Lubbock – Another Chapter in This Journey

This Saturday we will be heading down farther south to temporarily live with Adam’s family in Spring, Texas while Adam starts his career and we get ready to buy a house in the Katy area. Meaning that we are closing yet another chapter in this journey!

Lubbock has treated us well. I will miss it. With Adam working long days between all his diff jobs/internship and full time school, I spent a great deal of time just me and my Bailey Bug, so I feel like I really learned more about myself particularly as a parent. Plus we added another addition to our family here with Claire being born at UMC right across the street from our apartments! I have fond memories here and I have met some great people…but we are ready to jump into yet another chapter in the Bertoch adventure 🙂

Much like my Rexburg tribute in 2013, I decided to take a couple pics in the Lubbock area to commemorate our leaving.

Texas Tech University:

This University is the reason why we are even here in Lubbock. Adam is getting his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy…this coming Friday actually (but that will be a separate post 🙂 ) and it has been a wonderful program. I have watched him grow both in confidence and in his ability to multi task 😉 It warms my soul to see him fulfill his dreams and do so well in a chosen field that he has passion and a gift for. He has the perfect heart for this career path. I am so proud of him. This University will hold very fond memories for us 🙂


TTU Family Therapy Clinic:

This is a tangent off of the University of course, but it deserves its own category because this is where Adam put his blood, sweat, and tears. He not only experienced his first therapy sessions, but he also ended up working here as a Clinic Coordinator. His cohort during these last couple years has become like family, and I have been so thankful for their friendships.


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Maxey Park:

Lubbock has sooo many beautiful parks, and we have been to a great deal of them, but our go to park has always been Maxey. It has two different locations across the lake from one another. The front is what we found first right when we got here to Lubbock. Bailey has been coming to this park since she was a tiny thing and could only lay on a blanket! And now she is exploring everything! This side of the park has the coolest chair swings that I will surely miss. The other side of Maxey has a toddler area which I love because Bailey can roam free without too many worries of her falling off tall equipment and getting hurt. I love our park time 🙂


The Science Spectrum:

The last year we have pretty much lived at this place. The science spectrum is a place where kids go to learn and explore things of science. They have everything from dinosaurs to tornados to live animal exhibits. There is a section for 5 and under that has a music room, a water play area, and a pretend vet and grocery store. We have a membership, so we don’t have to pay every time we go and it has been such a blessing. On days where it’s yucky outside, or I don’t have the energy to chase Bailey at the park, I let her roam the spectrum. 🙂 She calls it the airplane place because there is a huge airplane out front 🙂


Lubbock Temple:

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, our temples are so sacred and important to us. Each building is so beautiful and I am in awe every time I go in to worship. The Lubbock temple is no exception. Although I wish I could have attended it more, I am thankful for the times where I could go inside and feel peace from the Lord 🙂


The Edge Apartments:

And last but not least…the place we lived the entire time we have been here! The Edge Apartments. We have been so lucky with the location of these apartments because we are five minutes from campus, across the street from the hospital, grocery stores are around the corner, and the access to the highways are just down the street. Plus we have been lucky to get a corner apartment, which has the most natural lighting and is beautiful. I am definitely ready to be done with the apartment life, specially since our family just seems to be growing and growing, (now there are four of us!) But I have had some very fond memories of being here. 🙂


There are obviously many places I could have mentioned, but I feel like these were truly the defining memories of Lubbock I will think about when I reminisce. I look fondly on the past couple years we have spent here in Lubbock Texas…and I am excited to see how things end up for us in the next couple of months. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion on this journey 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch



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