Thanksgiving 2014

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Adam’s family in Houston. We flew down the day before Thanksgiving and got back in late last night (Sunday). It was a quick trip but oh so sweet 🙂 This was Bailey’s first time on an airplane and she was a trooper! She slept the whole ride both ways. We gave her a bottle during take off and she would sleep even through the landing haha. Granted, it was an hour and a half plane ride, but baby steps 😉

We had so much fun with the cousins! (Missing Aaron & Hill and their sweet family of cousins though)
Jefferson is just a month behind Bailey, so it was been so cute seeing them interact with each other. Bailey couldn’t keep her eyes off Brayden, she would watch him and smile and giggle. And who could blame her? He is a pretty fun kid to watch 🙂
It was so nice to be able to spend some quality family time. Much needed. And Bailey has been doing awesome with all the new changes. She doesn’t even remember what nursing was haha she is so into her bottles. It is kinda funny. And I was nervous that her sleep would get completely thrown off because we were in a new environment, but she did pretty… And she is already back on track with her naps here at home as I write, so I cant complain.
We were able to go to a fun park with all the kiddos 🙂 I love seeing them all interact with each other and learn and grow and play. Such a blessing to have them so close in age 🙂

Thanksgiving was a blast and cant wait for the Christmas break 🙂

Btw, the first picture below is a baby picture of Adam that we found….hmmmm I guess she does look like her Daddy 😉


These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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