Summer is Coming to a Close

Well, we are in September already and time is flying by.

I had my 26th birthday on Aug 26. Adam and I celebrated by Pokemon hunting and eating a yummy surprise Pokemon cake that was chocolate on top of chocolate with more chocolate. This man knows the way to my heart. Family time. Chocolate. What more can a girl want?

I have a new calling/assignment at church; primary chorister. I was super nervous at first but I am totally in love with it. Hearing the kids sing about their love for Jesus Christ brings me such happiness and joy, and an even greater love for our Savior. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Adam and I went downtown and we had no idea there was a splash pad; luckily we had an extra pair of clothes and a swim diaper in the backpack. Bailey cracked me up; we let her get wet in her clothes, but she didnt like the feeling of it sticking to her body. So there were stages of her from being wet in clothes…down to her diaper…and then her swim diaper. What she really wanted was to be in the nude! Haha. Silly girl. I love her so much. She is just a ball of fun, with such a tender heart. We went to a park the other day that had a jungle gym, and I was showing her how to climb on it. I got pretty high and she gave me a concerned face and was like “Oh momma! Be careful! Don’t fall!” Melted my heart. She has also hit a stage where she calls Adam and I “Mom” and “Dad.” I don’t know if it’s from cartoons or what, but it makes me a tiny bit sad…I thought I had more time as “Momma.” But it sneaks in there every once in a while 😉
She has loved music since she was a tiny little girl, so anytime there is music on, even if it’s just piano music, she’s like “lets dance!!” And bee bops all over the place. Her singing voice is even more adorable. She knows all the words to Twinkle Twinkle, Once there was a Snowman, The Pokemon Theme, The Zing song from Hotel Transylvania, Do as I am Doing, Jesus Wants me for the Sunbeam, Popcorn Popping, Little Snowflake…and the list continues! She has got quite the memory!
So lately she has been watching me put on makeup, and I had been getting her her own “sparkles” and it’s been a bit of a mess haha so I ordered her some fake makeup, and she is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. She will put sparkles on me and Claire…I think we are her dolls haha. Bailey will play house with the toy cars the boys have. There is a Mommy car and a Daddy car and they give kisses. This kid cracks me up. I love having little girls so much. The drama is a bit on the thick side already…but still worth every second of it. Her imagination is so funny. Her and her cousins like to pretend play fun games like going to school (give me a couple years please!)  giving hair cuts (gotta keep an extra eye out…) and running around in circles. Bailey already likes to be the boss and tell people what to do. Oi Vey. Cant imagine where she gets that from… 😉

Claire will be 5 months tomorrow! That is so crazy to me! She is just a ray of sunshine. She is so happy and content just being included and observing. She loves her older sister so much and Bailey enjoys making her giggle and smile. It makes me swell with happiness when I see those moments. She has been sleeping rough. Once she hit about 4 months, she went from sleeping 6-7 hours, to being up every 1.5-3 hours a night. Heaven help me! I am continually praying she will sleep and not wait until 9-10 months like Bailey did. Please no! This Momma needs sleep! Haha. She is also really long. She is already in 9 month clothes. Bailey wasn’t even in 9 month clothes at this point, and she was long too! So either my girls are growing a ton now and won’t grow for the next 10 years…or they will be tall! Ive had to buy Bailey new shoes 3 times this summer alone!
Claire is wanting to follow her sister around so bad. She is close to sitting up and already trying to figure out the mechanics of crawling. Things are about to get interesting. She played peek a boo with Stacey the other day is was the cutest thing in the entire world. She will not take a pacifier or her thumb for more than a couple seconds to just chew on, so she doesn’t really have anything specific that she uses for comfort quite yet. Although she comfort nurses…so maybe I am her pacifier haha. She has a tag toy similar to Bailey’s bunny that she likes to chew on. Bailey picked it out for her 🙂 So now they both have it in the car, rubbing (or chewing) on the tags.

Oh my girls. They give me purpose and a love I have never experienced, nor can describe. They push me to my breaking point, only to bring me off the edge with their smiles and kisses. So it all evens out 😉

I cant wait to make even more fun, quirky, unique memories with them 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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