An Attitude of Gratitude

Im writing this while home from church with Sophie and a sick Claire. It’s been a while since I have done a blog post about how things have been going, and honestly it is mainly because I feel like I have been holding on for dear life in survival mode. 

This summer we had our washer go out. Our fridge completely die along with all the food inside of it. Our water heater go out. Claire has been sick off and on at least 5-6 times. Bailey has been struggling with her bowels. Adam’s business was expectantly slow in the summer months, but still nerve-wracking watching the credit card bill climb. On top of the fact that since Sophie is of course a baby…she is waking up every few hours a night. 

HOWEVER. Whilst in survival mode. I have seen the Lord’s hand in our lives. Miracles occurring if you will. Which has brought me to my knees in gratitude countless times in the last few weeks. 

Washer. Family surprised us by buying us a new washer AND dryer. Ones that are cool and high tech with sensors. Which let us know that our dryer vent to the house was almost completely blocked. Saving us from a potential fire disaster. Blessing.

Fridge. Within hours of finding out that our fridge was dead and ruining all of the food, I searched online hoping for a cheap replacement. I found out a family friend in the church was getting rid of hers and she decided to gift it to us for free. While waiting for their replacement fridge (which took 10 days because of a run around with Lowes). My mother in law showed up with a cooler full of food for us to tide us over. And my neighbors lended us their time and truck to help Adam go get the fridge and bring it back to our place. Blessings.

Water heater. I laughed when the heater went out because it was comical at this point. Thankfully we are renting, and it was covered under the lease. So the landlord called a company out to replace it since it was still under warranty. We went without hot water for about 5 days, but since it is summer in Texas…it’s not like the water gets cold anyway! Haha. I just missed my lobster hot showers and baths 😉  But we didnt have to pay a dime. Blessings. 

Bailey. I wont go into too much detail because I want to respect that she may not want certain details on the internet forever. But she has been struggling with her body regulating her bowels and it was causing her harm and anxiety. Which in turn caused us anxiety for her and lots of tears. After trying just about everything under the sun, we decided to pray hard and Adam gave her a blessing. We took a break from focusing on it and let her set the pace. She has been vastly improving! Still working on it, but for the first time in a while I have felt hope. I am so proud of her and so thankful. Blessings.

Claire. This poor child. She has been sick off and on all summer. Strep. Ear infections. Stomach viruses. Which of course freaks me out because anytime she gets a fever, I have flashbacks of her seizure and it turns me into a bundle of smothering mommy nerves. Thankfully the sicknesses usually run its course, whether through antibiotics or time. The doctor office is very familiar with us haha but at least Claire pulls through each time! She is a trooper. Im so thankful for her sweet spirit and her kindness even amongst feeling awful. Im also thankful her other sisters have yet to catch any of the illnesses, and I am ultimately thankful that she has not had any seizures! I feel like she is doing a spark notes version of building immunities haha. Blessings.

Sophie. Sleeeeepppppp. She is a baby so I dont expect her to sleep perfect of course. But holy crap am I tired all the time haha. I just feel in a fog all day. Which leads to lots of Netflix parenting. (haha yeah we got rid of our tv this summer and it was great for the first half in spending lots of family time together. but with sicknesses and sleep deprivation….IPAD AND NETFLIX. haha) So I just have lots of mommy guilt over this summer and my crankiness, or not planning fun things everyday and yelling more etc. Specially since if its not Sophie waking up in the middle of the night, it’s Claire or Bailey. It’s been a revolving door the last few months, and this momma is tuckered out! However. I have an amazing husband who will get up early with the girls (they are usually up by 6-6:30) and give me an extra hour or two of much needed sleep. We tag team haha I do night shift and he does the early morning. Luckily lately Sophie has been going down great for bed (her doctor said we could start sleep training at 4 months since she is healthy and at a good weight). It only took 3 days and now she only cries for barely a minute or two and is out.  I still nurse her when she wakes up the many times at night of course, but the fact that she is on the same schedule at the other two for going to bed means that I can have peace and quiet for a few hours in the evening with my husband. Blessings.

Business. We knew going into having his own business that the summer would be sparse. That is pretty usual with the area he is working with. But it doesnt mean we dont feel it when we keep racking up the credit card haha. Things have been very tight for us. However. Even with the credit card, we were able to have enough clients that we were able to pay all of our cash bills. Including rent and our lease for his office. So we basically have what feels like 2 mortgages, and we have been able to at least have those paid every month. HUGE blessings. We continue to pray and work hard to build his practice, and with school around the corner, we have a feeling it will start to grow. And the way I am looking at it now, at least he was able to have more time with the girls this summer before things get busy. Blessings.

So while yes we have been struggling and going through some things, we have been immensely blessed on top of it all. I made a decision to have an “Attitude of Gratitude” in my life. To look for the blessings amongst hardships. It is an everyday process, but it has helped me emotionally and spiritually. I definitely recommend it. I have a tendency to hunker down and become a recluse when times get tough; mainly because I am trying to save any and all of my energy on making it through the day with my kiddos, but I am so thankful for those in my life who have reached out to me and my family and served us and made our day. Thank you. I know that the Lord is mindful of my family, and He is mindful of all of us. It will not always be easy, and I know there are many many people who have it WAAY harder than us of course, but I know that He is there. He doesnt always take away the various trials we are going through, but He will help us through. He will make us able to face the difficult things in life. You can always find His hand in your life if you look for it.

Let us all do our best to have an Attitude of Gratitude. 

P.S. Here is a huge photo dump of our summer so far. Including our 7 year anniversary! YAY! I couldnt have asked for a more perfect man to be with me 🙂 So thankful he chose me to spend forever with. 🙂

P.S.S. Bailey finished her “1001 books read before kindergarten” challenge in June. Super proud of her!

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch. 


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  1. D L says:

    I loved these pics and blog so Much!!!! I’m so proud of you and your family babe!!!! I miss you guys so much!!!! Sent from my iPhone


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