Claire’s Blessing

This last Sunday Claire was blessed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 🙂 It is almost exactly two years since we blessed her older sister Bailey! So crazy how time flies. It was a great, busy day! I saved Bailey’s blessing dress because I want it to be a family dress that all my girls wear on their baby blessing day. They have both looked so beautiful in it; giving the dress lots of awesome memories 🙂

Claire is almost 2 months now and she is just the apple of Bailey, Jefferson, and Brayden’s eyes! They love her so much and it makes me so happy. Claire is such a happy baby. She smiles and coos and loves to observe and watch her big sister play. Her smile brightens her whole face, it is so beautiful. She loves to raise her eyebrows when she is amused as well. So adorable. So far she has been sleeping so great at night (knock on wood) and that has been saving my life with trying to keep up with both of them during the day!

I am finding that 1 to 2 kids is a big adjustment, but we are doing the best we can and taking things one day at a time. I have to tone down my usual 5 year plan, to a day by day adventure 😉 But I am loving the stage that Bailey is in as well. She has such a sweet heart and a kind soul. She loves being around kids and she will give kisses and hugs for boo boos. She cracks me up with her sense of humor and sweet little voice. She loves to put glittery make up on, dance, swim, and cook in the kitchen. She is my little helper 🙂 And she loves her cousins so much. Every morning in her crib the first thing she says is that she wants to go downstairs to play with Brayden and Jefferson. I love it. She is going through a bit of a hitting/pushing streak, but it isn’t malicious…she just has to realize she cant shove someone because she is happy to see them! (Sorry Jefferson and Brayden! She just loves you so much!) Her whole world has been uprooted and changed with a new baby and place to live in the past few weeks…so Momma is trying to learn patience too 😉

But I love both my girls so much. They bring me joy and purpose. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

We have been here for a few weeks and have already had lots of fun 🙂 Adam has some very strong job opportunities, but I will write more on that once things become more official. But the Lord is definitely mindful of our little family and guiding us alone different paths that I hadn’t planned on! So I am trying to sit back and enjoy the ride haha.

The heat (and rain/flooding) season is in full force, and we are making the most of it! Gotta love summertime and family 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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