2017 Christmas and New Years

This holiday season seemed like a blur! A whirlwind of fun and family and sickness and magic and coldness and everything in between haha. It was special because all of Adam’s siblings and families were in town, so we had a huge party! It was so fun seeing all the cousins together and watching them grow and interact with each other. I loved it. Bailey’s oldest cousin Marcus was pretty protective over her and Claire because they were the only girls, and that made my heart happy. His parents are definitely teaching that boy some good principles 😉
This was the first year that Bailey really got in the Santa magic, and it was so fun watching her get excited and wonder about Christmas morning! We have a cute video of her waking up Christmas morning and being in awe that Santa came and left them gifts. (of course she first made sure that Claire was okay since she was crying for Mama, before she even remembered about Santa. That girl has the biggest heart I tell ya.)
And then New Years was fun! We hung around with family and enjoyed dinner together and some fireworks. It is hard with little ones for New Years because the girls are in bed early, and Adam and I can barely last til midnight as it is haha so we played Zelda and then went to bed. One day when the girls are older we will make New Years an eventful holiday 😉

I feel like so much happened with so many great memories, but it is so much easier to show them in pictures instead of describe it, so I will let them do the talking. (They wont be in any particular order haha)

I feel like I grew a great deal in 2017. I was called to be Primary President in Jan of this last year and I learned so much! I learned about balancing church life and family, about delegating, about dealing with different personalities that are different than mine in a loving manner, how to run an organization that has so many different aspects to it! Whew! It was a really great adventure. I think above anything else, my testimony of my Lord and Savior, and of His church grew exponentially. I cannot imagine my life without His guidance and His love, and I am so grateful that He gives both of those so willingly to me and my family, and everyone! Jesus Christ is real and He loves all of us and knows each one of us personally. That knowledge was solidified for me this past year through my experiences and trials. I am so thankful for that.
I was released a few weeks ago since I have some things coming up for my family that requires more of my time, but I am so thankful for the lessons I learned while serving, and the friends I have made along the way.

I know that coming up in 2018 we have more fun coming up for our family!! It is going to be a great year; between completing our family (yay for last pregnancy haha I feel like I am always pregnant! I am ready for all my babies to be here in my arms and make fun memories!) and Adam starting his own private practice and the journey that that brings! So it will be great!! I am very much looking forward to it 🙂 And thankful to this year we have completed.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch


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