Oh the Weather Outside is delightful, and Potty Training is sooo frightful….

We have had quite the Christmas season so far! The girls and I have done alot of baking, decorated sugar cookies, and we made a fun gingerbread house as a family. πŸ™‚ Β I love having Bailey as my little helper in the kitchen. Even if there is twice the mess…I enjoy this time I have with her. Claire is a trooper watching us from her highchair, but at least I make sure she has lots of snacks. Dinner and a show right?

We went on a Christmas Train in Alvin Texas. Last year with Bailey we went on the Polar Express in Lubbock, and we were bummed that the nearest Polar Express was like 3 hours from us :/ but in my search, I came across this Christmas train that was only an hour away! It is run by a Christian church, so on the train ride we rode through the story of Christ’s birth while enjoying the thousands of Christmas lights. It was so fun. We went with Stacey, Dave, Ally, John, and the boys. After the ride we had some delicious local pizza. Bailey was in heaven. We also drove through a neighborhood in the area that goes ALL out for Christmas lights. We loaded up in the back of the explorer while Adam drove slowly, rocking out to Christmas music. It was so much fun. One of my favorite memories πŸ™‚
Adam and I were asked to speak in church this last Sunday, and it was the Christmas program, so we were asked to speak about Christ’s birth and how we can center our lives more about him. I loved being able to have more of a focus on Christ and the true meaning of Christmas this season. We have been doing Family Home Evening around the Nativity and how Jesus wants us to love everyone and be nice to everyone πŸ™‚ It has brought a sweet spirit into our home. Which I definitely needed since I potty trained Bailey this last week!

I planned on tackling it after the holidays, but one morning when I was about to leave and go buy more diapers for Bailey (she was literally on her last one) she randomly asked to sit on the potty. She didnt go on the potty at that time, but I decided that instead of buying another case of diapers, I will buy panties! So I brought Bailey with me and we got 2 packs of panties, a princess toilet seat for the big toilet, a cute tiny lady bug toilet to keep in the car on the go, and some pull ups for when she is sleeping since she still wakes up pretty wet. I have to be honest, I was not looking forward to this at all. I was not prepared to do it before Christmas. But I wanted to listen to when Bailey was ready, so we did it! The first two days were pretty tough. (So much that I went on a much needed girls night out date with Ally! We went out for drinks πŸ™‚ alcohol FREE drinks I promise). I had no idea what I was doing. I asked friends and family for advice and implemented different ideas. The first couples days I was putting her on the potty every 15-20 minutes. I would give marshmallows as incentive. For every pee on the potty she got 3 mini marshmallows, and for every poo on the potty she got 1 big sized marshmallow. If she peed a little in her panties, but we run to the potty and she finishes in the potty, we give her marshmallows. But if she goes in her panties and then runs to the potty and doesn’t go at all. None. Same for poo. I feel like it has been a good system.
The first day we went through 6 panties. The second day only 2! The third day I decided to stop taking her to the potty every 15 minutes, and see if she would recognize and tell me she had to go, rather than just by chance going when I would put her on. She had 1 or 2 more half accidents where she would finish on the potty, but then after that she would tell us! On Sunday, I did put her in a pull up for church, since it was going to be a long busy day, but I still treated it as if she had panties on. So I took her potty before church, and in between classes. She did fall into the big toilet at first, so she was a bit nervous for a while. And having Claire in the bathroom with me, while holding Bailey on the toilet to keep her from falling in was an interesting experience, haha but Bailey did go potty on the big one! And her pull up was dry through the rest of church, and she told me when she needed to go potty at home. Ever since then, we haven’t had an issue with pee. She will tell me when she has to go, and we go! I still take her first thing to the potty in the store, so we both know where it’s at (thanks for that advice Chelsea!) and we have the tiny lady bug potty in the back of the car that she uses if we are out or at a park or something. She likes to sit on the big potty at home, with her princess seat πŸ˜‰ I just recently got a portable little potty seat that you can put on the big seat, that can fold and fit in my diaper bag. That should help a lot more when I have Claire and Bailey in the bathroom with me haha. Poo is still a work in progress. She has gone on the toilet once or twice, but I wouldn’t say that she tells me when she has to go. I just notice when she makes a certain face and try to run to the potty. Not always successfully lol. But all in all, I would say a week later she is pretty much trained! We went to the park today and told Adam she had to go potty, so she went in her little lady bug one in the back of the explorer. Yay!

She is such a big girl. And so sweet to her sister Claire. She watches over her and tells mommy if she has something in her mouth. My little protector. And Claire just adores her big sister. She follows her all around the house and they play toys and laugh at things only they understand. I love it. I am so grateful for their love. I cannot wait for this weekend to share Christmas with them in our own home for the first time. πŸ™‚ Making family traditions and fun activities. Cant wait! Until then, Merry Christmas and God Bless! May we remember the true meaning of Christmas and be thankful for our Lord and Savior πŸ™‚

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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