Summer Fun in the Sun

So this last week or so has been pretty fun 🙂 Bailey continues to get stronger each day and is becoming more alert and aware and I love her cooing and smiles. She is also able to enjoy the outdoors and family time, which of course I LOVE as well. This last week we went to Syracuse Days where my Dad had his Eiffel Dogs cart at (to find out more info for where he will be, check out their Facebook: ) and we just had the best of time! We camped out back behind the cart with some awesome chairs and there was shading so Bailey wouldn’t get too hot in the sun 🙂 Then later that night we watched the fireworks at Jensen Park. Her first time seeing fireworks!…..but she slept though them haha oh well.

Adam is done with work and we have been LOVING having daddy time at home. Like seriously. It is the best. Yesterday we went to see some of his family in Utah (his Aunt Lisa, Leslie, LeeAnn, Uncle Jason, Dale, Al, Grandpa Bertoch, and tons of his cousins on the Bertoch side!) It was a full house! It was so much fun being with them and having some quality time. I really appreciate the love they have shown me as well and have felt very welcome into their family, which gives me warm fuzzies inside!

Last night Bailey slept almost 8 hours! Of course on the night that Adam and I couldnt fall asleep because we all took a nap after church. Grr. Although, I must say that my favorite spot in the whole entire universe is being snuggled up in the middle of both Bailey and Adam for a cuddly nap. Talk about a happy pill!

We are just continuing to enjoy life with each other and getting ready for more adventures 🙂

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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