Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend with family 🙂 Sunday Adam and I took a nap together with little Bailey, which we have come to cherish these days….sleep haha. And then we brought a blanket out in the back yard and enjoyed being outside and had a BBQ made by my lovely mom 🙂 The weather was beautiful and Bailey loved being outside under the blue sky. Haha Adam and I even stacked some tootsie rolls in her hand while she was sleeping (I craved tootsie rolls when I was pregnant with her) and then she started her falling reflex so that they were catapulted everywhere haha it was hilarious! The joys of having your own kid to mess with….Adam still gives me the “dont bully” look when I want to tickle her and stuff though haha.

Then later that night we had a fire under the stars. I love spending time with family 🙂 Bailey is getting so big and pretty heavy! She eats so well and is starting to give me real smiles! It is so beautiful. She is slowly starting to sleep longer in the night, when I first put her down for the night she usually sleeps about 4 hours and then she wakes up every 2.5 hours after that. So that first chunk of sleep is amazing! Haha. She is a mellow baby. She only cries when something is wrong, and it is easy to calm her down with swaddling her and rocking her. I love my little Bailey so so much! She is getting so big.

We also were able to go to Adam’s cousin’s wedding in Salt Lake on Friday. They were married up in this beautiful mountain waterfall area. It was beautiful. It was quite the hike getting up to the ceremony area, but once I took my heels off and carried Bailey, it wasnt so bad. They looked so cute together and we are so glad we were in Utah to be able to attend.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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