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Something I have been trying to do more is live in the moment. I am a planner by default. I always have had some kind of 5 year plan. When I was in high school it was looking towards college. When I was in college it was looking towards graduation/jobs. When I got married it was saving money and having babies. Now that I am a mommy…I have been trying to plan for her future. But you know what is hard to do sometimes? Planning for the future and enjoying the moment. Unfortunately my planning and organizing can be a gift and a curse. Because not only do I struggle with living in the now…but when things don’t go as planned and even my plan b-z don’t fall into place…I can have some pretty high anxiety days. Thankfully Adam is very much a “go with the flow” type of person, and he helps ground me in the present. We are a really good balance. I help him learn the organizing ways that help him juggle graduate work, and he helps me live days without having it planned out by the hour.

However, since being a mommy for about 7 months now, I am finally becoming more balanced. I am so thankful for that. Having a baby makes it hard to plan things (even though I do have certain routines that help make me feel like I can have both haha). I used to think it had to be all or nothing. I am very much an all or nothing kind of person, so this has been a pattern in my life. But I realize now that it is possible to live in the moment and have certain things I can organize (or at least have on the back burner). Believe it or not, there is a way to do both without having extremes! It’s awesome.

By living in the moment I can really enjoy the milestones I see Bailey attempting and mastering. I can really watch her figure things out, and watch her watch people at the park. I learn the different emotions that pass through her face that help me know what she is feeling and how to help her. I still struggle with technology. I am trying to learn how to disconnect more from my phone etc. It can be hard sometimes. I am trying everyday to be better about that, so that she doesn’t associate mommy with her face in her phone.

But yeah. I just wanted to share how much I have loved living in the moment recently. I plan to live in the moment more often….see what I did there? haha.

On a different note. Bailey is growing up so fast! She will be 7 months this Thursday. I cant believe it. I feel like she learns something new everyday. She is eating baby puffs like a pro with that pincher grasp, and I gave her her first veggies today (peas) and even though she wasn’t quite pleased with it, she still ate it! She sits on her own, crawls all across the room, and has started pulling herself up on the furniture. She now wears 9 months clothes because she is so long, and is getting some baby hair fuzz! haha yay! I have been practicing my braids like crazy….so cmon bailey! Grow that hair! haha.

I actually entered her in the Gerber Baby contest. You basically vote once a day until December 14th, and the baby with the most votes total gets to be the Gerber Baby for the year and prize money, as well as the winner of each milestone section also gets some prize money. I would definitely appreciate some votes so I can put some money away for her college fund (yeah….guess I am an 18 year planner haha).

Click on this link:
click on the “vote now” button and it will ask for your birthday and then an email after that.
Once the search section comes up, type “Bailey” for her name and “Lubbock” for the city. Her picture will pop up at the bottom and you can click on it and vote. 🙂 Her picture will look like this: Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.38.35 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.38.48 PMshe is listed as a supported sitter because they wanted the milestone of where she was at during the time of submitting her photo, and she wasn’t quite sitting on her own at that time.

I know it is a hassle, specially since it’s a daily vote. But I would sure appreciate the time put in. But even if she doesn’t win, she will always be a beautiful winner in my eyes 🙂

P.S. On a side note. We got snow here in Texas for a day or so! It was flipping cold and snowy and icy. I felt deceived being in Texas and being that cold haha. Oh well, at least it’s all melted by now. Perfect length of snow in my opinion haha.

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