Living Happily Day-to-Day

I feel like nothing crazy has really been going on in my life. I am happy with the schedule and routine that we have all fallen into. Things are settling into their new normal…so I don’t feel like I have much to really elaborate on. BUT. A few things have been pretty awesome.

Stacey and Austin visited us on their way to drop Austin off at BYU. They stayed for two nights and we had the best time spending good quality time together. I have been so blessed with such great in laws. I love them so much. I wish we weren’t so strapped in work/school/therapy that we could just travel and see everyone we love! Oh well….such is the season of our lives right now. We are making the best of what we can though 🙂 And of course always welcoming those who want to visit us 🙂

Fathers Day. Adam is so low key about things like that. I usually go all out regardless…but this time I decided to listen to his low maintenance requests. So we had pizza, naps, black ops, and quality family time. I still feel like I should have done more…but this is what the man wants haha. He really is a great daddy. I could not have asked for a better father for my children. Seriously. I cannot wait until we have a whole house full of children to tackle him to the ground with kisses 🙂

Chris and Heather moved to Lubbock! And not just Lubbock…they moved right across the hall. Coolest thing ever. This is the kind of thing you talk about as kids….and Adam and Chris are living the dream. 🙂 They moved in a few days ago and it has already been so awesome just knowing we have people we love and trust are a holler away. It brings me extra comfort for sure during the time that Adam is gone all day.

All in all. Things are chugging along. We enjoy the little things; going to parks, walking around outside, going to the science spectrum or the bouncing castle place…etc. Nothing super crazy happening in our lives. But I am okay with that. I am enjoying this day to day comfortable routine that we have finally gotten used to. (Which of course means that things will probably get crazy for whatever reason, just since I stated it haha) Loving the warm beautiful weather, my hardworking hubby, and my sweet tanned baby 🙂

Oh…and I cracked the driver side mirror of our KIA. I guess when you have poles under the car ports you park under…it is a good idea to realize which side you parked on…and how close you are to it. Oops

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