My Perfect Bailey

So Bailey had her 2 month appointment today with her pediatrician (who I LOOOOOVE btw, anyone who goes to the Intermountain Layton Clinic, Dr. Aird is seriously the best) and she had her shots today. She did so good! She wasn’t sure how to feel about the oral vaccine taste haha but she gulped it all down, and when they gave her her shots she only cried for maybe 30 seconds and then fell asleep in my arms. Poor little thing. I did give her some infant tylenol about a half hour before, so I know that helped a ton. Her dr also checked her out with height, weight, lungs, neck strength, head shape etc. and he said she was one perfect little girl 🙂 For not being a huge fan of tummy time he said she was so strong! Plus he said the shape of her head is beautiful (I was worried about flatness issue) but everything checked out. She is 23.8 inches long and weighs 11.01 pounds. She is 50% in weight and 91% in height haha so I am thinking we may have a tall girl coming our way 🙂 Of course with me being only 5’2, tall is subjective for me lol. Since being home she is def a bit more fussy and clingy to me, and I can tell she just isn’t feeling too hot since her shots, so she is getting tylenol when she can and cuddling up with momma today!

Adam’s last day of work is coming up this Friday and we can’t be more excited for quality family time and getting in the moving mindset. Of course being the planner that I am, I already have a bunch of checklists to do before and after we move haha. I can’t help it….I gotta be organized! lol.

I know Adam is excited to be able to have more daddy/Bailey time as well, specially since I am so spoiled and get her all the time! She is my little sidekick! I went to the park with her last night with Danny and we had a good old time. I know she wants to play and makes friends so badly. I don’t want her to grow up and leave my arms 🙁 such is life though. I will cherish these times now! I know Adam has already been researching Lubbock and the different parks and places we can go with Bailey as a family and make fun memories. Did I say yet that being a mom is the best????

P.S. My Pepa went through neck surgery and he is doing good, but I know many prayers would be much appreciated!!!

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