Lovin’ This Texas Warmth

Some people are knee deep in snow right now…but we played in the sprinklers today! I am loving how warm it is! I will enjoy this breezy warm weather before it turns into an inferno this summer haha.

We have been having fun! Been busy with various projects and keeping up with my 2 kiddos 🙂 I gave my tiny little backyard a makeover! It was literally one big weed! I hate outdoor chores haha so I havent done anything with it, but then the missionaries offered to help me weed and I couldn’t turn down the help! It got a fire under my tush that’s for sure! After weeding, I laid top soil and sod down and now it is a place where the girls can play! Bailey is in heaven! She loves to water the grass and paint the fence 😉 She got a cute little sunflower seed to plant today and has been so excited about watering it and waiting for it to grow.

Bailey and her best friend Nora are two peas in a pod. I can barely tell them apart haha. It’s been such a blessing having great neighbors across the sidewalk. Today we all sat in the front yard in lawn chairs and sunshine, listening to little girls running through sprinklers and Claire climbing in and out of a toy crate in the yard haha. Loved it.

Claire has been walking like crazy! She will go across the living room and down the hallway no problem! It is so cute seeing her tiny little body bee boop all over the place. She loves playing with Bailey and getting chased. She is just a bundle of fun. Her 4th tooth just popped through, so now she has the two bottom and two top 🙂 I love her little toothy grin.

I also am now a distributor for SeneGence, which sells LipSense! It’s seriously the BEST. LIPSTICK.EVER. I’m obsessed with it haha. So now I sell it. If you’re interested in learning more about it, come check out my Facebook group, search for “Sassy Lips with Cassie B” and I have info and live videos talking about it. 🙂 or click on this link, which should go directly to it haha https://www.facebook.com/groups/1926902510861945/

We are enjoying the spring time weather and the sunshine it brings! It only gets hotter from here 😉

P.S. My brother Aj joined the Air Force! Sooo proud of him! I know he will do amazing and is continuing the Legge legacy of military service 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch



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