My Adorable Two Year Old

Yeah…I have a two year old. What? When did that happen?? Bailey turned 2 on April 20th. It was pretty surreal having Claire only a week and a half before. I remember giving birth to Bailey like it was yesterday…and now I had Claire and Bailey is 2! It is amazing how fast time flies the older you get. I wish I could freeze time and soak up every second of my babies. But as they get older, I love each stage. It is a joy to watch them grow. Bailey has me literally in stitches laughing over some of the phrases and games she comes up with. I don’t want to forget a single thing! (For example…she has been obsessed with spiders lately. She will tickle me with her fingers and say “Spiders!” and I will say “Ahh scary!” and she will be like “Sorry…not spider. Birds! Tweet tweet!”She came up with it all on her own; I was laughing so hard!) For her birthday it was pretty low key; some cupcakes and gifts with family time 🙂 She blew out the candle all on her own! It was sooo cute! And she kept sharing all of her half eaten cupcakes with Mommy since they were so yummy 🙂 My little sharer! I am hoping she will keep that same mentality with Claire and others as she gets older haha.

But Bailey has been the sweetest big sister since we have brought Claire home. She will rub her head softly and say “aww baby!” and is always so concerned for her when she cries…and makes sure to tell Mommy when she is crying that I need to give her a binky… lol. Bailey was in her room after putting her to bed, and she heard Claire crying from the living room, and I heard her say on the monitor “Mommy Claire crying!” Haha. She is such a sweetie. She can apparently hear very well from her bedroom because I have sneezed in the living room, and I will hear a little “bless you momma” from the baby monitor. Melted my heart!
Bailey has been a little more clingy, specially since Gramma left (Adam’s mom…who I am sooo thankful was able to be here! Life savor!) and so sometimes I will have both kiddos crying at the same time…which is always fun haha. But it has still been so awesome. Being up all night, and then up during the day with both the girls by myself while Adam is gone all day has been a new adjustment. I am learning that I cant always be supermom, and I may have some cranky moments…but at the end of the day, when I reflect on my girls while going to sleep, I cant help but feel so incredibly blessed. My family is so important to me. I love Adam, Bailey, and Claire so much that my heart hurts! And they even love me when I have my cranky sleep deprived Mommy moments 😉 I don’t deserve them…but I will gladly keep them forever and ever.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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