Birthdays and Family and Wedding–Oh My!

I think it is safe to say that April has been a busy month for the Bertoch Clan! Both girls had birthdays, my mom came into town, Easter, and we went to a wedding! Lot’s of fun things to talk about and a million pictures! So I am going to break it up by topic for this blog.

Claire Madelyn Bertoch’s Birthday: April 11th

So Claire had her first birthday! My youngest baby is 1! I cant believe it! Boy that was a fast year. I had Claire in Lubbock and then a month later we traveled down here to North Houston! Such a blur! But this doll face girly of mine has been nothing but a joy to our family. She is already walking and running and pro status at climbing up stairs and sliding off couches. She is pretty good at entertaining herself with toys and books. She is just happy and content to be hanging around us. She is extremely ticklish. All I have to do is poke her anywhere and she giggles. I love it. She has 6 teeth and I have officially weaned her off of breastfeeding. This was a different experience than with Bailey, because Bailey weaned herself at around 7 months and preferred the bottle. However, Claire looooved to nurse. She didnt take a pacifier like Bailey did, so I was essentially her pacifier haha. But I knew it was time. She was a champ. The first day or two it broke my heart when she would grab for my shirt, but I would give her cuddles and a sippy cup. She got over it super fast. Now she is drinking milk no problem (she refused milk when I was nursing her) and sleeping on her own without needing anything other than some good cuddles. At her 1 year check up she was 6% in weight and 26% in height…so she is a tiny thing for sure! But she has always been a teeny thing. She is healthy and happy and I cant imagine life without her. Bailey loves to introduce her to everyone we meet; “This is my little sister Claire!” and Claire follows Bailey everywhere she goes. I sure love my fuzzy haired 1 year old.

Bailey Marie Bertoch’s Birthday April 20th:

Bailey turned three!!! What?! When did that happen? I still remember being pregnant with her like it was yesterday! Bailey is my adorable bundle of love and attitude. She keeps me on my toes and is so tender hearted. She is in a stuffed animal phase, where she has to sleep with them and bring them with her in the car, and have them with her in the living room. It stresses me out at the thought of losing any of them! She has an owl, kitty, elephant, doggy,  2 pandas that she calls lambs (we cant convince her otherwise…we have tried many times haha) and her bunny. Whew. And she knows immediately if any of them is missing! She is so delicate and specific about taking care of them. She is such a little caretaker 🙂 She also loves playing doctor with her doc mcstuffin doctor set. She checks our heartbeats, gives us a shot and follows with a bandaid, and takes our temperature. I have been blessed with her in the fact that she takes medicine like a champ. If I explain to her that the doctor just wants her to feel better, she will take it. No tears or fighting. Crazy right? Haha but she does have a stubborn side. She is very sensitive to emotions, so if she feels I am frustrated with her, she shuts down. Reasoning goes out the window. It has been a learning experience for the both of us, specially with me in keeping my frustrations in check. She can definitely be a bit bossy, and is learning that people dont always do what she wants them to do. (Get used to it girly!) But I adore everything about her. She loves playing with other kids and is concerned if any of them are ever sad or hurt. She includes Claire in things she is doing. She will always try at least one bite of anything new that I put in front of her, and has the BEST sense of humor. I sure love my curly headed 3 year old.

Since their birthdays are so close, and my mom was in town, we did a combined party! Super low key. We had a couple blow up pools in the yard (my neighbors rock and had theirs out too) I filled up some water balloons (that I pretty much used as target practice for the kids…) and they just played! Then we had cake and homemade pizza on a table out front. Loved it. We just had Bailey’s best friend Nora, who lives next door, and her cousins Brayden and Jefferson, and it was perfect. I hope all of them can be this low key! Haha I can dream right?

NANA WAS IN TOWN! My mom was in town for about a week! It was so awesome! I hadnt seen her since Thanksgiving and she hasnt seen where we lived since moving down to Houston. It was so fun showing her around and treating her to real Texas BBQ. (Spring Creek BBQ for the win!) We had some adventures!

We went to the Houston Zoo. Which of course 1. I got lost because I thought I would be cool and try the closed off HOV lane for the first time…not realizing that there was no way to get off of it until I’m already in downtown….learned that lesson. 2. The zoo had NO PARKING. It was a madhouse! I was getting so frustrated! We ended up parking all the way on the other side and crossed through a park and it was just nuts. But we made it and had a blast! The weather was perfect and the girls were in love with all the animals. They have a carousel near the giraffes, and the girls  loved it. They rode it twice haha thanks to nana 😉 And then there was a petting zoo section that Bailey was gaga over. I thought she was going to smuggle one of those goats home haha. I was surprised! I thought she would be afraid! But nope, she was brushing its hair and giving hugs and taking it personally when they would walk away from her haha. We also ended up running into Ally and John and the boys while we were there! Go figure! We live 5 minutes away and end up running into each other downtown at the zoo. Cant make that stuff up. haha.

We went to the Woodlands Waterway so we could see the koi fish pond. Again, parking was an issue, so we had to go the loooooong way. Then we finally get to the pond and it starts to rain a bit. We hide under some trees but Adam was thinking it was going to dump on us. I brushed his concerns aside so we could still have fun….sure enough. 10 minutes later I think the heavens opened. We got drenched!!!! So what did we do? The only thing you can in it! And they have a little splash pad, and since we were already wet, we had a blast in that. Fun memories. Ill never forget those images. I love it.
My mom was here for Easter too! Which totally snuck up on me between her visiting and the girls’ birthdays. My mom hooked us up with some delicious Easter candy since mine all went to the Church Easter egg hunt that I was in charge of the week before. Whew. Like I said…busy! But it was awesome because then we all went over to Adam’s parents house and had a big Easter dinner all together. So fun 🙂

It was so hard dropping my mom off at the airport. But I am sure I will see her soon! The girls had such a blast playing with her and wearing her out haha. They definitely miss her. Visit again soon Nana! 🙂

Wedding! The day after my mom left, we went out of town for the weekend to see Adam’s grad school colleague get married! It was seriously the most beautiful wedding ever. The vineyards were breathtaking and the weather was perfect! But it wouldn’t be a Bertoch event without something going on. So we had quite the weekend haha. Firstly, we drove the 6 hour drive after Adam got off work. We figured the girls would sleep in the car since we were getting in around midnight. NOPE. They slept on and off, but were awake when we pulled up to the hotel. We drove our car instead explorer because of course the check engine light is on. But it was good because we totally hit an armadillo on the drive up on accident…and it would have popped a tire in the explorer for sure haha. Oh and the girls still woke up at 6:30 the next day. At the wedding the girls were great! Until the actual 5 most important minutes of the ceremony…so I hurried like a quiet Tasmanian devil to bring my kids to the very back so they wouldn’t disrupt anything haha. But they were quite the little entertainers while we were with Adam’s cohort. Bailey danced the night away and Claire enjoyed watching Bailey dance haha. It was soooo great seeing everyone. And Allie was such a beautiful bride. I am so happy for them. 🙂 So fun. But then when we got back to the hotel for the night and put the exhausted girls to bed…Bailey had night terrors most of the night. I have never experience anything like that before. It scared the crap out of me. She was screaming for me. Eyes open. Thrashing around. And I was right there trying to comfort her and tell her Momma was there..but she didnt recognize me and pushed me away afraid. Then she would go back to sleep. It happened 3 diff times. Broke my heart. I know it was because she was so sleep deprived. Poor thing. So that was fun. Then on the drive home we almost ran out of gas. Adam thought about getting gas, but it was a bit of a scary little town with a prison right in the middle of it…so I was like ehhhh next town. Well…there was no next town. It went to nothing. Then the gas light came on. Long story short…we went almost 50 miles before we found a town with gas and chugged there. Barely making it. The last 20 miles, inside the car it was dead silent haha. I knew it was my fault for not getting gas at the prison town dang it. But boy. Never a dull moment eh? Haha.

So now we are home and attempting to get back into the daily routines of life again. Adam’s birthday is next week. So round two? Haha. I love our life.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch.

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