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These past few days Adam was on his spring break and we had the ability to spend tons of much needed family time. I love spending time together as a family, there really is nothing greater in my mind than making memories with those I hold dear. We have gone on park dates, campus dates, ice cream dates etc. We will go on walks in the nice sunny day, take drives in not so sunny days, and eat as many meals as possible together.
We recently discovered the Science Spectrum here in Lubbock from some new friends of ours, and it is the coolest place ever. Adam and I alone could spend hours there haha, but there is even an area for young kids to do fun things in a safe environment. They have an area for crawlers only, a pretend market and vet clinic with stuffed animals and little shopping carts. They have a water section where you put on little smocks to keep from getting soaked, and kids can play with boats and learn about currents and different water depths. There are so many more areas of learning and it is just the coolest. On the lower level they have some reptiles and different fish and they do animal shows where they will bring out certain animals and let the crowds touch them. They had a snake show and Bailey totally touched a couple snakes. Bravest kid ever. She is so adventurous, I love it. (Even if it will turn me prematurely grey lol).
She is definitely walking and running up a storm! I cant keep this child in one place anymore that’s for dang sure haha. She has still yet to master the art of standing herself up from the floor, but give her an edge and she will stand right up and walk all over the place before you even realize what is happening. She says some words now and they sound adorable. She says: “no” “ya” “more” “momma” “dah” (her version of dada) “nana” “all gone” and “ohhhh” (Like uh oh). Sometimes they are hard to decipher lol, but her expressions help tell the story. She has two teeth now that have popped through and she looks like a little jack-o-lantern. But she puts those teeth to good use! She pretty much eats (more like demands) everything we have. It makes meals easier without having to get her her own food though. lol.
I know Bailey has loved spending extra time with her Daddy, she loves him so much. She cries every time he leaves for work/school. It’s the sweetest/saddest thing ever.

Chris and Heather are here visiting Lubbock to see the area while they apply for Texas Tech. Adam and I are pretty much holding them here hostage so they can never leave hahah. We love them so much and are so thankful they are in our lives 🙂 Plus I love seeing Adam and Chris together with their fun personalities. Never a dull moment.

This next week is going to be pretty flippin exciting….but more on that next time 😉

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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