At’l Do Farm Adventure!

Last night we decided to visit the At’l Do Farm in Lubbock where they are doing fun fall adventures!

Since they didnt open for the evening until 6, we went to a big field where they usually hold kids athletics and let Bailey run around to her heart’s content. I love watching her explore and see the world. We brought a little nerf ball, and she has a pretty good arm! This girl will be able to do whatever she wants to do; I have seen her kick a ball like a soccer ball, throw like a baseball, attempt dribbling for basketball, and all while reading, dancing, singing, and painting. I am excited to see what she chooses for her passions 🙂

The farm was absolutely beautiful. There is something about wide open fields of land that takes my breath away. We were away from the city and enjoying God’s earth.
They had a little cow train pulled by a tractor through some corn fields and Bailey loved it so much. We were able to ride it as many times as we wanted…and we definitely did.
I loved how this farm was tailored to little ones because in addition to the big corn maize, they had a smaller fairy tale corn maize where each turn had a piece to the story “Ciderella.” A spin off of Cinderella, but instead of a ball it was a fall harvest, and she was amazing at making apple cider, which is how the prince ending up finding her, he remembered her amazing apple cider. It was totally adorable. And Bailey was a champ. I think she ran through half of it, stopping to inspect the dirt on the ground or the corn in the field. 🙂
Afterwards we went to pick some pumpkins from their pumpkin patch. It’s a hay ride to get to their patch, and once again, Bailey was loving it. She really is a thrill seeker… heaven help me lol. We picked out two adorable tiny ones (one for Bailey and one for this munchkin in my tummy 🙂 ) and a bigger one for the family. 🙂
Once the sun finally set, they had a pumpkin hollow, which is a row of really intricately carved pumpkins from people in history, disney, various movies, etc. It was sooo cool. We went on the hayride while they slowly passed the rows of lit pumpkins in the dark. Poor Bailey was tuckered out and cranky, but she was at least quiet for most of the trail haha.

It was such a fun time. One for the memories for sure. I love spending time with my little family. I cherish these kind of moments. Every stage Bailey has gone through so far has been my favorite. I am excited for many more favorite stages. I cannot wait to see how this little munchkin will be and to watch Bailey be an amazing big sister.

P.S. I finally found non toxic kids paint and was able to paint her toes AND fingers! It was a struggle….but oh so worth it. She is so flipping adorable.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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