Is it already February?

I feel like 2016 is already going so fast! I blinked and we are in February, I am 30 weeks pregnant, Adam is in his last semester, and Bailey is almost 2. What the heck?! But we have sure been busy. Bailey is my bundle of energy…something I wish she would share with her huge momma from time to time…but I think she enjoys running ahead of me and watching me sprint after her as much as I can haha. She is getting so big. She is still talking up a storm, but starting to form sentences, which is adorable. She will wake up from her nap and look right into the baby monitor and go “Momma where are you!?”, or she will hear a big truck go by, or a bird and say “Momma, what is that sound?” I have to do a double take sometimes when I realize this cute little voice is coming from my baby Bailey! She also has started to introduce me to people. She will point to me and say “This is My Momma!” and then give me a huge hug and kiss….cue me melting into a puddle on the floor. She is so fun to be with. She is my partner in crime while Daddy is gone all day, so we try to keep busy. We go to library reading clubs, swimming, toddler gym classes, and student run toddler communicating classes near campus. She loves it! My little social bug. When we go to the car she will say “See my friends?” and it melts my heart. I cannot wait until her little sister is born so she will always have a fun little companion. I am sure it will be quite the change though when we bring Claire home! But she is so sweet when she sees other babies…so I am not stressing too much 🙂 I know it will be harder to chase two around, but I am still looking forward to having both my girls in my arms and a full range of motion haha.

Adam is in the home stretch! He is working so hard for us and getting prepared for all the milestones coming up. I am so proud of him. I cant say it enough. He is such a good daddy and husband and I appreciate it so much when he walks through the door after a long day and still is willing to jump in with bed time routines and gives lots of hugs and kisses. I think Bailey breaks the speed record when she sees her daddy walk through the door. I love it so much. He took his LMFT licensure exam a couple weeks ago and we are still waiting for results, but I have no doubt that he passed with flying colors. I know he is excited for the day when he goes to one location for work and then comes home for dinner every night haha instead of going in three diff directions all hours of the day/night. But everything is a time and a season 🙂 We are making things work 🙂 That’s how life goes 🙂

I have been spoiled lately as well…my Mema sent me a beautiful kitchen aid, and I am in heaven! I have been baking up a storm! I think Claire has quite the sweet tooth haha. I love trying new recipes and feeling like Betty Crocker lol. Bailey loves trying to help me in the kitchen. I need to get one of those kitchen help toddler stools one of these days so she can be right there with me! But she also has her own little kitchen and food that she feeds Adam and I 🙂 It is adorable. She particularly loves the muffins and the milk carton in the play food kit haha.

I am so blessed. I know these next few months are going to be super crazy, but we can get through anything together with family and with God 🙂 And the Lord knows I am going to need every bit of it!

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch



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