Bailey’s 1st Halloween

Bailey’s first Halloween! My adorable little Bailey Lady Bug went trick or treating on the 30th instead of actual Halloween. There was a community little kids trick or treat event where there were no scary costumes or jumping out or anything allowed. (Although there was an electric chair you could take pictures with…which is why Adam is making that face haha I didn’t get enough of the chair to be able to tell what it was hhaha) It was really awesome. Short and sweet too, which is good because Bailey was not feeling it. Haha. She was tired and has been having some painful teething nights, so she was not wanting to be social lol. I cant blame her. But we still had a good time, and she makes me smile every time I see her in her little costume 🙂

She’s been having quite the week! In the last week she has started sitting on her own unassisted, teething, and made progress in her crawling! She has been moving forward with 2 arm and leg movements before falling back down. She’s our little “inch worm” as Adam calls her haha.

Bailey and I were at Maxey Park and there were a bunch of elementary kids there on a field trip, and Bailey was watching all the kids play and she was so fascinated! I ended up sitting her up on the blanket and for the first time she was sitting on her own! She cracks me up. She is already getting to the point where she can almost push herself into a sitting position. She is getting so big so fast. I cant believe it.

On Halloween night we hung out at the park for a bit, then when Bailey was all tucked in bed, Adam and I had pizza and cookies and watched cheesy scary movies on tv. Pretty good Halloween if I must say. Although I am excited for when she can be excited for trick or treating too 🙂

Also, some fun randomness. My Mom got Bailey a Simba stuffed animal, and it totally bring back memories for me with my own little stuffed Simba that I loved and was my bff! And apparently both Bailey and I both had/have a love for soft tags lol.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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    So adorable!

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