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Thanksgiving this year my Dad flew us up to Utah! It was much needed. I am so grateful he made it possible for us to come. Only my Mom had met Claire, so I hadn’t seen anyone else in my family since last Christmas! Plus, with everyone getting older and doing their own things…who knows how much long we will be able to all be under one roof?
The girls and I flew in a week before Adam did; it was my first time flying with both girls by myself…but it wasn’t too bad! I mean, I cant complain with it being a straight flight for only 3 hours. But logistics of diapers changing and the fact that about half way in, both girls decided they were done and wanted to get off the plane…it made things interesting haha. Luckily I was blessed with a nice couple behind me who stepped in and offered to hold Claire during a Bailey melt down, and when I needed to change Bailey’s diaper in the plane bathroom (which is the size of a closet…and had no changing table. Fun times.) Claire then preceded to have stranger danger and have her melt down, but again, the people around me were understanding. What a blessing. My brothers met me at the airport and I didnt even recognize them! They have both become such handsome young men.
We had such a blast the ten days I was there. My dad got the PS4 and the Just Dance game, so we busted it out and had a very entertaining and very exhausting dancing session! I also learned that my brother Danny has the best rhythm over all of us…who knew?
We had a bit of snow for one of the days we were there, which Bailey went nuts over. She loves the snow! It wasn’t enough for her to really do anything with, and it melted after a couple hours haha but at least she was able to see it. (And see how cold it was…it only took one time touching it for her to not fight me wearing gloves lol)
With work schedules and school, Celine and Aj would pop in and out whenever they could, but I am so thankful that we were all able to be together and be under the same roof doing fun things like old times.
Bailey and Claire had them all wrapped around their little fingers. Nothing is more adorable than seeing your brother get on his hands and knees and crawl around the room with your kid. Or lift her up to dunk a basketball (or teach her how to pull his finger for some interesting sounds…oh uncles…lol) Or see your sister hold your toddler for a half mile around a track because she wanted some cuddles. Kudos to those muscles 😉
Bailey and Claire loved their Pop Pop and Nana sooo much. I was nervous there would be some shyness, but it didnt last long for them to warm right up.
Adam flew up in time for Thanksgiving, and we ate like kings! The Legges never disappoint a Thanksgiving meal haha. My dad fries 2 turkeys and we usually have about 20 pounds of potatoes, and 8 pies. Oh yeah. Heaven. And we had an early Christmas for the girls while we were there, so the girls were even more spoiled than usual 😉
I was able to see Nile and her little boy Wesley who is almost a year old! He looks just like Nile; beautiful big blue eyes and all 🙂 I hadn’t seen her since Bailey was super little, so it was so fun catching up with her and sharing parenting stories and being with each other. I was so happy she made the trip to come see me.
My bestie Merinda and her little family just moved to Brigham City! Which is just down the ways from my folks house!  Lalalala!!!!! Merinda has an older daughter Tayler (who is sooo sweet with all the kiddos) and a little boy William who is only a couple months younger than Bailey, and her newest little boy Bennet who is only a few months younger than Claire haha we must be on the same baby plan. But I love it. We figure that between her boys and my girls…one set of them is bound to fall in love and get married and then we can legally be stuck together forever. It’s happening. 😉
Austin and Rhuvana also came up to see us the night before we left. We had such a fun night of hot tubbing, smores, camp fire stories, and card games.
Plus, Adam, Danny, and I definitely got our Pokemon on. My dad drove us to Salt Lake and we hit the mother load of Pokestop heaven.
Nothing beats hanging out with family 🙂 (Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are all together again!)
We are now home safe and sound and missing loved ones even more. I am soooo glad I had Adam with me on the flight home because I ended up getting stopped in the TSA line and brought to a private room and patted thoroughly because I had an alert come up. Umm I accidentally left a pocket knife in my diaper bag from months ago! Thank goodness they didnt catch it in Houston because I would have been by myself with the girls. After about 20 min I was able to go and meet Adam and the girls, who were super upset I wasn’t with them and had no idea what was going on. Whew. Check that one off on the bucket list lol. I am grateful for those who make sure to keep our airports safe though 🙂
It is good to be home and back into the routines of life. The girls both had a cough and chest colds the minute we landed in Utah. So that’s been tough, but they are both doing better since being home. Must just be different air and allergies.  I have to say though….I do love Texas for the humidity and the heat. (Feel free to flog me come next July for saying that lol)

I am excited for the Christmas season coming up and being able to make new traditions with our little family. Having kids brings a whole new level of magic and love this time of year 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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