A lot Can Happen in a Month

Well, a lot has happened in the last month.

My parents came down to visit because they were on their way to see my brother AJ, who graduated basic training into the Air Force. I cannot say enough how proud of him I am. He confided in me when he was about 14-15 years old that he thought about going into the military. I am so glad he followed his dream. He has earned it that’s for sure. Basic training is no joke from the stories I’ve heard haha. Kudos to him for making it through with his sanity. But I loved having a visit with my folks for a couple days. The girls were sooooo happy to have some time with their Nana and Pop Pop.

Then not too long after my folks went back to Utah…my little brother Danny came to visit! He visited for about 5 days, and it was soooo much fun! I was worried that we wouldn’t be entertaining enough for a 15 year old boy haha but thankfully, he appreciates just chilling and playing games. He brought his Nintendo switch, and Bailey became his shadow haha. He also taught her some fun games consisting of Bailey tackling him while he protects himself with couch cushions hahaha it’s nice to have some boy stuff enter our girl world once in a while. I know Adam enjoyed having another man in the house! I think the highlight of his trip was when we went to see the Astro’s play in Houston. Danny and I grew up in a baseball world. We looooove it. It was so much fun. We won! And there was a special firework show afterward that was amazing. Ironically, Ally and John were there too, and only a section over from us! But it was really nice going to a night game just the three of us for his last night of fun before sending him back to Utah. Bailey still calls the spare room, “Danny’s room.” Plus she was mad that Danny took home “her switch” hahhaa.

Then the Monday after he left there was a solar eclipse. Now, I was boring and lame. We didnt get the glasses or make anything to look at it through. Adam was at work, Claire was napping, and I didnt want to stress over telling a 3 year old not to look directly at it and blind her. We didnt have entire coverage anyway, so we looked at really cool pictures afterwards. Maybe when the next one comes in a couple decades we can enjoy it more as a family haha.

THEN Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. (It hit during my birthday….it will definitely be a memorable one! Haha) We had been following it while it was in the gulf, and the damage it could bring. We decided to pack up our important documents and valuable things and enough clothes etc and hunker down at Adam’s parent’s house to wait out the storm. We had a really fun time! Granted, 5 days being stuck inside with all the kiddos got a bit crazy haha but I know the girls loved being around their cousins so much. Plus, it was really nice being around the adults and playing games and just coming together during this event in history. I am forever grateful that we are blessed to have family down the road who will take care of us no matter what. Such a comfort.
We were extremely blessed during this hurricane. Our house did not flood. Our neighborhood actually didnt flood. Adam’s parents house didnt flood. They had a generator that kicked on a couple times when the power went out, but it wasnt very often. Our roads in the area we were at didnt flood too much either. Extremely blessed. Others around us were not as lucky. It was surreal watching the news and seeing pictures and videos of places I have personally driven a hundred times, completely submerged in water. Seeing neighborhoods where the tops of cars are barely discernible from flood waters. It got to a point where even if we wanted to evacuate, we couldn’t. All of the highways out of town were flooded. The airport was shut down. We couldn’t go anywhere. I feel like I should have been more scared, but because we were with safe with family together, I felt a sense of peace. We received roughly 50 inches of rain over a few days. Broke records. Food was being rationed from grocery stores, and many other stores were bare anyway. But you know what happened out of all the tragedy that I witnessed? Goodness. Pure service. The love of God felt by those who helped each other. I watched as people were rescued by those who had large trucks and boats. Police officers and first responders working nonstop to help as many as they possibly could. Stores opening up their space as refuge from the storm, and giving away their goods that they would usually make a profit on. Ive witness miracles. I watched a community come together to help one another. I saw God’s hand in the midst of this destruction. Sometimes bad things happen. And in this case, it was awful, and I know will take years to fully recover. Many people lost loved ones and everything they owned. But there was a silver lining. People rose up to the task. Seamlessly. To help complete strangers. It brought me to tears. Adam and I were able to deliver food packages from the local food pantry, and serve lunches to those in the clean up crews, mucking out houses… and we were so humbled. Not only from witnessing flood ravaged places up close, but the attitude people had that we delivered to. They felt blessed and grateful for what they did have. Brought me to my knees in gratitude to my Heavenly Father. For not only protecting my family, but for restoring my faith in people. There are so many good people in this world. It is easy to forget when you read the news and social media and focus on all of the terrible in the world. And yes, there certainly are terrible things going on in the world, but if you’re not careful, it can confuse you into thinking there is only bad. Which is not true. I have witnessed with my own two eyes the good in people. It makes me want to be better and to serve more. It makes my heart swell with love. I pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Unfortunately, it is a hurricane that keeps on giving. The storm brought something in the air that does not agree with Bailey. She has a monstrous cough that bring so much mucus in her throat, that she coughs and coughs until she is wheezing, red in the face, and gasping for air. It is terrifying. Her doctor said it is allergies, and to treat her with humidifier and allergy medication etc. I just feel so helpless watching her struggle to breathe in a coughing fit. Breaks my heart.
And then on the other hand I have Claire…who does this lovely trick where she will get mad and cry, but not take a breath. She usually gets close to passing out and then will breathe. Well yesterday she fully passed out in my arms. Just went limp. Eyes rolled back. She came to a few seconds later, kind of out of it, as if waking up from a nap or something. But boy. It scared the crap out of me. Oh, and the reason she got upset? I took a book away so she could go to bed. Yeah. Gotta love my girls! I swear they are going to make me go grey before I’m 30!! Haha.

Tomorrow I hit 12 weeks in this pregnancy. Im going to actually be honest. This has been really hard. Hardest pregnancy so far. I feel sheepish even saying that, because no I am not throwing up…but I feel nauseous all the time. I don’t eat and I feel sick. I eat and I feel sick. Im sooooooo tired. I want to just lay in bed all day long. I am emotionally drained by the end of the morning usually, and we have been watching more and more movies again. (We brought the tv back out after the hurricane). I didnt realize how hard it would be having 2 toddlers and being pregnant at the same time. I knew this was the right thing to do, and I of course have zero regrets….but I am thankful this is the last baby to complete our family. Emotionally this has been hard for me. I am not used to needing so much help. Adam is my super hero. He takes care of us so well. He comes home and sees me on the couch looking terrible, with no dinner waiting for him other than if he wants to make a PBJ like we had, and he will come over and kiss me and swoop in to take care of everything. He plays with the girls and gets them all ready for bed etc. I don’t know what I would do without him. It has made me feel so guilty. I have spent many nights crying on his shoulder, apologizing for my lack of help. For not being the wife he deserves. For not being the mom the girls deserve. For feeling overwhelmed at tasks I used to run circles around. And each time, he hugs me close and wipes away my tears and looks me in the eyes and tells me I am always enough. I am creating a human being in my body. I am creating a miracle. It is okay to rest. Which of course just makes me cry more. I am so thankful for him. I married the best man in the world. I couldn’t do this without him. With starting my second trimester tomorrow…I am hoping some reprieve is on the way. Typically in the last two pregnancies, I come out of the fog in the second trimester. Praying this one follows suit!

I thank everyone for their prayers for our family. We are safe and sound, and we are doing okay 🙂 I know I am not the best as asking or accepting help…but I promise I am trying to work on it haha. Please continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. And please pray for those affected by the wildfires in the northwest, and those who may be in the path of Hurricane Irma. Terrible things may happen….but let’s be the silver lining. Let us serve others and be the calm in the storm.

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Cassie Bertoch

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