Great Wolf Fun

This year has started with some fun! We went to Great Wolf Lodge! We have had this trip planned for about 9 months, so we have been counting down for a long time! We were lucky this whole trip happened, because we almost had to postpone it because we ended up getting covid during Christmas break. Fun time (not). So we were crossing fingers and luckily the timing of doing our quarantine and our negative tests showing we were good to go happened in time for us to keep our trip! We all celebrated hard! We needed it!

And as usual, Great Wolf was amazing. This is our second year going, and it won’t be the last! I love having family memories of the 5 of us doing adventures together. Those are priceless and worth every sacrifice for it to happen. We played hard!! We did two nights (we may do 3 next time) and jam packed as much as we could. We did our quests with the wands we got last year, and it saved where we left off, which was so fun! Bailey and I have ONE last dragon to defeat for the huge Magi Quest adventure, until we get to start the Shadow Quest adventure. That silver dragon has our name on it for next time 😉 The quests may have been my favorite part…and I may or may not have quested while the girls were alseep to help further their wands….haha. The girls’ favorite part was def the water park. It has a huge indoor park with wave pools and slides and tons of pools for different ages and levels and depths, and even hot tubs to warm up.
Overall it was the best trip, and I wouldn’t trade those memories with my family for anything.

Then it was back to grind with school, preschool, work, and cleaning the house and getting routines back in order haha. It was a bit of a shock that first morning of waking up at 6:30am again….But we are doing great now and chugging along. The girls are already looking forward to spring break for the next time off from school haha.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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