A Summer of Fun

Whew September already! I feel like this summer flew by! We have had some amazing memories these last few weeks.

In July we went on a family reunion to San Antonio with Adam’s family. It was the first time in a while that everyone was together. Aaron’s family flew down from Washington, and Austin and Rhuvana traveled from Midland. Plus we had 3 new babies in the family since we were last together! It was such a blast. The girls were in cousin heaven and enjoyed quality time with them and were so happy to swim everyday in the awesome resort water park area. We felt really blessed to be able to all get together and spend as much time with each other as 11 children would allow haha. Im super thankful for Stacey and Dave for putting the reunion on for everyone 🙂

July 29th was Adam and I’s 8th wedding anniversary. 8 years! It’s crazy. The concept of time is always weird to me. 2011 seems like yesterday, and yet in the same breath it was a lifetime ago. Ive been asked by a couple friends if we ever hit the “7 year itch” and it’s funny, because we had a pretty intense 7th year of marriage between having Sophie and starting our own business and taking the leap of faith…but our faith in each other and in the Lord never faltered. So we were very blessed and Im thankful that even in the midst of everything going on and sleep deprived nights and stress over the anxieties of new beginnings, we never had the “itch.” Of course I am sure him being a marriage therapist helped a little haha. This year for our anniversary we decided to try out the Melting Pot. It is a fondue restaurant and it was such a fun experience. The girls loved it and had a fun time playing with the spear weapons used to dip the bread and veggies haha luckily we all made it out with our eyeballs in tact. I love my life and our family and there’s not a thing I would change. 🙂

In August we then traveled over to Florida and saw my side of the family! We were missing Aj (deployed in the Middle East) and Celine (working in Utah) but I loved seeing my parents and have some quality time with my not so little anymore baby brother Danny. (The flew in from Utah) Im also blessed that I have so many extended family living in Florida too! It felt like another awesome family reunion. 🙂 My parents rented a condo on the beach and we had our own private beach access. And because the girls are up so early, we were at the beach by 8am and had the whole place pretty much to ourselves! Heaven!! Seriously, the beautiful white sandy, clear blue water beaches are my happy place. Ironically since I am not a strong swimmer, so I hang by the shore…but it makes me so happy! We were at the beach basically every morning. Adam and Danny caught some sand crabs, we built sand castles, and enjoyed the waves. We also had a pool at the condo, which we also enjoyed. We basically lived in our swim suits on the trip haha. But it was so much fun having so much quality time with everyone and making fun memories. We even went to the Gulfarium and saw a dolphin show and fun sea creatures! Which, fun fact, is the same Gulfarium that my Mema would take me as a little girl to see the dolphin show! Talk about full circle!! My girls were of course spoiled by my parents and all our family living there. haha. They were missing home, but devastated to leave Florida.

Not long after we got home Bailey started kindergarten! I cant believe it! She was so ready and literally has been counting down the days since about April when she turned 5. It made it easier for me dropping her off knowing she was so happy to be there. She also loooooves riding the bus like a big girl. It’s all day, so we sure miss her a ton. Although it has given Claire some time to be the “big sister” in the house and she has found more of her voice and preferences, which is adorable to witness. Her and Sophie are becoming even more closer, which makes my momma heart happy.

This last week I turned 29 and had a great day with family and friends. It’s funny actually. This is literally the first birthday I have had since 2012 that I wasn’t either A) miserably pregnant in my first trimester, or B) crazy sleep deprived from having a newborn. It feels like a new experience for me! Haha! I am happy to have my whole family here and that we can continue making wonderful memories. Spring, Texas has become my forever home. I didnt know if I would ever be okay staying place in one city forever after growing up in the military… but it seemed to find me just fine! And I am so very grateful. I am excited to have this last year of my 20s and to be entering the hopefully cooler soon fall season. I know that as long as I have my family, and we rely on the Lord, we will all be okay. 🙂

P.S. Enjoy the MASSIVE photo dump in whatever order it seems to drop in haha.


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