Busy Bee with the 3!

It’s been a while! I underestimated how busy I would be with 3 kids 4 and under haha. Once again, this may be more of a photo purge because that paints an easier picture than trying to remember the last few months haha. But some cool things:

Bailey: Started her second year of preschool at the Klein Collins Child Guidance Program. She absolutely loves it. There is not a person she meets that isn’t her friend. She is a social butterfly and I have seen her go right up to kids and say “Hi! Im Bailey, and I am four years old. Want to be my friend? Let’s play!” If only making friends were that easy as adults! Haha. She is also a little momma. She is always taking care of her younger sisters and does a great job of making them feel loved. She is my dancing, singing, rainbow coloring, tender hearted, happy 4 year old 🙂

Claire: She is in the thick of her twos! She is adventurous and has no fears! She loves to climb and explore and has shown to be quite the problem solver when she wants to reach something from an out of reach place. She is my content child. She loves to play with her figurines and her little toy horses and is fine by herself, or with others, she is good either way. She adores her older sister and is so tender with her baby sister. She is also very tender hearted and very in tune to emotions…at the same time she is also my little feisty one. If she thinks there is someone who is doing something wrong to anyone in her family, she will put her hands hands on her hips, furrow her brow and tell them to apologize haha. Her and Bailey are quite the pair and compliment each other well.

Sophie: She is almost 8 months now and is sleeping much better! Waking up once around 4:30am, which is sooooo much easier on my psyche haha. She is also army crawling/scooting all over the place! She still shows off her toothless grin and big bright blue eyes. She has loved being able to eat more regular foods and I have to fight for my own plate at the dinner table lol. She watches her two older sisters with awe and admiration and is very patient with all of their love haha. She is a huge momma’s girl and can even get jealous when her sisters are in mommas lap instead of her. lol. She is a ray of sunshine and her smile can light up a room. Her lusciousness is irresistible!

I am one lucky Momma with these wonderful girls! We have had some fun adventures over the last few months and made some fun memories: fall fun, trunk or treats, cousin fun, grandma fun, Aunt Bean visiting fun, Nana visiting fun, park fun, date nights, and everything in between!

Enjoy all the pics 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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