Our Newest Phase

Well, I feel like we are in a new phase with Bailey Bug. She has had almost a week straight of sleeping through the night….which is aaaamazing. Ive gotten the most sleep I’ve had since my second trimester! I kept trying to figure out if we did anything different so we could recreate it, but one night she just slept. Totally random haha. At first I didnt believe it. I was skeptical. I kept laying awake in bed waiting for her to do her midnight or 3am bottle, but she slept! And…we are also off nighttime bottles. After her 9 month well check (which was a bit rough because of a new doctor and his brashness) we quit cold turkey, but thankfully it was only 1-2 rough nights of random awakenings. Then she went back to sleeping through the night. We also have cut down her formula (turns out I was feeding her waaaay too much) and giving her more structured meal times with baby food. With her getting older, we can give her some of the food that we have, so it has been really fun giving her new foods to eat! Haha although now I understand why parents have to hide their food….I swear she can hear me eating in the other room.

As always, I had to have an adjustment period in our change of routines. I pushed back against the advice the doctor gave. He said things in a way that hurt my feelings…but I realized that I may have just been sensitive and overwhelmed at starting a new “normal.” But things turned out to be a huge blessing. For the past month or so Adam and I had talked about getting Bailey off of her night bottles, but I think we were afraid to commit to it because frankly, it’s easier to give her a bottle and have her back in bed in ten minutes sleeping, than have her cry and stay awake for an hour. Plus I was always worried she was starving and needed to eat (I think I still had the newborn mentality in my head, I don’t think I can accept her growing up so fast!! Sheesh!) but she adjusted super great. Better than I expected. Also, I am giving her more baby food and textures instead of relying on mainly formula. Again, it was a bit hard to hear how my daughter had “thunder thighs and is obviously not starving,” but I see that it was not good for her to just drink her calories and nutrients. She needs to explore tastes and feeding herself and having a structured breakfast, lunch, dinner at the table with mommy and daddy. It has also been a really positive experience. She gets a bottle when she wakes up, some formula in a sippy at lunch, and a bottle for bed. And you know what? She hasn’t even noticed we cut down on formula! I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get her to take her naps (she usually took a bottle when we put her down for her naps) but in fact, she actually went down easier without the bottle. Man. This parenting stuff is a constant learning process. Just when you get into a groove, things change and a new phase comes. Everyday is an adventure! I see now that the doctor was inspired to give me the instruction that he did, regardless of his tact. It may have taken me talking to adam, my mom, a hot shower, and some heartfelt prayers….but once I embraced the change, things just fell into place.

I am so grateful for Bailey and the daily lessons I learn. She has so much personality! I swear she is 9 months going on 15 years old haha. Heaven help me in the teenage years! She likes to be independent and in charge. I find it hilarious…which is only encouraging it I’m sure 😉 She has been taking steps like crazy. She isn’t quite confident yet to walk completely on her own; she usually does about 5-6 steps and then she wants help. I think she realizes that she can walk a lot faster if momma is holding her hands lol. I am sure she will be running before I know it…to play with the kids at the park that she watches and adores 🙂

I love seeing her grow…but cant she just stay little in my arms cuddling forever???

Everday is something new. Motherhood is a lifelong class, and I cant wait to see what I learn tomorrow.

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