Blessings Blessings Blessings

It’s amazing what can happen in a month!

Adam got a new job! It is full time and will provide the hours he needs to get back on track to get his full licensure in about 2 years. It is called New Dimensions and it is a day treatment facility, where Adam will be working with adolescents struggling with chemical dependency. He will continue to be working with Spring Grove Counseling a couple days a week to continue his groups. So his only full day off will be Sunday, but by doing so, we will be able to have just enough to pay all the bills 🙂 So he will be a busy bee! I am so grateful for his willingness to work so hard to provide for us.

With this new job, we have been able to sign a lease on a rental house! We have been looking at various houses for a while and figuring out our budget and what would be most cost effective, as well as have efficient utilities. We finally found the perfect fit. It’s a little community of cute little homes and just about 10 min from Adam’s family. It is closer to both of his jobs, and in a safe area with good schools. It’s funny because Adam has been showing me this house for a while, but I kept brushing it aside because it didnt really have a yard, and it looked smaller in the photos. But I kept getting the feeling to give it a try and check it out. Once the realtor opened the door; Adam and I looked at each other and we both knew. This was it. It was perfect size for us, had a garage for both cars, and a neighborhood park and splash pad. Adam said it reminded him of the Truman Show, which is one of his favorite movies, so I am sure I will be hearing “In case I don’t see ya…good afternoon, good evening, and good night.” lol. We were lucky to have Adam’s dad help us with a deposit while we waited for the first pay check. We move in next weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited. Bailey even picked out her room, and every time we go over there she gets so excited and shows everyone which one is hers. Once we move in, we will be transitioning her to a toddler bed. And Claire to a crib in her own room as well. So lots of changes coming up! (We will tackle potty training once we get back from visiting my family in Utah for Thanksgiving…that will be fun haha).

The girls are growing growing growing! In fact, Claire is scooting all over the floor and grabbing everything in sight haha. She is just one pinch away from crawling. And we will be starting Claire on some real food next week! As it is, we can barely eat without doing some gymnastic moves to keep it out of reach of her eager mouth. It has become quite busy with her and Bailey haha. Bailey has also noticed a bit more of the attention on Claire and has become a tad more clingy. Plus, I think she is aware that things are changing and with us moving out of grandma’s house and everything, she is acting out more and on the verge of tantrums at any moment. Between that and Claire waking up every two hours at night still…this Momma’s patience is being tested! But Bailey is such a sweetie and actually starting to play with Claire and include her in her games. She is still learning how to be soft and that she cant wrestle with her like she does with her cousins haha but Claire loves to be included. I love those sweet girls. There is nothing sweeter then holding Claire, who is smiling at Bailey, who is singing “I Love to See the Temple.” My heart is full.

So some good changes coming up for the Bertoch’s! Things are definitely on the upswing and I am so thankful for all the prayers on our behalf 🙂
We are a happy little family 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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