Sophie is ONE!

So I cant believe it is already MARCH! I apparently have been busy for it to be the first post of 2019…sheesh! Haha.

So life has been going that’s for sure! Sophie turned ONE on the 16th! How is that even possible?!?! My baby! One! She is such a joy to be around and has so much personality. I love it so much. She just wants to be in the thick of things, and to be honest, she hangs like a champ with her sisters. She is walking pretty confidently now. She can get up from the floor and just take off. It has brought a new sense of freedom for her….as well as a busier Momma! She gives the best hugs. She will literally squeeze you around the neck, on purpose! It warms my heart and soul so much! She also loves to give lots of kisses and needs to share every bite of food you have haha. She is officially weaned off nursing as well. Which was bittersweet for me. She’s my last baby, so these kind of milestones are hitting me harder than expected, but at the same time I knew it was needed. With all her teeth and with how much she loves food, I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. Plus, I am ready to have my body back to be honest haha. But she did great. The first two days she was a bit grumpy in the afternoons, and she was more clingy than usual, but I just gave lots of extra cuddles and gave her a sippy with milk. Which so far I have found that she doesn’t like cow’s milk….so almond milk it is. And she prefers a sippy with a straw rather than a sippy lid. For milk at least. She is so funny and particular haha. She is my beautiful blue eyed, strawberry blonde headed, fair skinned caboose. She got all of our recessive genes! I love it! She is so loved. I cant imagine our family without her. She dances and sways to the music with her sisters and folds her arms under her chin for prayers at night like the rest of us. She is also officially moved in the girls room for good now in her crib. The girls have a bunkbed now (donated to us from a friend…and it was such a blessing!) and they are such happy campers to all be together. The mornings are still painfully early….but I know they will eventually grow out of that….right? haha. Love that girl so much. She is my little bundle of joy.

Claire will be three here in a couple weeks and she has grown so much! (Developmentally more than physically haha my cute little tiny 1% on the charts girl) She is talking up a storm, and it is getting clearer and clearer! We had her evaluated for speech because we had such a hard time understanding what she was saying and she kept getting frustrated, but they said she is on the cusp and not to worry. And sure enough, she started getting clearer! Which has also greatly expounded her relationship with Bailey too. They play so well together and have such love that warms my heart. Claire is so tender hearted and cant stand the thought of anyone being sad or sick in her presence. There have been more than one occasion where I have had to send Bailey to time out for something and Claire will show up with her hands on her hips and a scowl, demanding I say sorry to Bailey because she is sad. Claire is also doing so well with potty training! We aren’t quite 100% yet, but she is doing so so great. Which has been a huge blessing for me. She is growing up so much and I cant believe she will be starting preschool in the Fall. She has such a huge imagination and is totally fine playing by herself. She loves hosting tea parties in the playroom and is the first helper with me in the kitchen. Love that girl so much! She is my little peacemaker.

Bailey will be five next month as well and my brain is exploding. She will be in kindergarten this Fall! What?!? Im going to miss her so much! Oh my heart! But this girl, I tell ya, she is so ready for school. She has such a zest for learning and picks up things like a sponge! She has become quite the little artist as well. Coloring and drawing pictures are her happy place. And every color has a purpose. With Bailey, everything is that way. She knows exactly how she wants things. She is a born leader, and I am very proud of her. I couldn’t have asked for a better oldest daughter to help lead her sisters through life. She is so inclusive and has such a kind heart. Her writing skills have been fine tuned, and she is showing great interest in learning how to read, so I am going to attempt to introduce that this summer. Wish me luck haha. Bailey is great with patterns and numbers and problem solving. I feel like she has an engineering brain. I am so curious to see what she chooses to do with her life. Love that girl so much! She is my little nurturer.

My babies!!! While I am sad they are growing up so fast, I also love them in every single stage. I am trying hard to live in the present. This has been a struggle for me my whole life. I am a planner at heart. With anxiety. So I usually live for the next things I have planned coming up. But I have to catch myself because I don’t want to miss RIGHT NOW! I have my kiddos this little ONCE! I get to live this experience ONCE! So I want to soak it in and remember all the details. It’s hitting me hard now that Sophie is out of the infant stage. I was in survival mode because of the lack of sleep and the busyness of the different stages they are all in….but now I want to come out of that survival mode as best as I can and just live for the now. For today. That is my goal. I am sure I will have days where I fail. But thank goodness every day is a new day. And every morning those 3 little girls greet me with the biggest hug and smile and kisses. And I wouldn’t want anything more.

P.S. So since I haven’t done a blog this year, there will be a ton of pics. From January to now. Plus sometimes the pictures will get jumbled out of chronological order when it uploads…so this should be fun. lol.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch.


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