This last week or so while Adam and I have been getting ready to move, we were able to visit with some friends who made impacts in our lives since being in the Northwest 🙂 Adam’s mission companion Mark Wilson (along with his wife Chelsea and daughter Ava) met us for lunch in Salt Lake for some catching up. They are fun to watch because you can see the genuine love and caring for each other…not to mention they are flipping hilarious and come up with the most random topics of conversation. Mark’s daughter is just a few weeks older than Bailey, so it was cool seeing the dads hold their daughters proudly and show them off 🙂

While working at iJump I made some lasting friendships. Shae and Kylee came down from Idaho to see little Bailey and to spend the day with us. I love those girls! They are so sweet! They bought Bailey the cutest outfits that she looks absolutely adorable in. It’s amazing how in the 9 months I worked there, I was able to become so close to these girls (and BreAnn as well!).

I also was able to see my best friend this last week, Merinda! She had her sweet son and I could not leave this state without seeing him in person. Little William is so adorable, and I am so excited at the fact that him and Bailey are the same age, and that me and Merinda can share stories pretty much forever about our kids haha. It is funny how things change once you have a child. You think about things in a totally different way, and even some friendships become different, simply because there are different priorities now. I am thankful that Merinda and I are pretty much holding hands through life and its milestones 🙂

I also think it is important to be friends with family members as well, and since living here, it has been awesome being able to cultivate those relationships and make even stronger friendships with my family. This year has been one that I will look back on and fondly remember good quality time together. I am also excited for the opportunity to live at least in the same state at Adam’s family so that I can become even greater friends with them too! I feel very blessed and fortunate to have good relationships with ALL of my family 🙂

I know Adam and I have more friends across the country, and we love them all so much too! (Gretchen, Nile, Ash, Chris & Heather, and many more!) You all have impacted our lives in many ways!

We are excited to arrive in Lubbock and make new lasting friendships on this new chapter in our lives 🙂

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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