Easter Unicorn Birthdays

It is birthday season here in the Bertoch household! Claire turned 3 on April 11th, and Bailey turned 5 on April 20th. We got them the huge donut numbers and their name for the morning of their birthdays as a family, and then they had a combined party together with their friends. Bailey was actually born on Easter Sunday! And this year her birthday was the day before Easter, so we did some fun Easter egg decorating for their party. This is the first year they had a real planned party with more than cousins, and it turned out so fun! I also so thankful for the village of wonderful people in my life 🙂

Bailey is all registered for Kindergarten this fall! Oh my heart! We toured her school this last week and she was so excited. She kept asking when she gets to start haha it is going to be a long summer! She is so ready. She is my little social butterfly. She doesn’t know a stranger! I am thankful she is my oldest and my strong leader and will be able to be a guide for her sisters. 🙂 I cherish my place as the oldest child in my family, and I know Bailey does too 🙂

Claire will start preschool this fall in Bailey’s spot at the high school and I am excited for her! She is a bit more reserved and I think this will help her come out of her shell a bit and blossom. I know she will do great and she has such a kind heart. Her communication is getting better and she is expressing herself a lot more. I am excited to start seeing more of what she gravitates towards hobby and preference wise as she gets older.

Sophie is my little buddy! She competes with Claire for being with me on the couch at times haha. She hangs with the big girls though, I am pretty sure she thinks that her and Claire are the same age……(well they are pretty close in height lol). She is running the roost and her sisters spoil her rotten. She is enjoying the baby spot in the family that is for sure!

I am really excited for this summer and enjoying time with all the girls before they get in the thick of school schedules. We have some fun family time and vacations planned! I cant wait!

I am so lucky to be a Mom. I know it is not easy and I have rough days, but I was just reflecting on my girls and how wonderful they are and that I am grateful they chose me to be their Momma forever. My heart melted the other day when Bailey was doing nightly prayers and in her prayer she said she was thankful for her Momma and Daddy, and that they are the best! Oh my heart! They teach me everyday and make me want to be a better person. I hope I can give them the very best that they all need.

P.S. Bailey performed “A Million Dreams” at the church Variety Show and she totally rocked it! I couldn’t have been more proud of her! On the way home she casually mentioned that “singing is my passion.” Haha. I love her.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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