙂

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