Our Adventure to Texas!

Well, it’s been a week since we have officially started our adventure to Texas!!!! Lubbock Texas to be exact. We ended up leaving 2 days early because the moving company delivering our stuff switched up delivery times on us, and someone has to be there to supervise the move in. So at the last second Adam was able to change his flight to the evening of our anniversary and we drove out the next morning. (Shout out to Adam’s Dad for finangling our trip last minute.) We went the Denver route (Adam drove down the New Mexico route the week before) and we did a 2 day car trip with our Bailey Bug. 20 hours in the car in 2 days. She was such a trooper. We decided to kind of let her run the pace. We ended up stopping about every 2 hours to change her diaper, feed her, and give her some time to stretch her legs. By doing this, she didn’t fight the car seat as much and slept most of the way. Haha I think I complained more then she did…I am used to sleeping the whole way through road trips lol. When we stopped in Denver for the night after the hour of crawling traffic, we showered, ate, and pretty much went to bed around 6pm or so haha. All of us! Bailey and I woke up a few times that night, but she did really well. After finally getting into Lubbock and getting my key and everything, we pretty much just baked a pizza and had some family time before the movers were to come the next morning. They moved us in pretty quick since we didn’t have a whole lot of stuff to begin with. Then came the unpacking. I am kind of a maniac about living in boxes…I can’t stand it. So we pretty much took shifts with Bailey and knocked it out in about 3.5 days. Whew it was tiring! And I could tell Bailey was a bit more fussy just from the lack of usual attention from her mama 🙁 But now we are all moved in! Other than a dining table we are expecting to have set up in about a week because we are waiting on hardware, and getting some family pictures framed and hung we are set 🙂

The first night in our apartment Adam and I slept in Bailey’s room with her crib that Adam had built while he there a week prior. We had to ease into her sleeping in her own room and bed pretty much for the first time, so we moved her mattress on the floor and we slept on either side of her. We did that for 2 nights, and then 1 night with the mattress actually in the crib, and waa-laa…she is sleeping in her room! The first time Adam and I slept in our own room we still were whispering all night without realizing we didn’t need to haha. Bailey has recently begun to wake up for a midnight snack, but I think she is just growing growing growing!! So my new normal is less sleep now haha. We have a routine where we give her a nice warm bath between 8-9pm, lotion her up, and put her in some warm feet pajamas. Then I give her one last feeding (or top her off), turn on her little lullaby mobile, and then she pretty much just lays down and sleeps 🙂 She then will wake up between 1:30-2:30 to eat again and then sleeps until about 5am or so, and then I bring her in for some morning cuddles until she eats around 7. At that point I take advantage of her little morning sleep and I get in a shower and some breakfast and start my day 🙂 I gotta say….I didn’t understand before when my mom always talked about feeling guilty if she would read a book or indulge during free time without doing something productive cuz I totally get it now haha. I pretty much only get “free time” during her nap time…and instead of reading, it’s dishes/laundry/cleaning/etc. Haha. She is so much fun though and has so much personality! She has started laughing, and the most random things will make her giggle, I love it. We also got her a little walker so she can be more mobile (and so mommy can gulp down something to eat now and then haha) and she is so cute in it! It plays music and sometimes she realizes she can move in it and it cracks me up haha.
Things are slowly starting to get to a new normal around here with us being moved in. Our apartment feels like home and we are our own little unit. It has also been nice for Adam and I to have bed time cuddles again again and to cultivate our relationship as well now that she has her own room and space 🙂 Bailey hit a huge growth spurt this last week where she was pretty fussy and eating around the clock, but I think she is leveling out….even though she is still eating a ton! This momma is a bit exhausted! Haha. I actually pumped a couple times to see if she would take a bottle okay. At first she wasn’t sure what to think about it, but once she realized it was milk, she went to town! And she still breastfeeds just fine, which I was nervous about because I love breastfeeding her and the mommy/Bailey time I have 🙂 But I know Adam loved being able to feed her, so I try to pump enough so he can get in one feeding a day with her 🙂
We have been exploring the area and we just love Lubbock. Campus is huge and beautiful and I know Adam loves being back in Texas. We found some really cute parks that we took Bailey to and ear marked for when she is a bit older to enjoy. The southern hospitality is so refreshing; people just say hi and have conversations with you, it’s really nice. Bailey has caught some eyes for sure too haha I change her in the bathroom and I have everyone talking to me about how adorable she is. I love it….she is pretty stinkin adorable 😉
We are heading down to Houston this weekend to visit with Adam’s family for a while before he gets in the grind of school at the end of the month. It will be so nice to see everyone and meet my two newest nephews! All the cousins will finally be together 🙂 I can’t wait. Life is good 🙂
P.S. Adam got me the sweetest anniversary present that I’ve had my eye on; a necklace with A-B-C on it…for Adam, Bailey, and Cassie 😉 I love it.
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