Four Years Down, Eternity to Go

On this day 4 years ago Adam and I were getting married for time and all eternity 🙂 It seems like forever and yesterday at the same time.

When I ponder my life, I cannot help but to grin from ear to ear, because I have everything I have always wanted. I have a wonderful husband and an adorable little girl. I  have a roof over my head, a car that works, a Bachelor’s Degree (education is something really important to me) and Adam only has two semesters left for his Masters Degree, and we are all in good health. It is crazy to think that 4 years ago I had just started this journey with Adam. Neither of us had our Bachelor’s, Bailey wasn’t even a thought in our minds, and we were living in Rexburg, Idaho. It is interesting how much having kids exponentially increases life experience. I think about the time before we had Bailey, and the time afterward, and it is a noticeable difference haha.

I love being a mommy and a wife 🙂

This will be the fourth state in four years that we have celebrated our anniversary. 1. Idaho 2. Washington (vacation) 3. Utah 4. Texas. What an adventure 🙂

I couldn’t have asked for a better companion in this journey. Adam is so wonderful. He is hardworking, loving, caring, PATIENT, kind, hilarious, ridiculously good looking, a God fearing man, and many many more. Bailey adores him and races to give him hugs when he walks in the door, and cries when he leaves. He is a very involved father and I appreciate that so much. Between all of the different hats he is wearing throughout the day, I know that husband and father are the ones we get when he walks through the front door.

We will be going to Outback tonight when he gets home from work; which I am impressed he remembered it was the restaurant we went to right after we got engaged. Maybe his memory does work! haha.

I really do appreciate all that he does for our little family. I know that everything he does, he does with the best intentions and for us. I have zero security issues with Adam. I sleep well at night with him breathing by my side.

And I cant wait for a million more nights of listening to him breath by my side. 🙂


P.S. So a few pictures here deserve some explanation. Yes, we held a snake. It was awesome. Tried to crawl in Adam’s shirt.
Bailey in the tutu…we put some plastic balls in the back to give her a badonkadonk. Couldn’t help it. It was hilarious.
The lasagna. Adam and I got married on my Dad’s birthday, so this is a tribute to him. My dad makes the best lasagna I have ever had. This is the recipe he gave me…I got it about 95%, I guess the 5% is the dad touch 😉 But needless to say…Bailey loves her Pop Pop’s lasagna recipe 🙂  IMG_1270 IMG_1275 IMG_1280 IMG_1276 IMG_1274 IMG_1271 IMG_1272 IMG_1253 IMG_1251 IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1281 IMG_1283 IMG_1284 IMG_1274 IMG_1276 IMG_1265 IMG_1264 IMG_1263 IMG_1266 IMG_1267 IMG_1268

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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