Adam’s Birthday with Family in Town!

So Adam’s birthday is not too far behind little Bailey Bug’s, and Adam’s mom and brother were able to travel up for the weekend and spend some good quality time with us. It was such a fun weekend. I love seeing Adam and Austin together, they are both so funny. Plus, I looove my mother in law, so I am really lucky. Adam requested a cookie cake and pizza. Pretty easy to please this one haha. We also went to the temple grounds and got some pics since it was closed, and we traveled around Lubbock showing Stacey and Austin the beauty of it 🙂 We had such a fun time at the park with Bailey and the crazy wind, it was pretty entertaining.
They were able to come to church with us too, and since Adam and I teach the 10/11 year olds, they came to class with us. I love teaching the kids about Jesus and God’s love. It brings the spirit so much into my life.
Adam is starting to crank things up with his schedule. He is doing his externship through the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center (LCJJC). It is similar to the type of facility he worked at in Utah, but instead of being a Mental Health Worker on the floor, he will be on the therapy side of it. It is pretty neat that he is able to come full circle, and get experience in all facets of his career field. Benchmark definitely prepared his way for him to work at LCJJC. I am so proud of him. Adam is seriously so amazing. I know that anyone who receives therapy from him receives his whole heart and soul into it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch him in session! Dang confidentiality haha. He is still going to be working in the clinic and seeing clients in there as well. Thankfully his classes will slow down for a few weeks since the end of the semester is coming up. Then the next semester starts June 1. He is my busy bee for sure! But I am grateful for the opportunity we have to be here and be in this program, and to see Adam succeed so well in his career. I know the Lord has a hand in our lives.
Bailey is continually making me laugh and I love her sweet spirit. More and more of her personality is coming out and I love every inch of it. She loooves books. I have so many cute pics of her in different places “reading” her little books. It makes me so happy because I know we both love our cartoons too haha. (Bubble Guppies is pretty much my favorite…I mean…her favorite show ever….heh.)

She picked a flower the other day while we were at the temple, and gave it to me!! My first flower from my baby! Oh my heart couldn’t take it. Thankfully Stacey was there to capture the moment. 🙂 Ooooh I love my girl!

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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