Family Trip to Houston!

Before Adam got in the thick of grad school, we wanted to see his family in Houston, and it was awesome! It was another 8 hour drive, which I am sure Bailey wasn’t too excited about (or me haha) but she did amazing, both there and back. I couldn’t have asked for a better little traveler 🙂

Houston was awesome though. We were able to go to Moody Garden Aquarium with all the kiddos and have them see the sharks and fun marine life. Bailey was too little to really know what was going on…but she sure loved looking at everything! And so did I! haha Adam and I looooove aquariums. Plus my Mema has been taking me to aquariums to see the dolphins and such since I was a little girl, so it’s in my blood 🙂

Adam’s parents have a pool in the backyard, so that was a lot of fun too with the cousins in the pool and little Bailey in her adorable bathing suit sitting in the water. She actually had a good time with it, so I know Adam is happy about that, since he pretty much is a fish from loving the water so much haha. We also found some baby pictures of Adam, and it’s crazy how much Bailey looks like him! So cute!

It was so nice having the cousins all together though before Adam’s brother’s family heads to Alaska for a few years. Bailey is the only girl in a whirlwind of boys! What an adventure! haha. We were also able to see our best friends Heather and Chris! They got to meet Miss Bailey and we enjoyed meeting Chris’s sister and her friend Zack.

It was a great trip. Far too short. It went by in a blink! And then the day after we got home, Bailey had her 4 month shots and wellness check. She is 13 pounds and 24.5 inches long 🙂 She is growing great and hitting all of her developmental milestones. We had a training doctor with our pediatrician, and they were both definitely stricken by little Bailey 😉 It was cute. She did really good with her shots too. She cried hard, but it lasted maybe 30 seconds and then she just wanted mommy cuddles. That night was a bit rough because she was just a bit cranky and wanted some cuddle time, but the next morning she woke up and was in the sweetest mood. I love my little Bailey bug 🙂

Adam has orientation today and tomorrow, and starts his graduate program on Monday! I know he will do great! I am not even worried one bit.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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