3 Months of Baby Bliss

So yesterday Bailey turned 3 months old! I can’t believe how big she is getting!!!! It is so exciting to see her see new things and explore her little world. She loves to be on her side, but can’t quite get the leg turn to flip all the way over. UPDATE: As of 6:30pm today she just did her first flip from her tummy to her back! She is “talking” to me so much more and gives me the biggest toothless grins that melts my heart! Her neck and arms are getting so much stronger and she doesn’t hate tummy time as much as she used to. She is on the brink of laughing but isn’t quite gut bustin’ it yet. We took her to the pool for the first time and I think she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She was so curious at all of the colors. I love watching the world through her eyes. This truly has been 3 months of baby bliss. She does have her fussy moments and she will fight sleep and then be cranky…but then later on I get some wonderful Bailey cuddles.

We had some birthdays this last week! Danny and my mom. My mom’s friends took her to this super cute drinks place and visited with her, and lots of love was shared to her, which I am so glad. She deserves to know how loved and appreciated she is 🙂 Danny had his birthday this last weekend and we went to Roy Aquatic with some of his friends and had some fun in the sun. Then there were fireworks (3 twelve year old boys with fireworks…heaven help me lol) but Adam was out there too and they had a great time. We did his cheesecake with candles yesterday so dad and Aj could be there, since they were working Eiffel Dogs. Danny is at scout camp all week, so we sure will miss him.

We saw Nile and her husband Layton this last week as well on a fun little double date. I missed her so much! She was one of my roommates my very first semester in college. We were talking about how it feels like we watched each other grow up because we met when we were barely 18. Crazy how time flies.

My best friend in the entire world Merinda had her baby this morning at 6am. 10 pounds 1 ounce, 22 inches long! What a big boy! He is so beautiful and I cannot wait to see little William and my bestie this next coming weekend. I can’t leave for Texas without seeing her baby boy! It is really awesome that our kids will only be 3 months apart 🙂 Future besties for life!

Life is good 🙂

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