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So we have been trying to take advantage of the warmish weather we have here in Texas. As much as it is weird not having snow during Christmas time, I cant say I miss it! I looove not having to deal with coldness and slippery roads and wet bottoms of pants. I will enjoy everyone else’s pictures and videos from the comfort of my still occasionally AC’d apartment haha. Although we have gotten down into the 20s in the mornings and I need my hoodies…which I am definitely NOT complaining about!

Lubbock has so many fun opportunities for families to enjoy Christmas lights and Santa sightings, so we have been going to as many as we can handle. Bailey loves Santa, as long as she is at least 2 feet away and he doesn’t touch her haha it cracks me up. She is just a bundle of love and energy! She can throw a mean fit….(thrashing and throwing herself and screaming until she works herself up into a panicky tizzy) BUTTTTT 90% of the time she is my perfect angel! Full of hugs and kisses and sweet smiles. I really cant complain. 🙂 Although she is fast! So I have been having to make sure and stay quicker than her to catch her…all while my belly continues to grow and Claire kicks my bladder 15 million times a day lol. I am so excited to see both of my girlies playing together and to hold them both in my arms. My heart might explode. lol.

This Friday we head out to Houston to see Adam’s family for a few days, and then drive over to Florida on Monday for a Legge family reunion that has been in the mix for the last 2 years! So I am pretty excited!!! Then we come back the 29th to Houston to see Adam’s youngest brother get married on the 30th! Some really excited things coming up! I am so proud of Adam. He pulled off all A’s this semester, and only has one more left before he graduates and we start our next journey!

Thank goodness Bailey keeps me young 😉

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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