It’s been such a lovingly lively time…

Yup. Lively. I like that word, and I think it describes my life pretty perfectly right now. Lively is close to lovely, so sometimes I think of those two words as being a combined definition in one. Meaning that our life is busy and great. Lively.

I am hitting my second trimester and thankfully having some of my much needed energy returning. Which is essential when you have a toddler as rambunctious as mine. 😉
Bailey is my little angel. She is growing up so fast. I have been trying to get her into more community activities so she can have some kids to play with, and she loves it.
Every Thursday we go to Wee Read. It is a program given by one of the Health Sciences Department at Texas Tech, and it is for 18mon-3 years old. They sing songs, play games, read stories, and do different special activities for that day. They also give little hand outs to the parents for different tips and tricks for communicating with your child and how to encourage speech and play. I love it so much. There are about 5-6 kids that go and Bailey is the youngest…but definitely the most active! She will not sit down to listen to the story book, she likes to be front and center and helping to turn the pages. She is not afraid of anything! She will try every gooey, sticky, slippery sensory activity they have. Cracks me up. She also loves to scream in excitement and do all of the activities at once instead of going from table to table haha but she has so much fun. She enjoys being there with kids close to her age and interacting and singing and reading. I am really grateful to have found this little gem of a program.
Starting this coming Tuesday we are going to go to a Toddler PE class that is run by the Sports Science department at TTU, so I am super excited about that! It is every Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we will only go Tuesdays because  I also take a free sewing class from a lady in our Church Stake on Thursday afternoons. Luckily that is one of Adam’s rare free times and he is such a sweetie and watches Bailey while I go and learn how to sew. It has been really fulfilling and frustrating so far haha, but I really enjoy feeling like I am cultivating and learning something new.
Between those classes, and play groups, and all of the holiday festivities, we have been having a pretty lively time! 😉
And then you have Adam and his whole schedule of his own, but he is still doing such a good job at doing everything and yet still coming home with a smile. He went on a campout last weekend with the scouts in our ward and had a great time canoeing and doing fun boy stuff haha 🙂 I am proud of him for being so willing to give his big heart out to so many different things.

There are many things to look forward to as well; trick or treating, fall carnivals, pumpkin carving, etc. (I cant mentally go to November quite yet lol) I love the fall. Hoodies and hot cocoa start making their debut. I love it.

A couple weeks ago the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had General Conference. It is a semi annual event where we are blessed to hear messages given from our leaders from the Lord. It is meant to uplift and edify and remind us of things. Being able to listen to our Prophet’s voice and hear the words that come from our Savior lifts my heart and soul. One of the talks in particular touched me so profoundly. Elder Holland of the 12 Apostles spoke on motherhood and how special we are. I recommend every woman read it! Here is the link: You won’t regret it I promise. If you wish to read additional talks and messages given, here is the link to explore that as well:

I have been trying to improve in my life. Particularly where media is concerned. The last couple of weeks in I noticed just how much I was on my phone, or watching tv in front of Bailey. I used the excuse that I was tired (and boy was I) but I still didnt think that was fair. I would feel guilty every night going to bed and replaying the day in my mind and remembering moments where Bailey would look at me for a reaction, and I was on my phone instead. I couldn’t take the guilt anymore. Bailey and Adam deserved better. So I decided to cut back. I removed all of the “wasting time” apps on my phone (Facebook, Jokes, Mom Forums, Shopping, etc) and kept only the things I really felt I needed (Weather, Banks, Email, Checklists etc). To ease myself in and not let myself freak out, I kept them on my iPad still, but I rarely use my iPad unless Bailey is in bed for the night. It is crazy how much of a diff it’s made, something so small. Because I didnt have it on my phone, I wouldn’t mindlessly pull it out and browse while Bailey was playing with her toys. Instead I would turn the dang tv off and get down on her level and play. When she was sleeping then I would indulge and get my iPad and check the things I like to check. I didnt feel guilty.
In as little as 2 days I already noticed a difference in Bailey’s countenance. I was more available to her. I looked her in the eyes when she would do something and then check to see if I noticed. I would be down on the floor next to her watching her play and interacting, instead of facilitating from the couch. I found myself leaving my phone on the counter and not having it with me unless we were leaving or I heard a text from Adam. It was really liberating. Instead of having the tv on constantly in the background, I turned it off after our morning episode or 2 of Bubble Guppies. The quiet allowed her to not compete to be heard. I noticed that she wasn’t as agitated or whiny because I was able to focus on her more. Because the tv is off and I am not distracted by it, we actually go out more and go to parks and play outside and explore. It has been a very humbling experience. I am not sharing this to make anyone out there feel guilty by any means. I am just so amazed at how much this particular change affected our personal lives with one another. I was tired of feeling guilty at the end of the day for certain things that I knew I wanted to change. I am not perfect. I am still trying to keep the changes implemented every day. But it has been 110% worth it.

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