Life, Love, and Lamborghini

This past month has been pretty busy for the Bertoch household. We have had a different range of sicknesses passing through all of us for the last few weeks; the most recent being a nasty sounding cough from Bailey along with lovely nose congestion for both girls. I feel like our family is usually never sick…so this must be everything catching up at once! I hope it is not an omen of 2017!

On top of that, I was asked to be the new Primary President in our ward. For those who are unfamiliar, in our church the members volunteer their time to do various jobs (we call them ‘callings’) like teaching, scouts, piano playing, event planning, preparing talks, teaching, teaching and more teaching etc.(There are many many ways to serve in the church) The Lord will inspire the Bishop or other leaders to ask for certain people in callings, and they have a choice to accept or decline. Primary includes all of the children 11 and under. It can be a pretty time consuming calling, and I was very nervous/overwhelmed when asked. I felt under-qualified and young and inexperienced…but as I accepted, I was given strength needed. I was blessed with amazing counselors and a secretary to help me in the endeavor. I am busy, but with such a great purpose. In the few short weeks, I have already seen the blessings in my own home from being given opportunities to serve and love the Lord’s little children. I am so thankful for this calling and can not wait to continue to grow and learn more about it week after week. Adam has been so supportive and helped with the girls while I have meetings and various activities to attend. I am so lucky 🙂

Bailey and Claire are growing so much. I love listening to Bailey play pretend with her stuffed animals (Minnie is her favorite right now), make her hands talk like puppets, sing to me in her cute sing-song voice, and paint me beautiful pictures.  She is going on the potty like a big girl and is a big helper. She will clean up her toys, bring me diapers and wipes to change Claire, get the scriptures at night to read as a family, and wipes up her messes at the table (most of the time at least haha). She can count to ten and knows all her colors and looooooooves building things with her blocks. Music is her life. She loves songs and dancing and she has a sharp mind to remember them very quickly. (In fact, it definitely affects my radio choice when I zone in and realize what song she is hearing and now singing haha) Bailey loves her little sister so much. She shares with her and watches out for her and will let Mommy know if she is getting into something she shouldn’t.

Claire loves to be included in everything. She watches her older sister in awe and wants to be right with her in everything she is doing. She crawls so fast that I can barely keep up with her, and she can stand now most of the time unassisted, but is too nervous to start taking steps yet. (She has ridiculously cute and tiny feet haha). She has 2 bottom teeth and loves to eat. Anything and everything so far. Cheese sticks are her favorite, and she can feed herself like a pro. She is so easy to please and is good about going with the flow. There are many times I will have to run to the potty with her sister and she will quietly play with her toys and books 🙂 She also loves to dance and bounce to music. She has said ‘thank you’ and now will never say it again haha but she loves trying to communicate with us and be a part of the family 🙂

It’s never a dull moment 🙂 In fact, Adam was able to do something super fun yesterday. For an early birthday present, I found an event where Adam could drive a super car. I sneakily was about to find out which car would be his dream one to drive and booked it for him. Anyone who knows Adam, knows he is a car guy. And also knows that he doesnt spend money on himself. So as his wife…I made the decisions for him haha. So he was able to drive the Lamborghini Huracan 3 laps around the track, while his girls cheered him from the sidelines. We drove down near Galveston and made the day of it. It was a day to remember!!!!! I had sooo much fun watching Adam drive and seeing his face shining with happiness and adrenaline. The girls did awesome, specially with it being cold and windy. They were great and everyone loved them. It was one of those days that we will talk about for a long time. I love those moments. 🙂 I love my family so much.

I have been doing my best to pull back on the phone usage as mentioned from my last post. It has been 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of a process. But every day is a new day 🙂 I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I am so happy. And I have my best friend and my amazing kiddos for eternity. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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