Jam Packed 7 Weeks!

So in the last month or so we have had Easter, General Conference, Claire’s 2nd birthday, Bailey’s 4th birthday, their combined party, my Mom in town, Sophie’s baby blessing, Adam’s birthday, and Bailey finished her preschool year!  It was a wonderfully jammed packed time!

It was so wonderful having my mom in town and for her to get some grand baby time. My girls were sooooo happy to see her! Thank goodness for FaceTime, so they knew exactly who she was 🙂

The girl’s pretty much had a week long birthday celebration haha Bailey is still hooked on thinking there is a birthday everyday…oh and of course Daddy is 21 apparently haha. We were lucky to be surrounded by family and friends for their combined party at the park, as well as for Sophie’s baby blessing. We blessed her in our home so that all of our family would be able to attend, and it was special. Special words were spoken, and she was wearing the same dress that her older sisters were blessed in as well. A truly blessed day.

Speaking of the girls, they are crazy in love with Sophie. Bailey is still learning to be gentle haha but they both love her so much. She is the perfect book end to our little family of 5. I couldnt be happier. Sophie is smiling up a storm and just loves being along for the ride.

There is so much I could try and talk about, but I feel sooooo much has happened and words don’t give it justice. So I will just include the gazillion pictures to capture the joy and love and adventures we have had the last 7 weeks. 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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