Birthday Season!

The springtime is always busy in the Bertoch household. We usually jam pack spring break and all 3 girlies birthdays within weeks of eachother! This year was no different! My Mom came to visit during the girls spring break, which we were all so happy and excited about! It’s the BEST when Nana visits! Lots of quality spoiling time πŸ™‚ She actually flew in the day before Sophie’s birthday, so we celebrated quick once she was here! haha. Sophie requested a donut for her birthday breakfast; the cotton candy one, her favorite πŸ™‚
While Nana was here we took her to our favorite little cabin farm get away in Navasota and enjoyed a couple days away from the busy city life. Everyone enjoyed it. It was a bit rainy and cloudy the first day, but the second day was beautiful! We soaked in all of God’s creations and time together. The day we checked out of the cabin, we headed home for the girls combined birthday pool part at Grandma’s with cousins and family! I ordered them a mermaid cake they picked for the occasion, and some pizza for lunch and it was a really nice, low-key fun birthday party to celebrate them while my mom was in town and we had so much family together. It was wonderful.

Claire was also able to show Nana how she learned to ride her bike without training wheels! Claire had been asking for weeks and we finally tackled it, and she rocked it! When Claire gets her mind on something, she doesn’t stop until she gets it haha. So in a matter of probably 2 days of riding and practicing, she was able to ride without training wheels! She was so proud to show Nana when she visited! Im so proud of her for working so hard! Claire’s birthday was during a school day, so we blew out candles bright and early before school on the unicorn hostess cake she requested haha. Then I checked her and Bailey out early from school and we had a big tea party with our besties next door. It was so much fun! And then they were able to run around and play outside while everyone was still in school, and they felt pretty cool about that haha.

Bailey’s birthday was also during school and she requested a chocolate cake for her to blow out her candles, so we had an early cake breakfast before school! I checked her and Claire out again early from school and we took our besties next door with us to the trampoline park for two hours of jumping! Every kid was pooped by the time we went home haha. But it was a blast πŸ™‚ Bailey has also started a hip hop dance class weekly that she is really enjoying! Bailey has always loved everything music related, whether listening or dancing or singing. She loves it. Im super proud of her for trying something new! (Oh and Bailey is so happy that at least one of her front teeth is finally growing in!)

Sophie is finishing up her preschool for the year this week, and then she will be off until the Fall. The older girls still have one more month of school left and everyone is counting down! We had a fun time at the girls school a few weeks ago for their book parade. They had the kids dress up as their favorite book and then do a fun parade around the school to show everyone. Bailey and Claire decided to do Beezus and Ramona from the Beverly Cleary books. We had just finished the whole series a few days before the parade. That has been such a rewarding experience for me because I remember reading the Ramona books as a kid and loving them and resonating so much with the characters (although this time around I understood more from the mom’s perspective haha). And to see the girls resonate and enjoy these books has been a full circle moment. Im proud of us for reading all 8 books together and I cherish those times spent at the table, couch, bed, car, while reading these stories to them. We were all a bit melancholy when the story ended, so I bought all of Beverly Cleary’s other series Henry Huggins! Even though my reading time has slowed a bit with everything being kinda busy here, we are already on book 2! I havent read this series before, so I get to experience it for the first time with them πŸ™‚

Rhuvana’s baby shower was Easter weekend! I have been soooooo excited for her baby shower and I am thankful to be able to help with as much as I could. I did little succulents for her favors, and considering how much I kill plants…I was proud for keeping the alive until the shower, because I sure had a few close calls! haha. But was such a great day celebrating her and Austin and their preparations for having a sweet baby boy join their family. I can’t wait for some Aunt Cassie baby snuggles! Although my girls have made it clear I will have to fight them for some baby time….he will be one well loved baby! haha.

Easter tends to sneak up on me since Bailey’s birthday is usually close to it (she was actually born on Easter!) but we were able to do our favorite activities of coloring and Easter egg hunts! Grandma always does the best egg hunts in her yard; color coded by grandchild, which is genius and has saved so many fights haha. And the girls love hiding all of the eggs around the house and doing eggs hunts for eachother πŸ™‚

All in all it has been a great spring, and it’s not over yet! We have many things coming up to look forward to that I am excited to share πŸ™‚ Until then…

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