The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

The 4th of July has always been a holiday I looked forward to. Coming from a family of Military members, it gave me such pride to celebrate our country and the freedom it holds as a result of our valiant men and women.
I always have nostalgic feelings and swell with pride when I hear the national anthem. However this particular 4th of July I had a spiritual experience.

After a couple hours of enjoying some live music and good company around us, we stood for the color guard and the national anthem. Marines were presenting the flag in the middle of the football stadium. As the national anthem was being sung, I looked around and watched 3,000 people gathered together singing and placing their hand over their heart. I was moved to tears and couldn’t finish singing. Right at the end of the anthem a B1 Bomber flew right over our heads for the celebration. My heart was full. I had hope. These last few years I feel like our nation and country has been faltering on many of its core values that we have stood for for so long. I have worried much about the future for our children and wanting to keep them safe.

When I was surrounded by thousands of people who participated in an opening prayer before the ceremony, sang the national anthem with hands over their hearts, and enjoyed honest and joyful celebration with one another….I felt a huge feeling that this was still the Lord’s land. This is still the Promised Land. In the end, no matter what state it is in, He will win. The Lord’s word is going to prevail, even through the tough and confusing times. I felt for the first time in a while that we had hope; that we were not so small of a minority…but that people still believe in God. People still respect His values and want to be good people. I had no idea that when I stood for the national anthem and sang with my hand over my heart, that I would have had further conviction of the Lord’s love for this country. But the feeling was so strong it moved me to tears.
It is not perfect. There is much confusion. But I have hope. I will teach my children that there is still greatness in this world. For that I have much gratitude.

God Bless America.

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