Five Wonderful Years

Adam and I celebrated being married for 5 years on the 29th of July 🙂 Man where did the time go! Five years happened in a flash: 3 degrees, 3 states, and 2 kids later. I am so happy to be with Adam. He has taken good care of us during this half decade together. We have a tradition of doing an activity as a family on our anniversary instead of buying gifts for each other, so this year we decided to go to Moody Gardens down in Galveston, enjoy a fun lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe…topped off with pokemon hunting down the beach 😉
Bailey loved the aquarium (even if she only lasted about an hour haha) and she looooved the Rain Forest Cafe. She kept watching the monkeys and butterflies mounted on the walls, making sure they wouldn’t fall haha. She is such a sweetie, and Claire didnt even fuss when the loud lightning and rain happened in the Cafe, what a trooper.

We also decided to tackle binky weaning with our Bailey Bug. I kept having a feeling we needed to get rid of it, but I wasn’t ready haha. We ended up going to a park that we never go to and sat her on a bench where we could explain that she is a big girl now and doesn’t need her binky. We showed her the clip of elmo singing the bye bye binky song and then we walked over to the trash and threw away the binkies in front of her. To see they were really gone. Poor thing was crying and saying noooooo. Broke our hearts! If I could let her have it forever I would have!! But then we wrestled her in the car and drove away. She kept asking for her binky and saying it was in the trash. (The real reason we did it at a park was so mommy and daddy wouldn’t fish it out! haha) That first night was really hard. But then it got pretty easy after that. By the morning of day 3 she stopped asking for it all together. Her nap times were harder than bedtime for a bit, but we got back on her schedule pretty quick. I am so proud of her. Every once in a while she would ask if her binky was still in the trash, and we would explain she was a big girl and didnt need it and that yes it was still in the trash. I knew we had to make it an event, rather than simply “losing it” without telling her, because I knew she would need to understand the reasoning behind it. She is a smart kid, if we just pretended like we lost it, then she would have just told us to go buy a new one haha or if she ever found a binky, she would be like ‘oh here it is.’ So unfortunately we had to be mean parents and throw it away :/ but by explaining the process to her, I feel like she did really well with it being gone after a day or two. So woohoo for success! I think it was harder for me to get rid of it than for her to be honest haha plus she still has her bunny tag toy. She can take that thing to college with her for all I care! lol.

Claire is just a happy little thing! I have never seen such a happy baby. And she now can roll over on her back and on her tummy, so that has been exciting! She always wants to be in the thick of all the action, and observe everything; it’s adorable to watch. Bailey and Claire love each other so much and it makes me so happy. Bailey tries to include Claire in her games, and she always wants to give her a hug and kiss night night. I love my girls so much. Bailey is getting so big. She is making up cute songs and games and is just this little person that blows my mind! When did she become this little person that creates songs and loves putting on sparkly eye shadow all over her face???? I love it.

This summer is coming to a close here soon. That went by so fast! But I am welcoming a reprieve from this heat come Fall. We can go to parks and not be drenched in sweat by 10am haha that would be awesome. We are still taking things one day at a time. That is all we can do right? Enjoy the journey? 🙂

These are our Bit’s O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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