Weekend Trip Away :)

For Adam’s birthday I booked us a trip to Austin for this last weekend to see Blue October. They were playing outside of Stubbs BBQ and it was an all ages event, so Miss Bailey was able to come along, which was pretty much the only reason we planned on going…since we were able to bring our favorite  bug with us 😉

It was quite the adventure of a trip though haha. We left Friday after Adam got off work, so it was a later drive and Bailey was not as excited about being in the car. Then when we pull up to the hotel….there was a reason I had gotten such a good deal…it looked nothing like the pictures and looked super sketch. We pulled in late at night and unpacked just enough to be able to collapse in bed with the door locked with furniture pushed against the back of the door. I had Bailey’s pack n play next to me on my side, but with the very different routine, she was not about to sleep. She finally fell asleep around 10:30pm, but ended up in bed with us around 2am. So she slept in between Adam and I on the king size bed. Which was the saving grace of the room. With Bailey being an acrobatic sleeper….we needed the space. lol. It was pretty rough. Plus there was ruckus and hooting/hollering until about 3am and I could practically hear people sneeze in the rooms next to us. Adam and I kept laughing at how funny the whole situation turned out to be and how I am pretty much banned from “great hotel deals.” haha.
The next morning we were up and out early to visit the new children’s museum there called The Thinkery. Since we have a membership at our Science Spectrum here, we were able to get in for free. It was pretty much the coolest building I have ever been inside of, and we only kept to the little kid area since it was so busy! They had a section where it was basically a whole wall of huge lite brights! I geeked out so hard, I wanted to shove all the kids out and play with it myself haha but I contained myself and helped Bailey make the letter “B” 🙂 Then we went to the 0-3 area, which is gated and everyone takes off their shoes. IT. WAS. AMAZING. The walls were photographs of grass and cool bugs up close. They had port holes in the floor that showed different things like butterflies, how bees made honey, what some vegetable plants looked like underground, etc. I mean seriously, this place blew my mind. We spent the whole time in that place and Bailey was able to roam and be free and make friends. The sweetest thing happened: there was a little girl around 2, and her parents were trying to help her with her shyness and pick up the stuffed animal owl that was in front of her and say hi to Bailey. Bailey looked at her for a while and looked at the owl and then picked it up and gave it to the little girl! Adam and I looked at each other with our mouths hanging open. She tries to give things to people but she usually holds onto it and walks away anyway haha but this time she gave it to her and let go and smiled and walked away! Adam and I were like YAY BAILEY!! haha.

After The Thinkery we went to a park across the street that was beautiful! It bordered a lake and was green and luscious. Bailey had a fun time running around. But Austin is so humid and muggy, we were dyin! haha. Plus, there were red ant piles so huge. I had never seen ant piles that big! And of course I cant help myself. I had to watch the million ants run around. I am weird like that. Every ant pile. Sheesh. Haha.

After the park we decided to check out a good place for lunch and we found this amazing pizza place called “Home Slice” and it’s this little place off this street that has maybe 6 stools inside. You pay by the slice and you just chill and eat outside on the curb, so we did! It was a cool experience! And soooooooo good! We finished and got a cupcake from across the street; and Bailey pretty much wore it. I keep forgetting how long her reach is. She was a happy pizza faced, chocolate frosting covered little girl….who was ready for a nap. So maybe not so happy at this point lol. We went back to the hotel, but Bailey was not having her nap, things were too interesting. After a while we decided to find a park for her to get some wiggles at before we went to the concert. We found a school park where Bailey tried eating rocks and where she could run around. 🙂

When we finally went to the concert, she fell asleep in the car, so we stayed in the paid parking lot and let her sleep for an hour since the concert door weren’t going to open for a really long time. While we were parked waiting for the concert, we could see across the parking lot there was a homeless shelter with a long line of people waiting outside. It shattered my heart into a million pieces. I was watching these poor people deal with the heat, with no shoes, holding all of their belongings in a bag…waiting in line for a place to sleep. Even now just thinking about it it brings a lump to my throat. It makes me so sad to see people struggling so much to live. Just to have a roof over their head. When you can turn around and from the homeless shelter see a really ritzy hotel building with people dressed to the nines. I wish I could give every single person the things they need. It just makes me realize how blessed I am to have the things that I have and not to take them for granted. One day I hope to be able to help people.

Anyways. So when we finally went and got into line for the concert, Bailey was still not too happy to be waiting. So she put up a fuss. Adam and I had agreed on beforehand that if Bailey couldn’t hang, then we would head home and call it a night. (The tickets were pretty cheap since it was an outside concert and it wouldn’t have been a huge loss.) We figured once the music started she may be entertained, so we decided to give it a shot. It took foooorever for the music to start, and we played in the sand and got some good bbq from Stubbs. We stood near the back and had a decent view, which wasn’t super loud and it was actually really enjoyable. Unfortunately even though it said it started at 8, Blue October wasn’t going to be on stage until 10pm because of 2 opening bands. There’s no way Bailey would last that long and it’s already been a long day. Luckily the opening band sounded just like Blue October! No joke! Haha if my eyes were closed, I would have assumed it was a new song I didnt know. Bailey loved the music and was dancing and grooving. It was so cute. A couple next to us was fun and enamored with Bailey, so that was really cool. We knew there was no way we could last until 10 after the long day Bailey had with no naps, so we left early, but still felt like we had a good time and got our experiences worth of it. Once we got to the hotel, Bailey got a much needed bath from her daddy (she was covered in dirt!) and we did the nighttime routine we usually do at home. She was out in like 5 minutes in her pack n play. Early in the morning the thunder woke us up. I freaked out at first thinking it was a gun shot haha. It was so piercingly loud that car alarms went off every time. With the huge storm only gearing up, we figured that the best thing for us to do would be to leave and get on the road. So we packed and had Bailey ready from bed to car and were checked out and on the road by 7am. Bailey was an angel on the drive home and slept almost the whole time.

What an adventure! One for the books!! haha. But yes. I don’t think we will be visiting Austin again for a really long time. lol.

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