Spoiled Momma on Mother’s Day

This Momma had a great Mother’s Day! I don’t think I did dishes all weekend, and Adam cooked almost all of the meals. Plus he drew me up a couple bubble baths; one for us, and one just for me, myself, and I! I had no idea how much I would come to love 20 minutes of alone time until I became a mom haha. Adam and I got some steaks and he grilled them to perfection on the grill outside that the apartment provides, while Bailey played barefoot in the volleyball sand and collected rocks. She is so funny because she will get a rock in each hand that she likes, and cant bring herself to get two different ones. I have seen her drop two rocks…pause at different rocks….only to pick up the same two she dropped. That girl knows what she wants I guess! Cant imagine where she gets that from 😉 haha.
I have to say though, Adam is really an amazing husband because I feel like he spoils me all the time. He makes me feel appreciated and loved all the time. He gets up early with Bailey so they can have some daddy/daughter time in the morning since he usually comes home later in the evening. That extra hour of sleep is what gives me the energy to keep up with my busy bug!! Plus on the evenings he is home before Bailey is asleep, he helps with the bedtime routine by giving her her bath, and then reading the bedtime story and saying the prayers while mommy cuddles with her in the glider. I love those evenings 🙂
Bailey is talking more and more and exploring her world. It is so fun to watch. She is also throwing her fair share of tantrums, and having the notorious grocery meltdowns. That has been interesting haha. But overall she is the most fun little girl ever. We got a membership to the science spectrum museum so now we can have unlimited fun for rainy days 🙂 Today was pretty yucky, so she got to play at the water table area in the museum. She looked scrumptious in her smock and goggles haha. Which, I might add, she didnt even try to take off the goggles! I am thinking sun glasses could be in her near future! We found some adorable “babiators” at Academy here and I may have to go back and get them, because somehow it makes Bailey even more irresistible. 😉

I love my family.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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