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And Then There Were 4……


We couldn’t be more excited. This pregnancy has been quite the difference experience than we had with Bailey. Some scary beginnings.

We knew we wanted to have kids closer together, and since it had taken a year to get pregnant with Bailey, we weren’t sure what kind of time frame to be expecting. So in May I decided to get off birth control and see what happens. On June 23 I had a positive pregnancy test, the day of my missed period.

I was shocked and ecstatic! I ran to show Adam and we jumped for joy and kissed and hugged and preceded to let close family know. We felt so blessed that it was on the first try! Not having so many months of tears and rejection. I scheduled a doctors apt, and the soonest they had was in August.

Then on the 4th of July, I went to the bathroom and realized I had bleeding, like I would if I were on my period. I froze. Probably just stood there for a good 5 minutes wondering what to think. I had some slight cramping as well that would be usual to my cycle. I cried and cried. Adam and I prayed and he administered a blessing, and we both felt peace and comfort that regardless of this information, everything was okay. I decided to have faith and carry on.

A week or so later I went to the clinic to get on Medicaid for this pregnancy and had to take a pregnancy test. It was negative. Again. Frozen. Confused. The lady reassured me that their tests just weren’t as strong and to come back in a week or so. So I went in a week later. Still negative. I went home and took a test on the ones I had. Negative. I cried and screamed and didnt understand. I felt pregnant. I had had comfort and peace. What is happening???!!!! I didnt want to talk to anyone about it other than Adam. No one really knew what was going on because I was afraid to say it out loud. But again Adam and I prayed and pleaded for some answers and we were again told that everything would be okay and to have faith and endure.

I had a really hard time. I knew with all my heart that this was supposed to happen and that a little person was supposed to join our family. I thought about going to get an early ultrasound or get a blood test done to prove pregnancy. But something always stopped me. This little voice in my heart said I needed to have faith and wait this out until my doctors appointment. Adam and I had some very special feelings and instructions from the Lord during this period of time, so I decided to turn my heart and will to Him and just carry on as if nothing scary had happened.

When we went in for a doctors visit, I told them the date I had assumed my last period was (before the bleeding happened and on the day I had had that first pregnancy positive) and they said I should be 12 weeks. They prepped me for the ultrasound and come to find out…I was only 6 weeks. I wasn’t miscarrying or anything like that, just that I was only 6 weeks along. I was shocked. I should be 12 weeks from that first positive. What did this mean? Did I miscarry before?

I don’t know what the answer was. But I do know this. I am grateful. I am grateful that I was able to have Adam with me. I am grateful that we were actually pregnant even if we were not as far as I calculated. I am grateful that I hadn’t tried other means of proving pregnancy because it would have come out as negative, and I don’t think my heart could have taken it. I am grateful for the faith I have and for the ability to have personal revelation from the Lord.

I had planned to announce today after my ultrasound all along…but seeing the new information, I went back and forth with if I should. But I am ready to celebrate. I am ready to shout it to the rooftops! I have peace in knowing this is right and that things will be okay. So I am jumping in with both feet.

WE ARE PREGNANT! Due April 12, 2016. Just 8 days before Bailey’s 2nd birthday. I cant freaking wait.

baby2 (And yes. I think this picture is perfect. Bailey was eating a tortilla and was angry, and Adam and I were just going with the flow. Totally different then how I had planned this picture for weeks….but such is life. I love our life.)

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch


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Family and Nature and Love, Oh My! Washington Trip :)

So this last weekend we were super lucky to be able to go to Washington for a celebration with Adam’s family. Stacey is an angel and bought us plane tickets to come see everyone since Adam only got a couple days off of work.



I love Adam’s family. I have been so blessed with my in laws. I have felt so welcomed and loved since day 1. And that has included his extended family as well. We were there for his Grandpa Bird’s 80th birthday, and I felt like I fit right in with all the bagillion cousins and grandchildren. It was really neat seeing his huge family and interacting with them. We were quite the clan! We went out to dinner and basically reserved half the restaurant. Haha.

Bailey was in heaven. There were so many kids for her to play with, and at least 4-5 were around her age! She loved it. Fit right in.

IMG_2646 IMG_2675IMG_2838

We definitely made those 3 days worth it. We played games in the yard until the sun went down, had many meaningful conversations, good food with good company, and we went out to the farm where Adam spent many of his childhood summers. At the farm we road on four wheelers, zip lines, had a weenie roast, and sat around the fire talking with loved ones. Bailey went on the four wheeler thingy with us! SHE LOVED IT! Haha I think we have an adrenaline junkie on our hands (great…) because she was angry when we stopped riding around the apple orchards and dirt roads. She wanted to ride all day! I even helped her do the zip line that his uncle Bryan rigged in the back yard haha. She was in her element. I think she would be very happy being out in nature and having some land….we might have to do something about that one day 😉

I just loved it. Loved the family time and doing girl things with Adam’s 9 year old cousin Trinity. We did nails, makeup, friendship bracelets, and dress up. Bailey is pretty fun to dress up…just sayin. I loved the nerf games that we played in the backyard where Ally, John, Adam, Aaron, and I would throw it to each other in crazy ridiculous ways. All while trying not to trip over the 6 kids in the yard around us. I loved the dinner table conversation and the look on the waiter/waitress face when they saw our huge family come into the restaurant. I loved being able to hold a pet snake that was super jittery and was almost jumping all over me…and then watching it eat a mouse. (Okay maybe that one was more interesting than it was ‘loved’ haha) I loved riding around the orchards while Bryan tagged them, and him and John riding dirt bikes that covered our faces in a layer of thick dust. I loved hanging out in his Uncle Marshall’s backyard and just talking for hours.  I loved the crazy time it took to get everyone for a decent picture together…reminded me of my family 😉 haha. I loved the funny stories that his grandma and grandpa would tell, and how sassy and hilarious they were.

I am glad to be adopted into this crazy family of his 🙂

P.S. I do have to say though….Ally may be right about her feeling that the Denver airport is cursed, because on our way home there was a tornado warning that shut down the airport right before we were supposed to land. We flew around in the air for a while before we had to divert to Casper, Wyoming to refuel. We refueled and thankfully were finally able to make it to Denver. We had had a 3 hour layover planned in Denver…and we barely made it to our connection. Bailey was quite the trooper! She was lucky enough to fall asleep right when we were landing in Casper…so she didnt have to be angry about being stuck on the unmoving airplane for over an hour before we took off again. Haha. Good times.

IMG_2802IMG_2807 IMG_2806 IMG_2810 IMG_2808 IMG_2809 IMG_2805 IMG_2804 IMG_2803 IMG_2813 IMG_2817IMG_2793 IMG_2794 IMG_2795 IMG_2796 IMG_2635 IMG_2637 IMG_2641 IMG_2643 IMG_2654 IMG_2661 IMG_2664 IMG_2666 IMG_2669 IMG_2670 IMG_2625IMG_2627IMG_2678IMG_2680IMG_2685IMG_2688IMG_2690IMG_2693IMG_2695IMG_2698IMG_2773IMG_2701IMG_2706IMG_2707IMG_2715IMG_2728IMG_2731IMG_2732IMG_2734IMG_2774IMG_2775IMG_2743IMG_2739IMG_2744IMG_2777IMG_2748IMG_2750IMG_2754IMG_2799IMG_2801IMG_2779IMG_2765IMG_2780IMG_2769IMG_2790IMG_2788IMG_2824IMG_2825IMG_2826IMG_2827IMG_2831IMG_2832IMG_2837IMG_2835IMG_2834IMG_2833IMG_1391IMG_1392IMG_2622IMG_2840

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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