Mine and Bailey’s Surprise Visit to Utah!

With Celine coming home from her mission this last week, my Dad flew Bailey and I up to surprise her coming off the plane πŸ™‚ Adam had work and school so he wasn’t able to come with us, but Chris and Heather visited for a few days to see the Lubbock area, so he wasn’t totally alone the whole time at least πŸ™‚ They went hiking at Palo Duro Canyon πŸ™‚ (And of course…the minute that I leave….crazy things happen at the apartment. There was a mouse! Totally random! Adam, Chris, and Heather spent like 2 days trying to catch the little bugger hahah. I couldn’t believe it. Thankfully our apartment is mouse free and safe in my mind once again lol.)

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Bailey did amazing on the plane. Like I seriously cant believe how good she did. Such a blessing. I was a bit nervous about flying alone with her, but she made it pretty easy. Both on the way there and back actually. It was a lot of energy just making sure I have everything for her and making sure she doesn’t run off…so I was still pretty exhausted haha.

IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0084 IMG_0435 IMG_0436

All of it was worth it to see Celine come home and surprise her at the airport and spend some good quality time this week πŸ™‚ Celine’s homecoming talk was the Sunday we were there and she talked about Grace, and it was so amazing. She brought the spirit so much and bore her testimony in Japanese…I love hearing her speak in Japanese. It is so cool. I am so proud of her and the things she accomplished. I love hearing her stories and meeting her companions that came home with her and seeing all the pictures. I know she misses it so much already, and the people of Japan sure miss her too. I know she has learned so much on her mission, both life lesson and also about God’s love and His gospel. In a few yearsΒ I will be listening to the different stories each of my brothers have on their missions….it’s the best! Also, I cannot wait until Adam and I go on a couples mission when we get older. It sure is nice having Celine home though. We fell right back into place being bffs and sleeping in each others rooms haha. It was hilarious though because Bailey was sleeping in her crib in the room with us so we had to whisper quietly…there were many times we had to suddenly fake sleep because Bailey would rustle haha brings me back to being kids and trying not to get caught sneaking into each others beds on a school night lol.

IMG_0236 IMG_0152 IMG_0184 IMG_0183 IMG_0182 IMG_0181 IMG_0180 IMG_0179 IMG_0240 IMG_0239 IMG_0092 IMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0156 IMG_0159 IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0178 IMG_0193 IMG_0195 IMG_0197 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0206 IMG_0211 IMG_0394 IMG_0400 IMG_0404

We had a great time this week with family and spending good time together. We went and got pedicures, Celine got her ears pierced, went shopping, and enjoyed our dad’s famous family lasagna. MMMMMMM. I love how when we get together it is pretty much just like when we were kids. haha. Bailey fit right in πŸ˜‰IMG_0424IMG_0265IMG_0257IMG_0248IMG_0268IMG_0252IMG_0242IMG_0223IMG_0218IMG_0222IMG_0221IMG_0220IMG_0375IMG_0371IMG_0413IMG_0382IMG_0378IMG_0384IMG_0392IMG_0427IMG_0430IMG_0429IMG_0414IMG_0418


My best friend Merinda also came up with her cute kids! William is 3 months younger than Bailey and her step daughter Tayler is 9 πŸ™‚ It was so great catching up with her and being parents together. We have pretty much been there for each other during each stage of life. Freshman roommates in college, breakups, dating, engagements, marriage, babies, moving, etc. Besties for life haha. I love that our babies are the same age, I just wish we didnt live so flippin far away! NOT FAIR! lol. But one thing I love is that when we get together…our friendship is stronger each time. I love her so much!!IMG_0318IMG_0316IMG_0351IMG_0311IMG_0310IMG_0307IMG_0306IMG_0304IMG_0302IMG_0300

Overall it was seriously such a fun trip. We took lots of pics and made tons of memories. I am home safe and sound now though and I gotta say….I sure missed my hubby!!! I will see my family again this coming Christmas. 9 months. So longggggg!!! But it will be a huge reunion to remember…so I am holding onto that πŸ™‚

baile11monthsIMG_0438IMG_1087IMG_1088IMG_1093Β (Just missing Adam to have the whole crew!)


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