Finding the Good

There is a lot of anxiety and fear and uncertainty in the world right now. Everyone is trying to find out what their new normal is with the Covid19 virus and trying to deal with the limitations it brings. 

We have had our fair share of disappointment/sadness/fear with my mom having to leave early from visiting, postponing the girls birthday party, my brother cancelling his flight to come see us, distancing from loved ones, businesses being out of stock of supplies, and the inability to gather for worship in our churches and temples.

But we are very lucky. There are many many people who are in far off worse situations than we are. And for that I count my many blessings. And that is why I am writing today. I want to acknowledge the blessings around me and find the good in all of this fear and anxiety:

We are healthy. Granted, while we have been monitoring some coughs and low grade fevers that we feel are probably unrelated or allergy related….we have been in good health and good spirits.

We are spending quality time together. Schools have been closed until April 10th at the moment, and various businesses and activities have been cancelled. Which has allowed for us to spend great quality time together as a family. We have had many dance parties, read lots of books, good conversations at the dinner table, created imaginary worlds, played new games, and enjoyed being in close proximity with each other. I feel like I have been able to connect with my children on a deeper level because I am more present with them and more intentional with my time. It has strengthened our relationship and bond as a family. Sophie turned 2 in the midst of this and we were able to enjoy her special day and help her feel loved and oblivious to the stress outside our home. 🙂
Plus, to add, we were able to have an amazing 3 days with my mom while she was here. While we wished we could have had more time, I know that the Lord magnified the time she was able to spend here, and I am so thankful that she was able to make it back to Utah before things were shut down. Tender mercies.

Adam has been able to continue work. Because he has his own practice that is one on one, he doesn’t have to worry about shutting down due to crowds or too many people. He has been taking the precautions given by the CDC and has been able to continue helping people through this crisis, as well as continue to provide financially for us. 

We have what we need. In the time leading up to the craziness, we were able to collect food and supplies along the way and have been blessed with enough of a stockpile that we do not have to be worried for the next while. Thank goodness we were able to grab toilet paper! haha. Not to mention so many people have helped us and provided us with support. We were even sent some boredom buster games through Amazon from family members! Those seemingly small acts mean so much to me. 

Technology can connect us. Even though this can be a very isolating time, technology allows people to connect from afar. I have been able to Facetime/text my family, friends, and church members and see how they are doing and keep up with information. Ironically I had gotten rid of my Facebook a couple weeks ago, so I have been unplugged in that sense….which has also been a blessing for me because then I am able to be slightly removed from the panic of the world. I can choose what information I search out, and find truth amongst the rumors and chaos. And that has been personally helpful for me and my anxiety. Emails and text notifications allow me to stay up to date on all of the important local information regarding school closures, rules/regulations, and information from the church about new procedures. Blessings.

Any kind of normal behaviors. I needed to feel like a normal person and see the outside world, so we drove by the temple grounds thinking they would be locked up tight. But the gate was open! And we were the only ones on the grounds, so we were able to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and earth around us and have some fresh air and feel the grounding peace that being near the temple brings. Then we did a drive through donut run to support local small business and found the kindest family who went above and beyond to spoil my girls and help them feel a little more normal too. It made all the difference today.

I could go on and on, but I wanted to shed light on the fact that you can always find the silver lining. You can always find the good that is happening around you. 

I am so grateful for my ability to pray to my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that if I put my trust in them, then I have no need for fear. I have felt so much divine peace and guidance in the midst of the panic, and that has been the greatest blessing of all. I am thankful to know that they know the big picture, and that they personally love me and my family and all of us–His children. Crazy/sad things happen in a mortal world with natural disasters and the agency of others… but we always have a loving Father in Heaven and Savior who can help us through anything. I know that our Prophet Russel M Nelson is guided by the Lord and will guide us through this storm. We need to band together and pray together and look for the silver linings and the tender mercies. I have faith that we can all make it through this and potentially come out even stronger on the other side.

I know that whatever happens, I am going to do my best to follow God and protect my family. If you are seeking peace and comfort and guidance, I recommend this site:

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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One thought on “Finding the Good

  1. Dan says:

    Love love love this message of peace and love and hope!!! Had the best time with y’all and so happy and blessed for that time together!!!!
    Loved all the fun pics too!!!
    You truly have the sweetest family!!!! Love you al so so much!!!!!

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